David Ng and Ben Cohen

B.R. Cohen is a professor, a writer, and a guy who used to blog with Dave Ng.  He teaches at Lafayette College in Easton, PA.

Dave Ng is a guy who used to blog with B.R. Cohen. He runs a science literacy lab at the University of British Columbia, and would like to invite you to participate in research that looks at the sweet spot where science and creativity meet

What are the best Halloween candies?

This is the real reason we dress up like zombies giant bottles of catsup. David Ng and Ben Cohen present a survey to determine your favorites in anticipation of this year’s all-important hierarchical delineation of candy goodness.

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The Candy Hierarchy, 2013

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The Candy Hierarchy (2012)

This year’s Candy Hierarchy provides gentle but firm instruction for your confectionary purchases this Hallowe’en, and serves doubly as a means to evaluate the success of one’s own haul of treats. Updated and newly annotated by the authors, this is the indispensable guide to a successful All Hallow’s Eve.

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