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Ethan Persoff and Scott Marshall


Ethan Persoff (Twitter) is an archivist, sound artist and cartoonist. His other projects include a comic book entitled Radio Wire, and a weekly audio program entitled Radio Hour.

Scott Marshall (Facebook) is an illustrator, sound artist, and art director, based in New York City. Previous projects include audio work for Woody Allen (Small Time Crooks), and the score for a full-length dance piece by choreographer Lar Lubovitch (Men's Stories).

(John still writes a terrific column of news and opinion, posted every week at

JOHN WILCOCK: When Lenny Bruce Stayed at My Apartment

Part Two of LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, LENNY BRUCE, with the story of Lenny’s stay at John’s apartment during his ten-week run at the Village Vanguard.

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JOHN WILCOCK: Ladies and Gentlemen, Lenny Bruce!

JOHN WILCOCK returns to Boing Boing for Chapter Six, with the first of two installments on Lenny Bruce.

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JOHN WILCOCK: Participating in the Harvard Psilocybin Project

Chapter Five of John Wilcock CONCLUDES with the HARVARD PSILOCYBIN PROJECT, the road to ruin that ultimately leads John to pot. (This is Part Three of the Reefer Madness storyline, Part One and Part Two.)

Also included: John’s original 1962 Village Voice article, with a footnote by Tim Leary and a memoriam for E.E. Cummings.

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JOHN WILCOCK: Witnessing Tim Leary's First Week on Hallucinogens

Reefer Madness continues with Part Two, a dinner with Tim Leary during an eventful week in Cuernavaca Mexico, 1960. Bananas and Avocados.

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JOHN WILCOCK: Timothy Leary, Mexico, Magic Mushrooms, and REEFER MADNESS (Part One)

One of John’s better stories is the road to his first puff of marijuana, the circumstances of which place it among the best drug stories of the Sixties.

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JOHN WILCOCK COMIC: Woody Allen's Analysis

The conclusion of John’s evening with a young Woody Allen, as Woody volunteers himself to be analyzed during a night of PSYCHODRAMA.

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JOHN WILCOCK: Woody Allen and Doctor Moreno's THEATER of the PSYCHODRAMA! (1960)

Part one of a two-episode story, starring a young, psychoanalyzed Woody Allen.

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JOHN WILCOCK: Langston Hughes recites "Harlem Sweeties" (Interview, 1960)

The latest from Ethan and Scott; catch up on WILCOCK in the archives

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JOHN WILCOCK: History of New York's Lower Manhattan Expressway (LoMEX)

JOHN WILCOCK returns to Boing Boing for Chapter 5, with the history of NYC’s doomed Lower Manhattan Expressway, Jane Jacobs, Ed Koch, and Jean Tinguely’s self-destructing “Homage to New York”.

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JOHN WILCOCK: A Job at the New York Times (1959)

Chapter Four concludes with a job at the New York Times travel desk, a bit of music from the Monk Quartet, and a rotten act from Norman Mailer.

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JOHN WILCOCK: Interview at the New Yorker

A visit to the New Yorker building in 1959, at its original location at 25 west 43rd street.

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CIA Canoe Tours & Strip-chess in Karachi: JOHN WILCOCK's Life-changing 1959 World Trip

An early opportunity in the 1950′s to visit the New York Times’ press bureau in Hong Kong sends John Wilcock on his first trip around the world.

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JOHN WILCOCK: Four Significant Events in the U.S. Counterculture, 1958 & 1959

A round up of items that helped shape the underground culture of the late fifties. With Paul Krassner, Robert Anton Wilson, Yoko Ono, God’s Penis, and Gustav Metzger.

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JOHN WILCOCK: Thelonious Monk's Heroin Arrest

The John Wilcock comic returns with the story of Thelonious Monk’s heroin arrest, followed by John’s personal memory of seeing Monk play at the Five Spot.

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JOHN WILCOCK: The History of ECHO, "The Magazine You Play on Your Phonograph" (1958)

The story behind Larry Adler, Flexidisks and Echo, “the magazine you play on your phonograph.”

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