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Fresh Greens: Tandem Bike-Pedaling Robot, Crazy Building Grown from Trees, Peeing on Tomatoes and More!


This week's most wonderful posts from Treehugger:

5 Places Riding Your Bike is Banned or Illegal (You'll Be Surprised)
So many places exist in the world where it is actually illegal to ride a bike. Perhaps the funniest example is Baldwin Park, California, where it is prohibited to ride a bike in a swimming poo. The saddest is the injunction against Saudi Arabian women bikers: read on for wild and crazy rules, keeping bikers from their bikes.

Researchers Say 'Good To Pee On Tomato Plants' - Just Don't Let The Neighbors See
If you want bigger, better tomato plants with bigger, better tomatoes that are actually better for you, one option is to mix in some of your own pee. No, seriously. Research has proved it.

First Living Building Successfully 'Grown'
Living walls are great--they can reduce pollution, better insulate buildings, and lower the need for maintenance--but it's time to expand the concept. Introducing the 'living building', where trees are grown into the structure of a building and melded with cables and metal supports. Talk about 'green buildings!'

Joules, the Tandem Bike Robot that Pedals for You (Video)
If you have a tandem bike but no one to ride it with you, perhaps Joules could be your partner. He'll do all the pedaling!

Fresh Greens: Tick Spit for What Ails You, Crazy Country Cabins and More

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From Treehugger

Rm w Vu: Tall, Terrifying and Terrific Towers
Would you live in one of these architectural wonders (read: oddities)? Even for the view?

Wild and Wacky Places to Stay in the Countryside
Maybe one of these kooky cabins is more up your alley for a unique vacation get-away.

Tick Saliva May Cure Skin, Liver and Pancreas Cancer
Turns out a stay in a tick-infested woods might be just what the doctor ordered if you have a particular type of cancer.

Green Porno 3 with Isabella Rossellini Now Live
Green Porno has been renewed for a 3rd season (and a book), and today is the official launch online, with the TV launch scheduled for next week (September 21st).

PETA Has Pamela Anderson Stripping People at Airport (Video)
There's another group that knows how to use sex for's the latest from PETA.

Your Commuter Bikes, Hoarders as Artists, Pestivals, and More!

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Each week we're bringing you some of our favorite posts from our friends over at TreeHugger. Enjoy!

Cool and Crazy Commuter Bikes
We want to see your bad ass commuter bikes. Send us your photos of ultra sleek designs, hideous hacks, fabulous rebuilds, or whatever it is you use to pedal from place to place.

Hatchery Horrors: Readers React
Both TreeHugger and Boing Boing posted about the gag-inducing male chick massacre video. TreeHugger readers react and cover all angles of the debate. Who do you agree with?

Pestival: A Festival of Insects in Art
It's called " Pestival A Festival of Insects in Art" and if it sounds crazy, well that's because it is...but in a cool way.

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Fresh Greens: Crazy Excessive Electronics Packaging, Dismembered Rare Tigers, Making Music with the Moon and More!

Each week we're bringing you some of our favorite posts from our friends over at TreeHugger. Enjoy!

Ultra Rare Tiger Dismembered at Zoo and Sold on Chinese Black Market
It's something you'd think would only happen in a movie. But one of only 400 of these rare tigers was literally taken apart at a zoo and sold off on the black market.

Inflatable Solar Panels Zip Together To Power Most Anything
This lightweight, inflatable solar panel concept brings renewable energy access to any building and without that pesky renovation.

First Gray Wolf Hunt in Decades Begins Today
Starting today, the gray wolf is about to be hunted for the first time in decades. Unless a judge steps in, hundreds are likely to be shot, starting in Idaho.

buBle is More than a Tent, Less than a House
Check out this awesome piece of design for a temporary home.

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Fresh Greens: A surprising twist for an ex-Enron-er, building houses for under $3k, presto-change-o chocolates, and goats

Each week we're bringing you some of our favorite posts from our friends over at TreeHugger. Enjoy!

Ex-Enron-er Goes On The Road
Ex-Enron speech writer starts a cross-country tour with a surprisingly heated message about how the world is not hot.

Cob House Built For Less Than $3,000
And you thought there was no way out of the housing market crash... You can build your own charming house for next to nothing.

Vanishing Creatures Chocolates Feature Packaging with a Bonus Surprise
Waste not, want not. This zero waste packaging is an extra transformer treat to go with your sweet.

Goat Patrol Revisited: The Transportation Question Answered
The idea of using goats for landscaping maintenance always begs one question: What's the carbon footprint of getting them to your garden? Mystery solved...

Fresh Greens: Bull Semen Hair Conditioner

Each week, our friends at TreeHugger share some of their most curious and provocative posts with us. We're doing the same over on their turf. Enjoy! -- The Boingers
A poisonous cloud of endosulfan blew through the Sierra Mountains and into crucial frog habitats. What happened next? You thought Fiji water was evil because it is shipped halfway around the world in plastic bottles. Here's another reason for it to deserve your ire. An oldie but a goodie: our green guide to sex! (PG-13 photos are safe for work, unless you work around kids) An iPhone app for controlling your car? It's real. Just not your car...yet. Had a bird poop facial or Bull Semen conditioning treatment lately? What other horrors are we massaging into our heads? You won't get fries with that. Bicycle discrimination at the drive through. After sending skinny nude models to protest fur, PETA calls overweight women "whales" in a new ad campaign. Sounds like PETA has a body image problem. Does it need a hug?

Fresh Greens: Cars on shopping carts, 12-hour coffee and rat-eating plants

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Each week we're bringing you some of our favorite posts from our friends over at TreeHugger. Enjoy!

Creative Ways to Steal German Cash for Clunker Cars
Cash for Clunkers in Germany is successful...too successful. German thieves have stolen over 50,000 of the clunkers turned in for cash, often putting them right back onto German roads!

How To Keep a Laptop Running for 10 Years
Trevor's Powerook Pismo turned 10 years old, and he dishes on how in the world he's managed to keep the ancient hunk of metal running efficiently...and fast enough that you don't want to throw it out the window every time you try to open a new program.

Getting Wired Without Electricity: The Hourglass Coffee Maker
There is no end to the caffeinated concoctions you can whip up with this cool hourglass coffee maker. It's not for your average cuppa joe - no, this is for a special kind of brew.

Awesome Inventions from the James Dyson Awards
Feast your eyes on these killer inventions submitted to the awards. It's prototypes galore.

Giant Rat-Eating Plant Discovered in the Philippines
Speaking of feasting...this incredible, newly discovered carnivorous plant is big enough to catch rats and other small animals in its pitcher of death. Fascinating in that wonderfully morbid, sci-fi way.

Fresh Greens: You don't need helicopters to kill wolves

Each week we're bringing you some of our favorite posts from our friends over at TreeHugger. Enjoy! • If it's September, it must be time to kill the wolves. • 98% of Scientists' Clean Energy Research Proposals are rejected by the Obama Administration. • It really is good that you're composting, but if you really want to help the planet, you should have fewer kids. • Hey there, future Darwin Award winnner! Next time you shoot an endangered animal, maybe you don't want to take it to the taxidermist.

Fresh Greens: Better LEDs from Salmon (yep, the fish), Vegetarian Killer Robots, and More Green Oddities

Each week we're bringing you some of our favorite posts from our friends over at TreeHugger. Enjoy!

Fish are the Secret Sauce for Better LEDs
What happens when you mix fluorescent dyes with salmon DNA? Awesome lighting!

Killer (Veggie) Robots for the Military
It can drive and feed itself, but veggie style. We aren't that ready to go Terminator yet.

Australians + Bikes + Hip-Hop Videos = Hilarity
Would you ditch the car and hop on a fixie after seeing this video?

Ginormous Solar Flowers with Free Wi-Fi Taking Over US Cities
Six lucky cities will get some ridiculous looking solar flowers for a little free wi-fi and rest time. Is your city on the list??

Fresh Green: Rappers Against Car Idling, Pedal-Powered Monorails and More

Photo Credit: Shweeb

Each week we're bringing you some of our favorite posts from our friends over at TreeHugger. Enjoy!

Rappers Say Get Outta Your Cars!
Anti-car-idling rappers flow about green issues in this quick street film.

Shark Attack Victims Head to Capitol Hill
"We've been finned...and it's not a good thing." A group of shark attack victims are sympathetic towards the ultimate predators, and head to DC to lobby Congress for tighter protections for sharks.

Wind-Powered Tank Uses No Fuel, Confuses Infidels
They had the right idea back in 1335 with this tank that looks like a windmill. Now that is something for Don Quixote to joust!

Get in a Tube and Pedal Across Town
A pedal-powered monorail idea makes you feel a little bit like you're in one of those air tubes at the bank that gets sucked up into the ceiling. But it could end up being the public transportation of the future.

Fresh Green: Worst Packaging, Human Shrub Attacks English Town, and More

alanfreshgreen.jpg Photo credit: scrapthispack @ Flickr Note: Each week we'll be bringing you a roundup of fresh green topics from our friends over at TreeHugger. Enjoy! Packaging Design At Its Worst Poor packaging design and ridiculous examples of over-packaging come in all shapes and sizes, but it doesn't get much worse than these individually-wrapped bananas. Human Shrub Attacks Town Citizens of Colchester beware! Take to your houses. A creature from the swamps has been filling empty planters and baskets with brightly-coloured marigolds and begonias, last seen wandering the streets carrying a sign saying "Save the Roses." Your Eco-Wood Might Be Illegal Thinking of buying sustainably harvested wood from Brazil? Check the label, could be illegal wood passed off as eco-certified. 6 Ways To Defuse Anti-Cyclist Road Rage If you are a cyclist and the victim of Auto Road Rage, there are a number of things you can do to keep the peace. I like #5, don your best plumage.