Kiki Sanford

Dr. Kiki Sanford is a science communications expert with a PhD emphasis in Neurophysiology from UC Davis. She is the creator, producer, and host of the popular and irreverent weekly "TWIS" ("This Week in Science") podcast and radio show, and host of "Smart App Moms". Mental stimulation always gives her a buzz.

How to control mice with your mind

Imagine never having to take a pill again for anxiety, depression, or your heart condition. Imagine epilepsy or Parkinson’s disease being managed by the patient without drug interventions. What if control of these conditions were possible with a thought? Kiki Sanford reports on the advent of mind-genetic interfaces.

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People more likely to vote based on how healthy a candidate looks rather than how smart they seem

This week we started the This Week in Science podcast on a low note talking about the climate, or as we like to call it on TWIS, 'Climytia.'

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Why astronauts fall

If you’ve ever watched this video, you might wonder whether an astronaut’s suit is too ungainly to be graceful, or alternatively, if astronauts might just lack coordination.

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Which is better: coffee or an electric shock to the head?

Kiki Sanford on a strange scientific study comparing the effects of caffeine to zapping your brain tissue with electricity.

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