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"I hate my ex" vanity plates

132810301-ac10180667d63f1d4eddaccbd80d1cf7.4c461c60-full.jpg Someone in Hawaii really hates his/her ex. My friend's husband Derek took this photo.

Cow choreography set to electronic music by Cyriak

The latest music and choreography from British animator Cyriak = cows getting down. He writes: "No cows were harmed during the making of this video, though their future prospects probably aren't as optimistic." Video link.

A fiberglass bench that doubles as an imaginary friend


If I had a kid and $650 to spend lavishly, I might get this colorful fiberglass bench from Kid Robot. It's called Mr. TTT and it doubles as a piece of furniture and an imaginary friend.

Product page

Amish teen charged for alcohol possession, overdriving an animal

An Amish teenager named Levi E. Detweiler was pursued by police after running a red light and refusing to stop when police warned him to. He was caught when his getaway vehicle — a horse and buggy — landed in a ditch; he was charged with alcohol possession and overdriving an animal.

Parkour video from the 1930s

In this video from the 1930s, a man hops away from the dinner table and goes on an amazing adventure up building walls, out of windows, and inside a car tire. The part where he's clambering up the wall with a kid on his back made me a bit nervous!

I know there's some debate as to what should be called parkour v. freerunning — I'm not exactly sure which this qualifies as, but nonetheless it's totally cool and enjoyable to watch.

Pyramids placed at intersections in India to prevent accidents

In the city of Nagpur in central India, traffic officers are strategically placing small pyramids at accident-prone intersections for good luck. A vatsu expert has promised to transfer his positive thoughts into the pyramids that will reverse the negative energies at key sites that may be causing accidents.

Stylish car charging stations by Yves Behar and GE

dzn_GE-WattStation-by-fuseproject-8.jpg SF designer Yves BĂ©har has teamed up with General Electric to come up with a cool new concept for car charging stations.
The WattStation comes imbedded with GE's Smart Grid technology which enables the station to charge a vehicle in 4-8 hours compared to the typical 12-18. By communicating wirelessly with digital platforms and mobile devices, users will be able to remotely locate, operate and monitor the unit. The WattStation is also the very first charging station with a self-retractable charging cable, keeping streets tidy while protecting the cable from weather elements. All of these innovations are jammed tight into a compact metal shell, which is solidly constructed to withstand any harsh weather and usage conditions. It even has a built-in heater to defrost the snow!
fuseproject [via Dezeen]

Antenn-aid, a bandaid for your iPhone4 antenna

antenn-aid .png

Antenn-aid main page

Gallery of plane crash photos on

Flight1420.jpg has a gallery up today of plane crash photos plus tips on how to survive a plane crash. (i.e. "Don't cross your legs or your ankles at takeoff or on landing. If you have a rough landing and you've got one broken ankle, you can limp off the plane. If you have two broken ankles, you'll have to crawl off.")

Gallery: People survived these dire plane crashes [Wired's Autopia]

Wired forecast the iPad's existence in 1999

130373688.jpg It appears that Wired Magazine predicted that Apple would create "a wireless handheld dubbed the iPad" in its April, 1999 issue.

via @betsymason

Voice actor Billy West on how to create Popeye's two-octave grumble

Voice actor Billy West was on NPR's Fresh Air yesterday. I always love hearing actors do roles on radio, especially someone like West who is known for such original roles as Fry, Professor Farnsworth, and Dr. Zoidberg on Futurama. But what really wow-ed me was his description of how he learned to emulate the unforgettably unique voice of Popeye, as originally done by Jack Mercer:
popeye.jpgI loved Jack Mercer, and I got him. I understood him. And what helped me understand that Popeye voice -- it's a high voice and a low voice at the same time -- cause when I was a kid, we all used to try to do that and we all stunk. It didn't sound right. So one day, I see this film -- it was an independent film called Genghis Blues. And it was about this blind singer in San Francisco who wrote a hit for Steve Miller. ... And he was listening to a world-band radio one night, and he heard this strange noise. And it was a program about Tuvan singers. And Tuvans had a way of singing where they could do one and two voices. And I realized, 'Oh man, that's how this guy did it. Jack Mercer.' [He imitates both voices.] There'd be two voices, an octave apart. And he'd put them together."
It's worth listening to the whole segment (it's 28 minutes long), but the Popeye bit starts at about 17:05.

Billy West: The Many (Cartoon) Voices In His Head [Fresh Air]

Dent May sings Oh Paris! on his magnificent ukulele

My friends over at Creative Commons are listening to this lovely song — Oh Paris! performed by Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele — in their office today. I'm putting it on my playlist for this weekend's road trip to Yosemite.

(Thanks, Lisa Green!)

Marilyn Monroe's house on sale for $3.6 million

The LA home that Marilyn Monroe famously died in is on the market for $3.6 million.

Contest will pick one to live in Chicago's science museum for a month

The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago is picking one person to spend an entire month living (and sleeping) inside the museum. Perks include "a prize of $10,000, a package of tech gadgets, and new knowledge and experiences that may just transform you."

Stop-motion woodblock print videos by Tromarama

From July 24th through November 7th, the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo will feature the work of Indonesian art trio Tromarama. Tromarama uses animation, stop-motion, woodblock prints, and other crafty things to create these fun music videos. I highly recommend you check it out if you're passing through Tokyo — the museum also has one of the best views of the city.

Trailer for The Social Network aka the Facebook movie

In case you haven't seen this already, here's a trailer for The Social Network, a movie about the making of Facebook. David Fincher's the director, Jesse Eisenberg plays Mark Zuckerberg, and the film hits theaters October 1st.

Note: I just updated it with the new trailer.

Evil fortune cookies


A package of 10 is $9.99 at ThinkGeek. Don't want.

Egg-shaped chrome salt and pepper shaker


What a great idea for a salt and pepper shaker! I'm all for simple things that take up less counter space.

[via Yanko Design]

Women-only frustration venting chamber in China

P201003101620052126211008.jpg A shopping mall in Shenyang opened a women-only frustration venting room where ladies can go and do things like smash TVs and beat up beanbags. Most of the customers are white collar or university students unleashing their angst about job hunting. They're allowed to enter the frustration chamber for free if they've spent 38 yuan at the mall. A few more deets:
The venting store located in the fourth floor of a shopping mall has a sign "No Men" at the door.

The store is divided into several zones such as a living room and a bedroom. Wang Jingyu, the business manager of the shopping mall said they would like to open a kitchen-like zone later, and they have done this so "women can come here to feel like they are in their own homes but without any limitations, and they can break anything here."

According to Wang, all the facilities in the store are real, such as second-hand mobile phones and second-hand television sets they purchased from 30 yuan to 100 yuan each. In addition, customers can tear paper, throw plates and beat big beanbags in the corners to vent their frustrations.

[via People's Daily Online]

A tricycle that doubles as a lawnmower

500x_lawn-mower-bike.jpg A tricycle that doubles as a lawn mower is almost as great of an idea as the baby mop.

[via Gizmodo]

Someone being slapped in super slow motion

Video link. Japanese media production agency goomo has created a series of super slow motion videos of key moments, like this close-up of a guy who gets slapped in the face. Ouch!

[via Pink Tentacle]

Audrey Kawasaki's limited edition wooden brooches


LA-based artist Audrey Kawasaki's newest creation is a collection of 1200 limited edition brooches engraved onto alder wood using a laser machine. They're $45 each, and they'll go on sale on her web site at 3PM PST this Saturday. There are some beautiful photos of the production process here.

Audrey Kawasaki's engraved wooden brooches

FedEx driver chokes on pork rinds, ends up in ditch

A 42-year old FedEx driver ended up in a ditch in Washington State because he choked on spicy pork rinds.

Holocaust survivor dances to I Will Survive at Auschwitz

Our friend Joe Sabia found this video of a Holocaust survivor, his daughter, and his grandchildren dancing to Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive at various concentration camp sites throughout Europe. The YouTube comments seem to be split between those who are offended by it and those who are on board with this celebration of survival.

Analog Twitter at the Boing Boing picnic

Boing Boing reader SFslim started an impromptu Analog Twitter board at the Boing Boing picnic. Following it gives you a decent idea of some of the events that were happening on-site. Here's a transcript (it was originally offline and written in Sharpie):
Will: Because no one else wants to post first!
Tami: There's a shirt on the statue!
Jon: Here comes the balloon! Oh the humanity!
Maggie: It's HUGE!! RT @Jon Here comes the balloon. Oh the humanity! #bbpicnic
Toni: Hahaha you can do ART here!
Monica: I can has boingboing?
Andy: LOL IZ PICTURE twitpic/:)
Jeff: Every1 is so happy and mutated #Gotmeradiumlollipop

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Evil Pikachu, dragons, and UFOs: from the BB picnic drawing board

IMG_0119.JPG Some of our readers put together this exquisite collaborative drawing on the Boing Boing drawing board at the picnic this weekend. Thanks guys!

Super cute Black Diamond headlamps

620601 Wiz ElectPink 2.jpg

It's summer in San Francisco, which means it's freezing in the city and super warm if you drive a couple hours north or south. That's why I'm going camping this coming weekend. I wish I had one of these new Black Diamond headlamps — in really cool retro and cute girly patterns + same or better awesome tech as its predecessors — to light up my path with when I need to find a place to pee.

Product page

Candwich = sandwich in a can


A strange new food product called the Candwich is currently at the center of a SEC lawsuit involving a Utah money manager and his investment failures.

Candwich main page [via NY Times]

San Francisco may ban bottled water

San Francisco is proposing a ban on disposable water bottles at all public events. Great idea!

Boing Boing picnic exquisite corpse story

We had an exquisite corpse game going at the Boing Boing picnic this past weekend. It was written on a giant yellow notepad; I brought it home and transcribed it. The resulting story is truly a reflection of the Boing Boing readership — it takes unexpected twists and turns and features soul-eating clowns, fire-breathing dragons, and toilet paper tweets. Many thanks to all you awesome readers who contributed to the story! Please identify yourselves in the comments so we can give you a shout out.
exquisitecorpsde.jpgOne day, while prospecting in Golden Gate Park, Jackhammer Jill came upon an unbelievable sight. An enormous, hairy beast in a tutu! "Pickles!" he exclaimed. A she ran, no, PRANCED, towards the luscious fields of pickles... he gasped! Four hours later, he was in the ER, overdosed on sodium and dill. "Don't worry," said the doctor, "We can fix you with science! Quick! Swallow this!" Reaching into his lab coat pocket, he pulled out a spike-studded bowling ball. Three holes, filled with strawberry jam, exquisitely telling of a past affair with a breakfast bun in an empty Coney Island fun house. As the soul eating clowns emerge I run toward a blinding light. Which turns out to be a fireball that I quench with my ice rod. You know, my "Ice Rod," wink wink. I'll quench your "fireball" with it, if you know what I mean. "What do I mean?" I thought, what a rude thing to say to a perfect stranger. However, an imperfect stranger, someone who's strangeness was somehow flawed, would understand the hidden alchemical reference. The hour of mice was drawing closer... if they could not decipher the message... then the world will change in a way no one could predict. They had to act fast.

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