Lizz Winstead Op-ed: Quit Trying To Get Crafty With Our Rights

[This op-ed is by Lizz Winstead, co-creator of The Daily Show and Lady Parts Justice - Mark]

The most important takeaway from yesterday’s Hobby Lobby arguments is thank God women sit on the Supreme Court. Had there been no female justices, these fundamentals would have gone unchallenged:

a. A corporation is a person.

b. An emulsion of sexy fun time fluids is a person.

c. Birth control is an abortion

d. A woman can be legally required to participate in a three-way with her boss.

The women on the court drove the questions while Chief Justice John Roberts and Co. bought Hobby Lobby’s 64-pack of crapola.

And even Green family lawyers are crafty. They took a hot glue gun and slapped together some smoke and mirrors to create a bullshit narrative that the billionaire Green family are running some religiously oppressed “Mom and Pop ” operation. Read the rest

Smear Campaign: Daily Show creator Lizz Winstead's documentary about reproductive rights

[view trailer] In 2011, women were doused with hate speech and horrible legislation with the same relentless intensity people use when hosing down two dogs humping.

That’s when I joined the front lines of this war on women.

I had been in my hometown of Minneapolis writing my book and had to get back to Brooklyn. I figured if I was already driving back to Brooklyn, why not do as many benefits for Planned Parenthood as I can along the way? My goal was to say, "Hey, Planned Parenthood, you’ve helped me so guess what? I am here for you.”

I immediately assembled an amazing team of people to help me on this journey: Maggie, an old friend who had years of experiencing booking rock bands, immediately got six cities on board; my photographer buddy Mindy Tucker, who took off work and joined us in Minneapolis; and my friend and badass Canadian Film Director Matt Gorman, who was there for protection, but also to film everything.

I was excited, but I was also scared of what these anti-choice psychos had become. Would they come after us? I was definitely glad to have Matt along. After all, I was about to become “the abortion lady.” Read the rest

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