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Portland police officer accused of 7-hour sexual assault gets paid vacation

Portland police officer Jeromie Palaoro is sitting on his couch collecting a paycheck pending the results of an investigation of his alleged sexual assault on a woman who had called the police to report that her boyfriend attacked her. Officer Palaoro was one of the officers who had responded to the call. The woman said that Officer Palaoro came to her hotel at 3:30am the following day in his street clothes but carrying a gun.

From Alternet:

When he came into her room, Reid-James says Palaoro pulled out the gun and set it on the table. He then took off all of his clothes and demanded that she perform sexual acts on him.

According to Reid-James, this sexual assault lasted for 7-hours.

“The police bureau takes misconduct allegations very seriously,” police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson told KATU on Wednesday.

Officer Jeromie Palaoro has a history of misconduct. He was successfully sued last year for forcing his way into a home without a warrant and tracking mud.

Hotel in Belfast charges $41 for bottle of melted iceberg water


The Merchant Hotel in Belfast employs two water butlers to help patrons select the right kind of H20 to match their meal. "Whilst experts can differentiate between the mineral content and PH balance of different types of water, discerning consumers are also increasingly demanding a wider choice of waters," Merchant Hotel's general manager Gavin Carroll told the Belfast Telegraph. Cheapskates can get away with an $8 bottle of Speyside from the UK Scotland Glenlivet Estate, while those desperate to impress will order the $41 bottle of Iceberg from the Canadian Arctic Ice shelf in Newfoundland.

From the restaurant's water menu:

In the Canadian Arctic, the snow froze and compacted into enormous glacial walls, sheltered from all impurities from the outside world. Thousands of years later, the ice is considered to hold the purest water on earth. The water has the lowest mineral content of any bottled water, resulting in a smooth and neutral taste.

Image: Shutterstock [via]

Trailer for Adventure Time: The Enchiridion & Marcy’s Super Secret Scrapbook!!!

We are giddy with excitement that Martin Olson and Olivia Olson are coming to our Weekend of Wonder in Southern California (September 18-20). Olivia is the voice of Marceline the Vampie Queen in Adventure Time. And her father Martin (who is also a screenwriter from Phineas And Ferb) voices Hunson Abadeer (a.k.a. the Lord of Evil).

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Dunkin' CEO makes $10 million a year but $15 minimum wage is "absolutely outrageous"


Dunkin' Donuts CEO Nigel Travis says it's just not fair that he makes $4800 an hour while his store employees make $15 an hour. To correct the situation, he thinks they should earn $12 an hour.

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Björk talking about her TV (1988)

Today I remembered this video of Björk describing her television set. I love everything about this video - what she says, her hair and clothes, and how she talks. I think it's from 1988.


Self portraits of pin-up photographer Bunny Yeager

Bunny Yeager was the nude photographer who discovered Bettie Page in 1954. She also took a lot of photos of herself, and Yeager's self-portraits and other work is now on display at Hollywood’s Gavlak Gallery in an exhibition titled “How I Photograph Myself.”

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20,000 "Curvy Lady" torso shaped screwdrivers for sale

driverFrom what I've heard, these "Curvy Lady" torso shaped screwdrivers were someone's bad idea, and now the person who ended up with them wants to unload all 20,000.

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Excellent Japanese pencil case


My older daughter and I both like to sketch. We sometimes go the the Art Directors Guild's figure drawing sessions here in Los Angeles on Tuesday nights (only $10!) or we sit on the floor of her room and sketch whatever we want. (I like to use old black-and-white photos I find online for reference.)

To store my pencils, charcoals, lead holder, erasers, snap-blade knife, and reading glasses I bought a Lihit Lab Teffa "book style" pencil case ($13 on Amazon). It's not large, but it's designed with "pages" to hold your stuff efficiently. Pens and pencils fit behind straps, and smaller stuff can be stashed in the mesh pouches.




Below, a couple of my recent sketches.



Makey Makey – turn the world into a computer interface

It’s easier to understand what Makey Makey is by watching this video of it in action than by describing it, but I’ll give it a shot. Makey Makey is a printed circuit board that you connect to any computer with a USB cable (included). You don’t need to install any software. Your computer thinks Makey Makey is a keyboard. And it is a keyboard of sorts. But it doesn’t use standard keys. Instead, you connect wires from Makey Makey to anything that conducts electricity: a piece of fruit, a bowl of water, a cup of soup, a scrap of aluminum foil, blobs of Play-Doh. When you touch the object with your finger, your computer will think you are pressing a key on a standard keyboard. You can assign the object to be a spacebar key, an arrow key, or a letter key. And you can connect several objects to Makey Makey at the same time, so that you can create game controllers, musical interfaces, and other button-controlled devices.

It might not sound like much fun, but the possibilities are endless, and Makey Makey’s ease of use encourages quick-and-dirty experimentation. My 12-year-old was instantly transfixed by Makey Makey and she started making all sorts of things with it, including a drum machine triggered by apple slices, and a game controller out of a cardboard box and bits of foil.

Makey Makey also works with Scratch, the excellent kids’ software development platform. Check out the Makey Makey games people have created using Scratch.

See more photos at Wink Fun.

Makey Makey
By Joylabz
$47 Buy one on Amazon

Naomi Wolf wants young women to stop speaking with "vocal fry"


"Vocal fry" is term used to describe the creaky sound some people make at the end of an utterance (especially by people from Southern California, and extra-especially by young women from Southern California).

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Pranks that will lose friends

Not funny

Not funny

Pretty funny. (Make your own milk splat here) [via]

Buttered coffee company gets $9 million to build coffee shops

Dave Asprey, the far-out biohacker and self-experimenter who skeptics love to hate, just got $9 million to build coffee shops that sell "Bulletproof Coffee," which is mold-free coffee blended with unsalted grass fed butter and medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. I've had it before and the only thing I can say about it is that it is delicious.

Here's Asprey showing how to make Bulletproof Coffee.

Here's a video in which podcaster Joe Rogan, who used to be a fan of Dave Asprey, debunks Asprey's claims that mycotoxins in coffee are common and bad for you.

Joe Rogan exposes the lies of Dave Asprey the owner of Bulletproof Coffee about how he lied and said 70% of coffee is contaminated with mycotoxins without any evidence. Onnit labs tested random coffee including Starbucks, and the results showed they contained NO mycotoxins. Coffee growers have already known how to remove toxins from their beans decades ago.

Here is Kris Gunnars' takedown of Bulletproof Coffee.

And here is Chris Gayomali's article on what it was like to drink Bulletproof Coffee every morning for two weeks.

Saudi king brings 1,000-person entourage on French holiday

King-SalmanKing Salman of Saudi Arabia is taking a three-week vacation on the French Riviera, and he's bringing along an entourage of 1,000 people. Local residents are expressing happysadness at the news. Happy because the King and his pals will be showering them with petrodollars, but sad because a kilometer of public beach has to be shut down so the 1,001 vacationers can have a little alone time.

From The Telegraph:

The Saudis also generated a great deal of anger by starting work on an elevator from the beach to the villa, which involved pouring a huge slab of cement directly on to the sand.

A petition against the "privatisation" of the public beach gathered more than 45,000 signatures in eight days.

"We recall that this natural zone, like all maritime public estates, is an intrinsic public property that should be available for the benefit of all, residents, tourists, French, foreigners or people passing through," said the petition.

Hey petitioners: if you have $20 billion, you can have a seat at the negotiating table. Otherwise, keep your traps shut and let your betters enjoy their holiday without being forced to mingle with the filthy underclass.

Watch: Oregon TV anchor: "Pot got me fired"

Cyd Maurer, a former news anchor in Oregon, was fired from her job because she tested positive for marijuana. She was required to take a urine test after getting into a fender bender while driving a company car. The test she took does not distinguish between someone who is high and someone who has not smoked weed for days or weeks. She's now a marijuana activist who states on her site, "I enjoy using marijuana."

Maurer, 25, is following in the footsteps of poet Allen Ginsberg who, in 1963, led a marijuana legalization demonstration by wearing a sign that read "POT IS FUN."

Butt dialers have no right to privacy, rules court


Let the butt-dialer beware. If you unwittingly call someone on your phone, that person has the legal right to listen to your conversation with other people.

The decision came from a court ruling on a case in which an employee overheard the chief executive at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport tell other people in the room that he was going to fire the employee's boss. She told her boss, and the man who butt-dialed her filed a lawsuit against her under federal wiretapping guidelines.

Image: Shutterstock

Patent troll is killing networked sex toy industry


Thanks to a patent troll, dildos won't be allowed to have sex with fleshlights! Annalee Newitz at Gizmodo delivers the bad news:

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Ray-Ban Wayfarer knock-off reading glasses


A couple of weeks ago I bought a 4-pack of normcore reading glasses, which are fine, but I just found out about these Ray-Ban Wayfarer knock-off reading glasses. I've been wearing Ray-Ban Wayfarer knock-off prescription glasses since the 1980s, and I love them, so I also bought a 5-pack of these reading glasses on Amazon for $18.