Mark Frauenfelder

Mark Frauenfelder is the founder of Boing Boing and the founding editor-in-chief of MAKE. He is editor-in-chief of Cool Tools and co-founder of Wink Books. Twitter: @frauenfelder. His new book is Maker Dad: Lunch Box Guitars, Antigravity Jars, and 22 Other Incredibly Cool Father-Daughter DIY Projects

1906: first color photo of a car

Jason Torchinsky does some good armchair sleuthing to present his case that this is probably the first color photo of a car. He also talks about how early color photography was achieved. The secret ingredient: potatoes!

Whistling language of La Gomera

Futility Closet reports on Silbo, a language whistled on La Gomera, one of the Canary Islands.

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Open Field Echo Sounder - game app for blind kids

Bob Smolenski developed a game for blind kids to play outdoors. It's called Open Field Echo Sounder. He wrote about how he made it on Medium.

I used Adobe Air to program this app. After years of Flash animation and as3 programming I decided to put those skills into making cross-platform game apps. The biggest challenge was to translate the players movement using the data from the phone. iPhones have detailed direction finding. I use that to “shoot” out an audio ping. The program can sense a “hit test” either on the right, center or left side of the object. Android phones do not have any compass heading data. So I hacked a way around that. Implementing a breadcrumb trail to point the way.

The other programming challenge was to scale a field around the player’s longitude and latitude data. I found a bit of code that calculated your location between the four corners of a 960 x 640 screen.

Make an under-desk tool drawer

Designer and model maker Jude Pullen calls his nifty under-desk tool drawer a "Modeller's Delight." It's made from $8 worth of materials, including "scavenged kitchen-unit runners, some wood - and no need for serious tools/workshop."

WATCH: Crazy sheep that runs and attacks many people

Youtuber SA44 says it best: "Funny video for a Crazy sheep that runs and attacks many people and make a a lot of people scared from him , So funny video"

Attack! Boss! Cheat Code! - A gamer’s alphabet

Video game players have their own jargon and much of it is foreign to non-gamers. My 11-year-old daughter, an ardent gamer, was familiar with more of the words in Attack! Boss! Cheat Code! (e.g., griefer, instance, mod, sandbox, unlockable) than I was, but we both appreciated Joey Spiotto’s cute and colorful illustrations that accompanied the terms. The book was written by Chris Barton, author of The Day-Glo Brothers, previously reviewed on Wink.

Attack! Boss! Cheat Code! by Chris Barton (Author), Joey Spiotto (Illustrator)

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WATCH: Paper clip machine

This paperclip machine wastes no time admiring its handiwork before moving to the next one.

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Baby cat/sloth hybrids

The pet dat I bought from London pet shop owner Roy Tutt in 1970 recently passed away. I will replace it with a slitten, a sloth/cat crossbreed. There are so many to choose from!

I hate DVDs so I bought a $13 DVD player

I watch videos on Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, and MacBook Air. None of these play DVDs. (I hate DVDs but sometimes it's the only way to get a video.)

I rip the DVDs I buy using RipIt on my iMac, the only machine I have with a DVD drive. But the drive is failing. It spits out 90% of the discs I put in it.

Instead of fixing the DVD drive in the iMac, I bought a USB-powered "Generic USB External DVD Combo CD-RW Burner Drive" on Amazon for $12.82 (free shipping with Prime). It has worked like a charm with every disc I've tried. It's quiet, too. It does not burn DVDs but I have no reason to burn DVDs. If I need to give someone a large file I will either put it on a thumb drive or upload it to cloud storage.

Smut Peddler, the Money Gun, and home-made ant poison

Our guest for this episode of Gweek is Veronica Belmont, new media / TV host and writer.

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WATCH: Horse regrets disturbing snapping turtles in flagrante delicto

Did General Southern Storm learn anything from this?

WATCH: Truck barrier test looks deadly for drivers

This Texas A&M Transportation Institute Crash Video is a real-life implementation of the Trolley Problem.

WATCH: Quacks and Nostrum

"Quacks and Nostrums" is a 20-minute film from 1959. We meet a woman who purchases a "South Seas" herbal tea with alleged powerful healing properties. The woman's son becomes concerned and visits the family doctor to ask him what he thinks. The doctor, who has all the time in the world to chat, recommends that he visit the local branch of the Food and Drug Administration to learn more about what the government is doing to crack down on snake-oil paddlers. He does, and a gentleman from the FDA invites him into his office for a chat, and he is shown a number of bizarre quack remedies confiscated by the FDA.

Unfortunately, the man's mother doesn't listen to her son's pleas to seek legitimate medical help and develops a serious gall bladder problem that is unaffected by the tea she bought from Alooka Ka'humana. I won't spoil the ending for you.

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If you have US$18,400 you can fly like this, too

When a billionaire's private jet is in the repair shop, Singapore Airlines' Suite Class will do in a pinch.

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With this video, Apple's Jony Ive never needs to record another product pitch

Rob Walker says this Jony Ive Supercut "builds a kind of faux pitch for … well, every Apple thing ever, and all of those to come. To quote Ive himself (from this supercut), it's 'instantly familiar.'"