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Mark Frauenfelder is the founder of Boing Boing and the founding editor-in-chief of MAKE. He is editor-in-chief of Cool Tools and co-founder of Wink Books. Twitter: @frauenfelder. His new book is Maker Dad: Lunch Box Guitars, Antigravity Jars, and 22 Other Incredibly Cool Father-Daughter DIY Projects

Watch: young dolphins learn to spin

Scientists have two hypotheses about why dolphins leap out of the water and spin. One is that they are getting rid of parasites. The other is that they making an emotional "exclamation point" about something that just happened.

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The Miracle Cube Timer is not a miracle, but it's still useful

cube-timerI bought this Miracle Cube Timer ($15) for exercise and meditation, but I'm using is mostly for cooking.

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Harrison Ford crashes his vintage plane, seriously injured


Harrison Ford reportedly crashed his small plane at a Los Angeles golf course and has been taken to the hospital in critical condition. He recently signed on to star in Blade Runner 2. More as the story develops....

UPDATE 1: KNX 1070 radio has confirmed the pilot was Harrison Ford.

UPDATE 2: From CBS: "The small, yellow plane crashed about 2:24 p.m. at Penmar Golf Course, 1233 Rose Ave., not far from the Santa Monica airport, according to Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Erik Scott. The pilot, identified as actor Harrison Ford by entertainment website, was the only person on board. He was taken to a hospital in critical condition."

UPDATE 3: Variety: "The actor was the only one aboard the plane and the only person who sustained injuries."

Update 4: NBC: "Howard Tabe, an employee at the Penmar Golf Course, said 'There was blood all over his face ... Two very fine doctors were treating him, taking good care of him. I helped put a blanket under his hip.'"

Update 5: A bit of not-horrible news: NBC reports that Ford's "injuries were originally described as 'critical,' but sources emphasized they are better characterized as serious, including lacerations to the head and possible fractures."

WATCH: urinators surprised by wall that bounces pee back at them

In Hamburg, St. Pauli, it's peeback time.

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Beautiful photo of impact basin on Mercury

Image Credit: NASA, Johns Hopkins Univ. APL, Arizona State U., CIW

Image Credit: NASA, Johns Hopkins Univ. APL, Arizona State U., CIW

NASA' Astronomy Picture of the Day is of the Caloris basin on Mercury.

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MMA fighter bullies his way into getting knocked out in 20 seconds

After the heavily tattooed showboater was almost instantly knocked out, he said of his opponent "I know he has skills but it was nothing but fucking luck." AMA on Reddit.

Insider's report of Daily Mail Online: "dishonesty, theft of copyrighted material, and sensationalism so absurd that it crosses into fabrication"


James King writes of his year working in the Daily Mail Online's newsroom. It sounds as vile as you could imagine.

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Why people like high ceilings

View of the ceiling of San Sebastian Church, Manila. CC BY-SA 3.0. Uploaded by Marksy

High ceilings promote a mindset of "freedom, creativity, and abstraction," while low ceilings result in "confined thinking." That's what psychologists at University of Toronto-Scarborough concluded after running a series of tests on volunteers.

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What multicolored toothpaste looks like before it's squeezed from the tube

Someone froze a tube of Aquafresh then cut it open. It looks like taffy. [via]

7 electronics kits for kids

The Guardian reviews a selection of fun kids' electronic kits, including littleBits Space Kit, and the Raspberry Pi based Kano computer.

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Interview with Mike Evans of the Secret Dad Society

Kevin Kelly and I interviewed Mike Evans of the Secret Dad Society on the Cool Tools Show podcast. He recommends a bunch of toys and tools for family fun. Check out his picks here.

Gallery of Star Trek comic book covers

I love these old Star Trek comic book covers, posted by AstroDevil in memory of Leonard Nimoy. The title lettering is fantastic!

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Traveling With Your Octopus - A young woman and her cephalopod mollusc companion travel the world in steampunk splendor

Victoria Prismall and her pet land-octopus Otto starred in 2013’s delightful all-ages picture book, Walking Your Octopus. Two years later the Octo-Victorian duo are back, and they’re taking a trip around a steampunk-inspired alternate world.

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Feds approve 2-6 hours of daily, on-the-job porn viewing for government workers

Laptop computers, such as the one seen here, can be used to view pornography (Stock Image)

Laptop computers, such as the one seen here, can be used to view pornography (Stock Image)

CBS reports that a "top level employee accused of viewing porn two to six hours a day" can't be fired, even after he was caught watching porn, because of the civil servant protection system.

He was found with over 7,000 porn files on his computer.

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Profile of Hulk, a 175-pound pit bull

Hulk is an "amazing family dog," who belongs to a couple who raises pit bull guard dogs.

Kanye West: does the human race want to be like ants or like crabs?

Images: Wikimedia Commons

Images: Wikimedia Commons

"We have the ability to approach our race like ants, or we have the ability to approach our race like crabs."

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Beefalo are causing problems in the Grand Canyon

Zubron - hybrid of domestic cattle and european bison. Image: Shutterstock

Zubron - hybrid of domestic cattle and european bison. Image: Shutterstock

Herds of beefalo (a bison-cattle hybrid) are causing massive damage to vegetation, water supplies, other animal species, and American Indian cliff dwellings in the Grand Canyon.

Beefalo also are incredibly thirsty animals; one beefalo can drink 10 gallons of water during each trip to the watering hole, according to the BBC. With an estimated 600 beefalo, at least, wandering around the canyon’s North Rim, the herd can quickly drink scarce waterholes dry.

The beefalo’s selfishness is also costing other Grand Canyon dwellers. The BBC reports that animals, insects, and rare plants are getting pushed out of the picture, throwing the ecosystem out of balance.

GOP presidential contender says prisons prove homosexuality is a choice

Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon, who is likely going to run for president as a Republican, says "a lot of people who go into prison, go into prison straight and when the come out they're gay." And this proves that being gay is "absolutely" a choice.

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Like Iggy Pop? Thank your grandparents

From The Birth of Rock and Roll, by Jim Linderman

From The Birth of Rock and Roll, by Jim Linderman

Ben Marks says: "Jim Linderman's new book, The Birth of Rock and Roll, drops on March 24, but Lisa Hix has just published a preview and conversation with the author today.

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Snap fit plastic measuring spoons


Here are the five reasons why these measuring spoons ($8) are the best I've used:

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Profile of Minecraft creator's life as a billionaire: "a dog chasing cars"


Forbes profiles Markus "Notch" Persson, the creator of Minecraft.

So with well over half his life ahead of him, the man who created an entire universe, whose persona was synonymous with it and who received the wrath of his community for abandoning it, must now figure out exactly who he is.

The results so far are unimpressive, as he’s mostly acted like a dog chasing cars. When Persson decided to buy a house in Beverly Hills, he went for a $70 million, 23,000-square-foot megamansion, the most expensive home ever in an enclave known for them. He’s become known for spending upwards of $180,000 a night at Las Vegas nightclubs. He and Mojang cofounder Jakob Porsér have started a company called Rubberbrain in case they think of a new game idea – but right now he can’t focus much on any.

Young Republicans demand legal weed

63% of Millennial age Republicans support legal weed, according to the latest PewResearch poll. 58% favor same-sex marriage, too. Most of the older members of their party are in disagreement.

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Woman who abused servant loses appeal to keep mansion

Annie George, who was convicted in 2013 of harboring an illegal immigrant, has lost her appeal to keep her 34-room, 30,000-square-foot home, called Llenroc mansion.

Mathai cared for George's five kids and took care of the house from generally 5:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. seven days a week with no time off, according to documents.

George never paid Mathai her promised $1,000 per month wage over five years. Instead, Matha received around $26,000 total, court papers charge. Mathai said she slept in a closet and was forbidden from leaving the 20,000-square-foot mansion overlooking the Mohawk River.

George's appeals attorney, Mark Baker, is working on a way allow her to keep the property.

Man may have purchased 3,000-year-old seal of Pharaoh Ramesses II for $19

Archaeologist James Balme purchased a seal inscribed with hieroglyphics for £12 (US$19) on a charity website.

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10 more optical illusions better than The Dress

Pull out your eyedropper tool -- the brown square on the top of the cube is the same as the orange square on the front.

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Of the many veggie peelers I owned, this is my favorite


I've used this Zyliss vegetable peeler ($9) for years, and I've not yet had to sharpen it.

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For cats, catnip = weed. Toothbrush = DMT

Jump rope shows your stats using persistence of vision

The Smart Rope has 23 LEDs in the rope, so your jump data appears in front of your eyes.

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Dude gets a tattoo of The Dress

"I keep up with social memes and I see all of this stuff going around," Daniel Howland told the Daily News. "This is the one thing that I couldn’t wrap my brain around."

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Erotica author says Amazon is hurting her $10 million yearly sales

Jaid Black, a 43 year old writer of self-published erotica ebooks, says Amazon is needling into her market: hardcore erotica for women.

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