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Traffic wardens gave two parking tickets to car with a dead man in driver's seat


Mamadou Barry, 47, racked up two parking tickets in New York while sitting in his car. He was dead at time. "Officials said they were investigating why wardens had failed to give Mr. Barry a third ticket," reports Biebuzz.

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Man who illegally parked gets big surprise

This gent was madder than a mosquito in a mannequin factory when he discovered that his car was heavily coated with Post-It notes after he illegally parked it in a disabled spot. A crowd jeered as he frantically tried brushing off the blue and white sticky notes, which were cleverly applied to create the iconic disabled sign.


Man sues Disneyland for ending membership to exclusive Club 33


84-year-old Joseph Cosgrove is suing Disneyland for canceling his membership in Club 33, the exclusive Disneyland restaurant that charges an $11,000 annual membership. A Disney spokesperson said Cosgrove was guilty of breaking several club rules over the years.

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Wood furniture that unzips in a delightful way

Sebastian Errazuriz's Wave Cabinet is made of connected movable slats that can be arranged by brushing your hand against them. Beautiful! I want a desktop sized model to fiddle with.


Makeup artist transforms herself into Barbie: timelapse

For those uninterested in Kandee Johnson's 13-minute Barbie makeover video, here's a 90-second timelapse. For those uninterested in the timelapse, look at the image here. For those uninterested in the image, just move along.


Detroit police have issued a felony arrest warrant for artist Shepard Fairey


Shepard Fairey is wanted by Detroit police for graffiti. The Detroit Free Press reports that he faces "two counts of malicious destruction of property, which carry a maximum penalty of five years in jail, plus fines that could exceed $10,000."

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Brodude, possibly inebriated, jumps on moose and rides it

Brodudes in boat chase down a frightened moose and one of them jumps on the moose's back for a ride. They aren't very smart, as evidenced by the fact that they shared this inhumane stunt on video.

Woman conned out of £50,000 in phishing scam

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 9.00.11 AM

Vivian Gabb, 59, of London, was in the middle of buying a house and somehow a criminal learned of the details, impersonated her solicitor, and emailed her with instructions to wire the money to the "bank." After she lost the money she went back and looked at the email and noticed that the email address the scammer used was missing an "s" in "partners." She lost £50,000, her life savings. She tells her alarming story in this short BBC video.

Mother enraged over creases that remind her of genitalia on teddy bears


Sharon Green is madder than a snail in a salt mine over a christening cake she purchased that has teddy bears with creases that remind her of female genitalia. She is demanding a refund.

A spokesman for the cake shop says: "The small bear on top of the cake is exactly that — a teddy bear — and the crease on its stomach is supposed to represent the seam where the bear is sewn together.

eBay forbids woman from selling property on the Sun


Alex Boese has a great article on About Entertainment on the history of people who claimed ownership of stars, moons, and planets and then sold deeds to plots of land on the heavenly bodies. And they had buyers!

In 2013, Maria Angeles Duran began selling plots of land on eBay. That, in itself, isn't unusual, but the land she was selling was located on the sun. She offered square-meter plots for the price of 1 euro each. By 2015, she had over 600 buyers, but then eBay pulled the plug on her, saying her auctions violated its "intangible goods" policy.

Duran didn't take this lying down. She sued the auction site for violation of contract, arguing that the sun is, indeed, a tangible object, and a Spanish court agreed to hear her case.

The Weird News Guide to Extraterrestrial Real Estate: Meet the people who own the sun, moon, and all planets everywhere

Amazon Fire Phone for $179, includes one year of Prime

The Amazon Fire phone.

The Amazon Fire phone.

I'm tempted to buy this Amazon Fire Phone for $179. It's unlocked and it includes a year of Prime, which costs $99 a year.

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Jail starves mentally ill man to death, Sheriff is "sorry"


Sheriff's deputies in Island County, WA forgot to check 25-year-old Keaton Farris's cell every hour, and when they finally got around to looking, he was dead, starved of water and food. Alternet reports that Farris "had no prior criminal record but had struggled with a history of mental illness."

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Can you solve the 3-switches problem?


Alex Bellos' Monday puzzle in The Guardian is the Three Switches Probem:

Downstairs in a house are three identical on-off switches. One of them controls the lamp in the attic. The puzzle is to work out which switch controls the lamp.

The rules are as follows. You are allowed to manipulate the switches all you like, and then you are allowed only one trip to the attic. How do you do it?

Jump start a car without another car


I fortunately have not had to use Cyntur Pack Mini Lithium-Ion Jumpstarter to start my car, but it's nice to know I have it if I need it. It's been in my car's trunk for two months, and when I checked it today, the LED meter indicated it was still holding a full charge. (The manufacturer recommends topping it off once a year with the included AC charger, so I set up a reminder on my calendar.)

The 2,000mAh Li-Ion internal battery can also be used to charge mobile devices and it has a built-in flashlight. It comes in a nice zippered case with instructions glued to the inside.

It's very simple to start your car (or someone else's) with this. Just plug the terminal clamps into the battery pack, attach the clamps to the battery terminals, and start the engine. Good riddance to jumper cables.

Cyntur Pack Mini Lithium-Ion Jumpstarter ($100) on Amazon charger-2

William Shatner "filled with dread and anticipation" about upcoming motortrike journey

84-year-old William Shatner is excited about his upcoming eight-day road trip, from Chicago to his home in Los Angeles. He'll do it astride a 3-wheeled vehicle called the Landjet. It looks like something Immortan Joe, the bad guy in Mad Max: Fury Road, might tool around on, rather than the captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Shatner says he isn't quite sure why he's doing this, other than for the sheer fun of it.

“It’s a jump into the dark,” he admits, though not one that will go undocumented. “I’m going to film it, and I’m wondering what the story is. The more I think about it, the more I realize it’s a ledger of an adventure into the unknown.”

Superheroes Wanted - A Look At The Machine from Rivet Motors on Vimeo.

Survey says weed prices are crashing in Colorado

weedshopEven though the price of an 1/8th ounce of recreational cannabis in Colorado has dropped from $50-$70 to $30-$45 in the last year, revenue is up, because the number of visitors to stores has greatly increased.

From Convergex's Marijuana Store Survey and Industry Outlook Q2 2015:

A quick look at the latest available state tax data from the Colorado Department of Revenue show these stores in the aggregate beat its 2014 comps from January through April. For example, the state grossed $3.55 million in revenues from the 10% retail sales tax in January, which suggests stores earned $35.5 million in revenue. That’s a 153% increase from the prior year. Revenues in February and March grew by 164% and 126% on the year respectively, while sales rose by 98% y/y to $43.9 million in April. If we use the average of revenues for the first four months of this year – about $40 million – as our monthly run rate for the balance of 2015, total revenues for 2015 could reach $480 million. That would mark a +50% comp to last year’s revenues of $313 million for recreational marijuana sales.

Image: Sonya Yruel/Drug Policy Alliance

Monster Cable founder sad about getting $0 from Apple's $3 billion purchase of Beats By Dr. Dre


Noel Lee says he invented the headphones that are marketed by Beats by Dr. Dre. In May 2014, Apple paid $3 billion to buy Beats by Dr. Dre.

Dr. Dre and music producer Jimmy Iovine got most of the proceeds of the sale and Lee got $0. Now Lee is suing for at least $150 million. Lee is the founder of Monster Cable, a company with an obnoxious reputation for threatening to sue any company that uses the word "Monster." I can't help feeling a bit of schadenfreude towards Lee, who has made many people miserable by hitting them with time- and money-wasting legal threats.