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Ortofon 2M turntable cartridge looks great - in a Bondi Blue sorta way

I am not sure if we should blame the original iMac or gummy bears for the ubiquitous transparent jewel tone plastic that permeates industrial design. If you want to be unique, I would suggest opaque. The plastic color for the Ortofon 2M cartridge is a question of cost, not personal palette, as the street price of the ruby red cartridge is a mere $99, while the black is a heart-stopping $669.
Ortofon 2M Cartridges

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Sweathog Living: The domestic chaos of diminished expectations

The mysterious Brazo Fuerte has been invited into the home of the Rich Roat family and appears to be puzzled by Rich's laissez-faire estate management. While the fence sways under the pressure of a rotting tree and invasive weeds choke out the native flora, Rich chooses such pressing tasks as wrangling empty Illy coffee cans, toolbox re-organization, and re-branding the weed trimmer with a novelty label that makes sense to only to those of us with a interest in hemispherical combustion chamber technology. Ambitious, if misdirected, it seems Rich is willing to tackle any project as long as it does not actually contribute to the maintenance of his estate.

Sweathog Living

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Ridgid SeeSnake Micro Inspection Camera

Thumbnail image for SS Micro Beauty Photo_R2_3C.jpg
Generally, micro inspection cameras are frightfully expensive professional instruments for dedicated industrial applications with commensurately high professional fees attached. When I stumbled across the $182 Ridgid SeeSnake, I became so excited that I felt a wave of static electricity across my scalp and was momentarily light-headed before I regained my composure long enough to click Add to Shopping Cart.

Besides being able to see in hidden locations, there are hook and magnet wand attachments to grab objects discovered in these previously uncharted territories. Clearly, this is not a professional grade tool and is not a direct replacement for versions costing thousands of dollars. However, with the 3-foot wand it is more than adequate for looking in your own ears. Ladies and gentlemen, let's face facts, that alone is worth $182 and any ancillary purpose is gravy.

Rigid SeeSnake Micro Inspection Camera

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Leviton gives the gift of extra outlets - a third at every wallplate


Sweet Queen Victoria! Why didn't somebody think of this before?! Was there some engineering issue that had to be overcome to allow such an elegant, ingenious and obvious design? Did this require new materials that were destined for space? Did the secret lie in a spy's briefcase lost since the end of the Cold War? I would certainly be a proud Leviton engineer if I had sketched this on my cocktail napkin!

Leviton AC320-W Triplex Receptacle (via Materialicious)

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UPDATE: Did you know Rob already discussed the tri-outlet wonder on BB Gadgets? Why wouldn't he? It rules!