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Pat Moriarity

Pat Moriarity started out as a punk rock artist in the mid-1980s music scene of Minneapolis, working for Twin/Tone records and eventually getting his own comic book title, the Harvey Award nominated Big Mouth. He became an art director for Fantagraphics, and later for The Comics Journal. He currently lives and works in Port Orchard, Washington. As an adjunct faculty member at the Art Institute of Seattle, Pat Moriarity teaches character design, storyboarding and comics.

Big Mouth: Single Moms

This was written by my mom, drawn up by me, and inked by my little brother Kelly.Read the rest

Bigmouth: Pies For Men

Pies For Men, was written in 1992 by former Comics Journal managing editor Helena Harvilicz. It was drawn by me, and then inked by Frank Young, another former Comics Journal managing editor! Now that's a sandwich. Frank recently won an Eisner for a graphic novel called The Carter Family: Don't Forget This Song.Read the rest

Big Mouth: Ridin' the Dog!

This one was written by Canadian cartoonist David Collier in 1994. It’s about the antics of prankster zinester Mike Haeg, better known as Mr. Mike. "I drew it up in pencil and then it was inked by my housemate, future Fantagraphics editor Eric Reynolds," says Pat MoriarityRead the rest

Big Mouth: Work Farm Blues

Pat Moriarity offers a cop-encounter nightmare, as timely now as it was when written in 1992 by his pal Bob, best known as R.L. Crabb. "Bob was one of my housemates when he told me his weed-related horror story. I HAD to draw it!"Read the rest

Big Mouth: Hairy Scary

In the 1990’s Pat Moriarity was assistant art director, and later art director of The Comics Journal, the magazine of comics news and criticism. "There, I became friends with many cartoonists and comics nerds. This includes Comics Journal editor Helena Harvilicz and cartoonist J.R. Williams, who both were eventually housemates of mine. Jim Blanchard, another good friend and artist, inked my pencils here, and another friend of mine, the great Peter Bagge, makes a cameo appearance at the end. This is another true story."Read the rest

Big Mouth: My German Buddy

During the last two years of his life, Charles Bukowski allowed me to create comics out of a few of his poems. I drew four or five of them, mostly for Big Mouth but also for Zero Zero. The deal was this — to send him the finished comic book plus a check for 25 bucks, for each story he wrote. So now I have several cashed checks with Bukowski’s signature on the back! I originally got in touch with Bukowski through Dennis Eichhorn. Buk was reading Eichhorn’s comic book Real Stuff, (with some of my comics work therein) around the time I started drawing Big Mouth. This is the first Bukowski adaptation I did, called "My German Buddy," about the composer Wagner. Charles liked the results, and even wrote a letter with one of his own cartoons, which appeared in the letters pages of Big Mouth.Read the rest

Big Mouth: Helluva Town

This one was written back in the day by the great cartoonist Peter Kuper. I call it a “slice of life story,” about riding the subway in NYC, early 1990s. I drew this before I ever visited the city, but after visiting a few times after, I think I got it right.Read the rest

Big Mouth: Heavy Doody

The tragic story of Howdy Doody's creator and puppeteer. Story by Tom Harrington. Art by Pat MoriarityRead the rest

Big Mouth: True Nuke Puke

This one was written in 1992 by the first real, true blue cartoonist I ever met, the perpetual self publisher Doug Holverson. (He also colored this page, just for Boing Boing.)Read the rest

Big Mouth: Tull-Tales

"Tull Tales" was written by underground cartoonist Roberta Gregory in 1992. It's about unusual/cosmic happenings in the wake of Jethro Tull. Color by Randy Leonard.Read the rest

Big Mouth: Fish Scales

"While working on a junior high science project, I found I needed a way to measure the amount of energy it took to pull an object up inclines of varying steepness." A story by Dennis Eichhorn. [Update: page 5 was missing. I added it. - Mark]Read the rest

Big Mouth: The Pat Moriarity Highlight Film

Who be better to introduce our newest Boing Boing cartoonist than the late Harvey Pekar? Look for a selected classic Big Mouth comic by Pat Moriarity each week! - MarkRead the rest