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Patrick Lohier

Patrick Lohier is a Toronto-based writer. You can follow him on Twitter @PatrickLohier

"Halt and Catch Fire" captures the spirit of tech innovation

Period details thrill viewers obsessed with retro-tech and the rise of Silicon Valley , but the show's second season will need character at its heartRead the rest

The brilliant ideas and radiant visions of reclusive SF author Greg Egan

There are no pictures of Greg Egan online, and his website has a disclaimer that while some of his more dedicated fans claimed to have tracked down a picture of the author, it’s not him.Read the rest

Here is Richard McGuire's epic of time

In Richard McGuire's time-bending graphic novel Here, the past, present and a vividly imagined future are all set in the same specific location. By Patrick Lohier.Read the rest

Charles Burns brings his haunting cartoon trilogy to a close with Sugar Skull

Legendary cartoonist Charles Burns gives Patrick Lohier (and the rest of us) a glimpse into the dark, animated world of his haunting trilogy.Read the rest