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God Emperor of Applebees


The art in airport restaurants is getting pretty spacey.

How Uber sabotages rival Lyft

Uber has acquired a reputation for using nasty business tactics against rival Lyft. The Verge acquired its playbook of dirty tricks.

Procrastination may be about anticipating emotional optimums, not time management

The Procrastination Doom Loop occurs because "(1) We're think we're in the wrong mood to complete a task, and (2) We assume that our mood will change in the near future, which will help us complete the task," but of course it doesn't.

2-year-old takes Ice Bucket Challenge

What she says is what I'd say.

Opiate underwear claims life

A prisoner on furlough allegedly soaked his underwear in methadone and shared pieces of it with fellow inmates, one of whom died.

American courts routinely shackle children

A 13-year-old girl who ran away from home and resisted arrest was not only led in chains into court, but refused permission to remove them so she could wipe her tears.

Republicans use cropped frame from Foley execution footage in campaign ad

Bravo, Senate nominee Allen Weh! It's not even been a week.

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Fox pundit: large men shouldn't be described as "unarmed" even if they are unarmed

Today in racist nonsense we have Linda Chavez, failed Bush labor secretary nominee.

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Bup Stop

6821375-large England's Western Daily Press reports that workers managed to misspell the word "BUS" during street repainting in Bristol. Officials were unavailable for comment on Monday. [via Abroath]

Industrial-style light switches


Whatever the word is for the cultural pathology that makes me want to replace every light switch in my house with something like this, I suffer from it. [Buster & Punch via Uncrate]


They sell the knobs separately, but at great expense. Alas, cheapo metal knurled knobs just don't look that nice. If I were to want industrial knobs on everything in my house, where might I find nice ones at a reasonable price?

Knee Defender gadget gets man booted off flight

kdKnee Defender is a gadget that one can attach to the plane seat in front of you, preventing its occupant from reclining it. A man used it thus on United Flight 1462, from New Jersey to Denver, and refused to disengage it when instructed to by a flight attendant. The flight was rerouted to Chicago, and he was ejected, as was the passenger whose seat he locked, who subsequently threw a drink in his face.

A flight attendant asked him to remove the device and he refused. The woman then stood up, turned around and threw a cup of water at him, the official says. That's when United decided to land in Chicago. The two passengers were not allowed to continue to Denver.

Both passengers were sitting in United's Economy Plus section, the part of the plane that has four more inches of legroom than the rest of coach.

Tired of impolite seat-recliners? Dumb as bricks? Now you too can risk a $25,000 fine with KNEE DEFENDER.

Even in large cities, we build tightly-knit communities


A study of group clustering--do your friends know each other?--shows that it does not change with city size. [via Flowing Data]

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Study: Qatar-hosted world cup to be dangerously hot for spectators

The 2022 soccer World Cup taking place in the 106° heat of the Qatari summer is already a baking examplar of FIFA's corruption; a new study suggests heat stress will make it physically dangerous even for spectators.

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Insane parking signs at California school hit 15ft tall


Decipher Culver City's parking puzzle, avoid a $73 fine! Photo: CBS Los Angeles. [via]

UK man jailed for 3 years for pirating movie

He made £1,000 bootlegging copies of Fast and Furious 6. 134 of the 984 rapists jailed in 2010 in England and Wales were given sentences of four years or less. [via]

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