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Rape joke T-shirt taken off department store shelves


A t-shirt with the slogan "It's not rape, it's a snuggle with a struggle" has been removed from sale by SM Department Stores, which operates more than 40 locations across south-east Asia.

The garment was spotted by New Orleans writer Karen Junawicz, who posted a photo to her Facebook page.

Really SM Department Store? In the boy's section?
"It's Not Rape, It's A Snuggle With A Struggle?"
SM--the same mall that has the daily angelus and refused to show Tim Burton's "Sweeney Todd" in the cinemas?
Boys listen to Tita Karen--if a girl says NO and pushes you away, just err on the side of caution, she likely means NO. And go watch "Sweeney Todd."

Her posting was shared more than 4,000 times, and the company apologized, promising to immediately pull all the t-shirts sourced from the relevant distributor.

“We have immediately pulled out all the T-shirts of the consignor that distributes them, and we are investigating why it was included in our delivery of assorted t-shirts,” said SM Supermalls, the Phillipines largest mall operator.

Time's Elizabeth Barber reports that customers were not happy with the excuses.

On Facebook, commenters on the original photo sharply criticized the department store for seeking to “hide behind [its] consignment agreements,” as one commenter put it, and called on the store to make donations to women’s crisis centers.

In 2013, the Philippine National Police Women and Children Protection Center recorded 5,493 reported rapes of women and children — a record high for the nation, according to GMA News Online.

Arrestee eats through patrol car seat

An Idaho resident collared on felony charges managed to chew through the seat of a police car while en route to the county jail. Combative during her arrest, Staci Anne Spence allegedly caused $2,127 worth of damage to the vehicle.

Here's Keith Kinnaird of the Bonner County Daily Bee:

While being taken into custody, she allegedly pulled away from the two deputies who were holding her arms and kicked a third deputy before being subdued. She was put in leg restraints and placed on her stomach in the back of a deputy’s sport utility vehicle.

Upon arriving at the Bonner County Jail, deputies discovered that Spence had chewed through the seat’s upholstery and into the foam cushioning, the affidavit said. Replacing the Chevrolet Tahoe’s seat was estimated at more than $2,000.

An allegedly combative Spence was arrested by Sandpoint Police in July for battery at the Panida Theater. A police report said Spence produced a beer after she was put in the back of the patrol vehicle and consumed it en route to the jail.

New stadium will look like gigantic toilet

snot We don't often cover sports at Boing Boing, but we do like to keep a lid on scatalogical architecture. Behold the the Golden State Warriors' new 18,000-seater.

CBS's Alyssa Pereira: "at least you’ll have a ready excuse when the team is playing like crap."

The Warriors bought the Mission Bay plot from Salesforce back in April, and since then, we’ve been eagerly awaiting to see the team’s new digs.

Bringing on Snøhetta seemed like a good call. After all, the international firm had previously been tapped to create the new plan for the Piers 30-32 site (which was eventually scrapped because of significant opposition). They clearly have the skill to make buildings not strongly resemble bathroom furniture, so what gives?

Are they messing with us?

Wendy and Richard Pini's Complete Elfquest

The Complete Elfquest is a mammoth graphic novel collecting the entire original series, as self-published by Wendy and Richard Pini from 1978-1985. Rob Beschizza sums up what’s so great about it.

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Box Brew Kits


The Box Brew Kit is set for making beer that doesn't look like something trailer vampires use to distill human blood. And she says I'm hard to shop for!

Third boob likely a hoax

Plastic surgeons have weighed in on Jasmine Tridevil's claims to have implanted a third breast, and they find it exceedingly unlikely. UPDATE: TMZ investigated and uncovered evidence of "a three breast prosthesis"

Planning for the apocalypse

When it all goes down, where will you move to? What will you do? Me, I'm learning the flute: durable, portable entertainment for the survivors, and an excellent ninja weapon.

TV anchor explains sweary exit

Charlo Greene, the news anchor who left in style by saying "fuck it, I quit!", explains her motivation. [Thanks, Adam!]

Pink Floyd unveils cover art for first studio album in 20 years.


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The internet's population, mapped by nationality

MAP Mark Graham's map reveals that northwestern Europe and Korea are ahead of the pack when it comes to internet penetration, while India, Indonesia and much of Africa lag behind.

The distortion in the map paints a revealing picture about human activity on the Internet. China is now home to the world’s largest Internet population at over half a billion. The United States, India, and Japan then follow as the next most populous nations of Internet users.

Looking at the largest Internet countries, we see two important trends.

First, the rise of Asia as the main contributor to the world’s Internet population; 42% of the world’s Internet users live in Asia, and China, India, and Japan alone host more Internet users than Europe and North America combined.

Second, few of the world’s largest Internet countries fall into the top category (>80%) of Internet penetration (and indeed India falls into the lowest category, at <20% penetration). In other words, in all of the world’s largest Internet nations, there is still substantial room for growth.

Internet Population and Penetration

"Mattress Girl" draws attention to campus assaults

Vanessa Grigoriadis on a student and rape survivor who carries a mattress wherever she goes to highlight the prevalence of campus assault: "pointing a finger not only at assailants but also the American university, the ivory tower of privilege, these survivors have built the most effective, organized anti-rape movement since the late ’70s."

Photo: Jessica Valenti.

Gimp Man gives £1 to charity every time someone posts a photo of him

Photo: BBC

The BBC interviews the "Gimp Man of Essex," whose novel campaign to raise awareness for his flavor of fun has meet with a mostly welcoming response: "the chief executive of Colchester Mind said the charity was thankful for Gimp Man's support."

How to quit your job in style

Proptip: reveal oneself as the subject of the TV segment one is reporting, then declare "Fuck it, I quit."

Public university asked students to report recent sexual history or face punishment

Clemson University has withdrawn its demand, which would have mandated students answer questions on how often they have sex, what sort of sex it was, and the number of partners. The quiz was supposedly anonymous, but required students to use their official IDs and third-party services to complete.

Dumb anti-drug hysteria forced McDonalds to stop giving away decent coffee spoons

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 2.53.46 PM McDonalds used to include this perfectly utilitarian spoon with coffee--perhaps the company's only genuine claim to a design classic. Because it could be used to measure out drugs, though, it was removed from the market at the demand of lobbyists seeking a symbolic victory over drug "paraphernalia."