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First leak from Joker flick is him slapping Harley Quinn


It's an actual unauthorized leak, too, from the set. You know, just in case you were thinking that the movie's PR team would be as profoundly stupid as the people making this movie. Can't wait to buy the bobblehead doll at Spencer Gifts!

More extensive footage was on Youtube; Kotaku reports that it has been taken down after a copyright claim by Warner Brothers, which suggests that it is real.

The clip above—from what looks like surreptitiously shot video—purports to be from the set of David Ayer’s upcoming Suicide Squad movie, which assembles a bunch of DC Comics villains for a big black ops mission . There’s no real audio but you can see Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn and Jared Leto’s Joker talking, kissing and, um, not-kissing. At one point, the Joker pulls out a gun and holds it to his head. The slap in the video seems to hint that the dysfunctional nature of these two villains’ romance will be intact in the movie.

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Pirate Bay domains to be seized

x 2015-05-19 at 12.32.04 PM

Two key domains must be nabbed, according to a court ruling by a Swedish court, including their "most famous" domain. But the site's operators informed TorrentFreak that they have plenty more in reserve.

Filed against Punkt SE, the organization responsible for Sweden’s top level .SE domain, the case reasoned that since The Pirate Bay is an illegal operation, its domains are tools used by the site to infringe copyright. Noting that Punkt SE supplies and controls the domains and is therefore liable for their (mis)use, the domains should be dealt with in the same way that other criminal tools would be, Ingblad argued.

Punkt SE, on the other hand, took the position that holding a registry responsible for infringement has no basis in law. Furthermore, disabling domains is an ineffective way to deal with infringement.

Attempting to hit already redirects to other TLDs, replete with a picture of a hydra.

Getting ahead in gymnastics

reuters1 Photographed by Vasily Fedosenko, Russia's Margarita Mamun performs in the individual final programme at the 31st European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships in Minsk, Belarus,on May 3, 2015.

Serial killer families


Meet the Bloody Benders, the Sawney Bean Clan, the Briley Brothers, and more! [io9]

Sony's contract with Spotify revealed

sonyspotifycontract The Verge obtained the 2011 agreement between the label and the music streaming service, which launched later that year. "Sony Music came out the winner," reports Micah Singleton

The flag we'll use to colonize the galaxy


Here is Oskar Pernefeldt's design for "The International Flag of Planet Earth." Also good for UN subagencies, atheist headstones, and the random output of logo generators for startups with inappropriately Asian names.

The mockup art is brilliantly Ballardian. Who does not appreciate the mounting excitement of being in an empty committee room when no-one else knows you're there?


Become a citizen! Do you want to know more?


Mars needs rimming.


On the plus side, it's not as if children will actually have to draw these things in the future.

Here's a how to!

Here is Eddie Izzard, explaining the cunning use of flags.

Here is the flag that we'll use to colonize the galaxy.


Furry Road

furryroad I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.

"I'm sorry, Gavin, it's Apple Maps bad"

A funny moment from Silicon Valley, where an entrepreneur learns that his new operating system is even worse than Windows Vista.

Ramadi "falls to Islamic State"


Ramadi, about an hour and a half from Baghdad, fell over the weekend to Islamic State fighters. The U.S. insists that the city is still "contested", though it seems Iranian-backed militias will be doing the job of contesting.

Pictured above is the BBC's latest map of the region, with the IS-held territory in darker tan. Looks like the Kurds are up for the fight, Baghdad not so much.

Ramadi holds particular meaning for some Iraq War veterans.

Viral success is meaningless


Jami Attenberg saw a flash of internet fame, but it didn't help her sell her book. It made her no money at all. She reports on the experience of "sliding back to earth" down the long tail of a Google Analytics report.

…it felt bittersweet. I had dashed off the blog post, been careless with my writing. Even if the passion showed through, it was certainly not my best work. I had spent years and years working on my novels, agonizing over sentences, characters, themes, and my big message to the world. But in one day more people had read this simple post than all of my books combined — times five.

If you want to sell anything, everything around everything you do online must be optimized to the pixel for that purpose. Even then, when lightning strikes, only a few loose and hungry electrons will fall into the right place. If what you do never leaves the internet, you have to get hit over, and over, and over again.

Image source unknown.

Doom 4 trailer

It's only 11 seconds long—5 seconds, really!—which is incredibly stingy even by the stingy standards of modern trailering. It's so short I can't even get a neat looping GIF out of the online Youtube-to-GIF services. But it still earns my second "fuck yes" of the day. As someone with a keen appreciation for the aesthetic and spiritual unities of Doom, I eagerly await its unveiling this June at E3.

Updated with "neat looping GIF"-Falcor

Do you hate hamburger menus?

hamburger I'm not talking about the dining options at your local Five Guys, but that little stack of three red lines at the top right of this very page. On the pro side, it solves design problems and gets rid of navigational egoclutter that no-one ever clicks anyway. On the con side, what the hell is it?

BASE jumpers killed in accident


Well-known BASE jumper Dean Potter and flight partner Graham Hunt died Saturday during a leap in Yosemite National Park.

After attempting a wingsuit flight from 7,500-foot Taft Point, their spotter heard "sounds that could have been impacts or could have been the noises made by parachutes snapping open," and was unable to contact them thereafter.

Rescue workers found their bodies after a daylong search; their parachutes were not deployed.

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Mad Max: Fury Road

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In "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken", Game of Thrones mocks the power of powerful women

Game of Thrones was dealt a card denied by history to George Lucas: when everything gets buried in walking, talking and politics, it can always just have someone raped. Read the rest

The best bittorrent apps

Chances are that the one you've been using all along is still the best.

endlesshorse Behold! An ASCII horse without end. This is straight-up the best thing put on the internet so far this decade. It's by Colleen Josephson and emerged from The Stupid Hackathon.