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Rob Ford quits mayoral race

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has pulled out of his reelection race, citing an abdominal tumor for which he is receiving medical treatment. But that does not meant that the family Ford have fucked their last bumble: brother Doug Ford is to take his place on the ballot.

The Death of the iPod Classic

Apple will no longer sell the iPod Classic. Mat Honan reflects on the end of a thing that was, itself, the end of something else.
I miss the time when we were still defined by our music. When our music was still our music. I miss being younger, with a head full subversive ideas; white cables snaking down my neck, stolen songs in my pocket. There will never be an app for that.

Information "wants to be rented."

Journalists top coffee-drinking chart

Utterly addicted to the slime, they are, according to a survey of 10,000 professionals in Britain.

School textbook withdrawn after teacher photo found to be from porn


A photograph of a teacher on a school textbook was taken from a pornographic movie, reports Rocket News 24, leading to trouble for its Thailand-based publisher.

Holding a "Mathematics" folder and embedded in an otherwise normal textbook composition featuring 3D charts, a happy student and a male teacher writing out equations, nothing about the image suggests anything untoward. But the frame is clearly lifted from a scene in another movie, as depicted (safely for work) below.


The actress is Mana Aoki, and the photo was previously seen in promotional material for her movie "Costume Play Working Girl." The textbook has been reissued with a new cover.

Unusual childrens' books


Can't remember much after about 8pm last night, but just found these on my desktop, so it must have been a good evening.






Teacher accidentally discharges handgun at school, hurting self

The Salt Lake Tribune reports on gun-toting teacher Michelle Ferguson-Montgomery, who is taking the week off.

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3 magazines that should exist


In a parallel universe, the print industry is thriving!

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Alaska is America's rape capital

In the rural far north, to be harassed, assaulted and raped is a commonplace threat for children and adults alike: "Alaska’s rape rate is almost three times the national average; for child sexual assault, it’s nearly six"

iPhone 6 Plus is the iPad Mini Minus.

...and that's exactly what I wanted, because I'm not a big caller. But maybe it's time to switch to Android, because they already have stuff just like it, and with some meatier hardware to boot.

The above graphic, published by OSXdaily, illustrates Apple's new selection of phone sizes--and also includes the iPad Mini, which lacks cellular calling but now seems part of a consistent spectrum. As one of those people who often finds the iPad Mini a little too big, but the current iPhone too small, I figure that the 6 Plus will be what I'm after. On the other hand, the Galaxy Note 4--slightly less wide than the 6 Plus, but significantly thicker--didn't quite sell itself to me, though that might be because Android is just not the language my thumbs speak.

Here's the specs for reference.


Tell me what to buy. (Yes, a Moto F3, I know.)

Two companies that tried to bury bad news around Apple's big event

Not so fast! Snapchat settled a legal battle with a cofounder who it ousted from the company. Tinder paid out likewise to who a cofounder who left after accusing an executive of sexual harassment; the executive has left the company.

Penis-shaped pieces of candy shock and offend New Zealanders

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 8.53.52 AM Jacqui Hawkins is among the many locals whose sense of calm and wellbeing was shattered by the green sugar cocks: "I don't find anything amusing about it at all. I find it disgusting." The candy was designed for sale in England and mistakenly sent elsewhere.

The most anxious hour of the day

Between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. is the hour "we feel most anxious, depressed, and alone," according to data from Crisis Text.

Arctic shipwreck found after 170 years

The missing expedition of Sir John Franklin, lost in the fabled Northwest Passage in 1846, is "one of Canada's greatest mysteries." One of its two vessels has been found, apparently intact, with sonar.

What's in Amazon's returns bin? Phone cases.

At Reddit, an Amazon warehouse worker reports on the stuff you send back: "I have nightmares where I'm buried in Samsung Galaxy S5 cases"

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