Can You Stand the Sight of… The Republican Vampire?

Tom the Dancing Bug 1281 cruz republican vampire
Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH a hapless couple seek shelter in the lair of… The Republican Vampire!

The Trump Monster on the Loose

Tom the Dancing Bug 1280 trump republican monster 2
Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH the hideous abomination created by the Republicans' hubristic pursuit of power wanders the countryside, wreaking havoc.

Who Is the Republican Monster? (Trump. It's Trump.)

Tom the Dancing Bug 1279 trump republican monster
Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH the Republicans create a monster that turns on its master. With apologies to Mary Shelley, Boris Karloff and Mel Brooks.

What Donald Trump Finds Out When He Researches the KKK

Tom the Dancing Bug 1278 trump mysteries - kkk
Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Donald Trump fulfills his pledge to research the KKK, and can't believe what he finds.

TOM THE DANCING BUG: The Return of Judge Scalia!

Tom the Dancing Bug 1277 scalia - beyond the grave
Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Judge Scalia now dispenses his brand of two-fisted justice from beyond the grave.

TOM THE DANCING BUG: The Inevitable President Trump Reality TV Show

Tom the Dancing Bug 1276 president trump reality tv
Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH President Trump's reality TV show will be tremendous, classy and the best ever, okay?

TOM THE DANCING BUG: How Gavin Smythe Broke Science

Tom the Dancing Bug 1275 chagrin falls 16 - breaking science
Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Gavin Smythe, of Chagrin Falls, USA, has an incredible insight that Breaks Science.

TOM THE DANCING BUG: The Heroic Neurons That Made the Super Bowl Super

Tom the Dancing Bug 1274 neuron super bowl heroes
Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH the story is told of the heroic neurons that gave 110% and left it all on the field in Super Bowls past.

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Putting Our Children on a Path to Lead

Tom the Dancing Bug 1273 hollingsworth hound 13 - path to lead
Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Hollingsworth Hound shows Li'l Lucky Ducky the path to lead.

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Super-Fun-Pak Comix, feat. The Dragon With Bitchy Resting Face, & Lots 'n' Lots More

Tom the Dancing Bug 1272 sfpc117 dragon resting face
Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Super-Fun-Pak Comix features Percival Dunwoody, Dinkle, Aunt-Man, Doug… AND MORE!

TOM THE DANCING BUG: What Group Should We Really Be Afraid Of?

Tom the Dancing Bug 1271 news - toddler menace
Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH fear and panic rip across the nation when a report reveals that more Americans are shot by toddlers than by Islamic terrorists.

TOM THE DANCING BUG: The Cattle Caliphate Invades Chagrin Falls, USA

Tom the Dancing Bug 1270 chagrin falls 15 - cattle caliphate
Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH the Smythes, of Chagrin Falls, USA, discover their backyard is wanted for the grazing rights of the Cattle Caliphate.

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Senior Citizens of Counter-Earth in Kick-Butt Gear

Tom the Dancing Bug 335 counter-earth - seniors
Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH the elderly folks of Counter-Earth will knock you down.

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Thank Goodness for Goodguy-With-A-Gun!

Tom the Dancing Bug 1269 goodguy-with-a-gun
Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH we all trust Goodguy-With-A-Gun to protect us, not because we want to, but because we have to.

TOM THE DANCING BUG: A Long Time Ago, Generations Far Far Away...

Tom the Dancing Bug 1268 chagrin falls 14 - star wars
Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH, the elder and younger Smythes, of Chagrin Falls, U.S.A., make plans to see Star Wars.

What Jules Feiffer taught me about writing for kids


25 years into creating my comic strip “Tom the Dancing Bug,” I’ve just embarked on another venture: writing books for kids. My series of books, The EMU Club Adventures, began in April with Alien Invasion in My Backyard, and the second installment, Ghostly Thief of Time, was released last month.

Now, “Tom the Dancing Bug” is certainly not for kids, but writing for kids was something I’ve always wanted to do. I love kids’ literature and culture, and I love kids; if I’m at a gathering of friends and family, you’ll probably find me laughing it up with the kids.

But as I started this new task, I was kind of worried about whether I could write for an audience that wasn’t me. My comic strip is pretty much what I would want to read – would consciously writing for another audience render the work stilted, off-target, or even pandering?

I once saw Maurice Sendak, one of the very greatest children’s authors ever, tell Stephen Colbert in an interview, “I don’t write for children. I write – and somebody says, ‘That’s for children!’”

Well, I’ve spent a lot of years showing myself what I write, and it’s usually satirical or absurdist takes on things like income inequality, religion, and the new economy. None of which a kid with any good sense would have any interest in.

As I began my project, I happened to go to a panel discussion of children’s authors at the New York Public Library, because some of my kids’ favorite authors were participating. Read the rest

Have a Very Merry N.R.A. Christmas!

Tom the Dancing Bug 1267 nra christmas
Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH the N.R.A.'s Wayne La Pierre plays Santa Claus, and everybody gets a gun, naughty OR nice!

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