Pop-Up Magazine, Issue 2: Live!

Tickets for the second installment of Pop-Up Magazine, a live event on Sept. 25 in San Francisco, go on sale today at 12 noon PST. What is Pop-Up? A 75-minute reading/performance highlighting two dozen writers, photographers and filmmakers whose work appears in places like Wired, This American Life, New York Times Magazine, New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly and Harper's. The evening is structured just like a magazine: short front-of-the-book bits, reviews, essays, columns, mini-features, photo essays, and features. Issue 1, which debuted last spring, featured Michael Pollan, the Kitchen Sisters, Larry Sultan, Todd Lappin, Lisa Margonelli and more. While I can't reveal Issue 2's lineup, I will mention that once again I've been handed the Gallagher slot — i.e. the gadget portion of Pop-Up. Tickets sold out fast last time. If you want to attend this intimate event at San Francisco's Brava Theater on Friday, Sept. 25 at 7pm, then I recommend you head on over to Pop-Up Magazine today at, or soon after, 12 noon PST. Tickets are $15. Oh, and If you do attend please be sure to come say hi after the show! UPDATE: Tickets for 9/25 sold out in 1 hour, 44 minutes. To be put on the wait list should any tickets become available and/or to stay tuned for the next Pop-Up, email the following address: info AT popupmagazine DOT com Read the rest

Snow Leopard: The Reviews Are In

Is Apple's upgraded OS totally awesome, yawn-worthy, or a bit of both? Find out what reviewers at the NYT, WSJ, Gizmodo, Wired and others think, over at BBG.photo by Tambako Read the rest

Kid uses Apple store to shoot audition reel

YouTube user nicholifavs is using the Apple Store as his own, personal A/V studio and audition space. So far, the little dude's shot dozens of lip sync videos including this one of the Black Eyed Peas' "Boom Boom Pow." Discuss this and more over at BBG. Read the rest

Recently at BBG

• We review Spotify, a desktop app that lets users stream 3.8 million tracks of music — for free. Good News: It's TERRIFIC. Bad News: it's not yet available in the U.S.

• What will the Apple Tablet actually look like?

• We review Sonar's VS-100, a portable studio that includes a MIDI controller, multi-track recorder, and mixer.

• A rocking chair that looks like a purple hot dog.

• Fact: By 2010, all gadgets will feature teal/turquoise LED strips.

• Headphones built into a pair of fuzzy cat ears!

• We review Sony Ericsson's W518a cell phone. Verdict: "a good choice if you want a small, cheap phone that doesn't look like a toy."

• A newly-released, battery-powered, rechargeable neck warmer.

• We held a contest for a robotic space cock. The deadline was August 7, but we're going to give you one last shot. Enter to win by midnight EST August 11. So what is a robotic space cock? Good question! Read the rest

Recently at BBG

BBG dedicated a series of posts to explore various aspects, gear, and ideas specific "climbing." Here's what went down:

• We examined three types of artificial rock climbing walls.

• Want to climb a tree, like, for real? Here's the pro gear you need.

• Want to climb a mountain instead? Go for this gear.

• HOWTO: overcome common climbing phobias.

• We tested an ultra-light pack stove from Primus.

• We revisited the DIY ice mountain constructed in Alaska.

• What's the best food to take on a climbing/camping expedition? We tried to find out.

• We reviewed three pairs of climbing shoes. Which ones ruled? Also at BBG:

• We put out mitts all over the HP's latest MediaSmart media server.

• We reviewed the GP2X Wiz, a handheld gaming console we learned is AWESOME.

• Could Apple's long-awaited touch tablet be due in September?

Advisor: Why GPS is Bad for Lisa's Brain.

• Is AT&T astroturfing on Twitter? Read the rest

Photos: Comic-Con Toys, Art & Tchotchkes

So, two Jokers walk into a Comic-Con... More pics of toys and misc. Comic-Con collectibles over at BBG. Previously:ComiCon: Day 1 [Verdict: Nerdywood!] Video: Tron, Astro Boy & Cloudy w/Chance of Meatballs The Five Faces of Comic-Con - Boing Boing Comic-Con: splendid excuse for cosplay-themed pinups - Boing Boing ComicCon's best Star Wars costumes - Boing Boing BBtv: NYC Comic Con geek-gasm - Boing Boing Bootlegged DVDs at Comic-con - Boing Boing Moblogging, photobloging from Comic-Con in San Diego - Boing Boing My ComicCon photos - Boing Boing Read the rest

Recently at BBG

• LSD-discoverer Albert Hofmann wrote a letter to Steve Jobs asking him how/why LSD was useful to him. What else did Hofmann say?

• Rob reviewed the HTC Touch Pro 2. Check out the verdict.

• Steven reviewed Garmin's ultra-thin nüvi 1490T GPS unit.

• Joel reviewed the Mophie Juice Pack Air battery case for the iPhone.

• An art installation with enormous solar-powered flowers.

• A beautiful vintage world clock from 1975.

Core77 made a bicycle. Expensive, but attractive.

• College students built a PDA-powered rig that accurately measure muscle strength.

• Joel posted a video review of the Vita-Mix 5200. Check out his mug and his mesh cap.

• Greenpeace released its annual report rating several major electronics manufacturers. How'd Apple do? What about Nintendo? Find out!

• Samsung filed a patent for a butterfly-like cell phone built with "doped polysilicon."

• If a Leatherman multi-tool doesn't have a knife, is it still a Leatherman? Hmmmm...

• We discovered a toy called the "Fighting Cock" &mdash and we're going to give one away to one lucky reader! Discuss all this and more at BBG. Read the rest

Recently at BBG

• HTC announced the Hero, the latest Android phone.

• But will the Hero be any good? Joel appeared on TechVi to discuss.

• Video on the iPhone 3GS is just ok. See for yourselves.

• A review of $250 desk chair that's an exercise ball (yes, $250!)

• Is using Virgin's in-flight wi-fi as glorious as it sounds?

• Video: "Buzz Aldrin is so gangsta..."

• Everything is turning into a pc. Exhibit A: Vizio's HDTV remote.

• Lightning's fingerprint encased in a $175 block of acrylic.

• A list of iPhone accessories that don't exist, that people WANT.

Franz Liszt is the new black (again).

• Would you rather remove a tick with a lasso OR cryotherapy?

• The used iPhone market mirrors the used Mac market. Discuss... Read the rest

Today at Boing Boing Gadgets

The iPhone 3G S launched this morning (w00t!). Did BBG wake up at 4:45 a.m. and head to Apple's flagship store in San Francisco to: a) shoot video, b) purchase said gadget, c) make fun of fanboys, d) spend 2 hours dealing with AT&T, or e) all of the above* ?

• Video of an overeager fanboy charging the pearly gates and getting denied!

• Our first impressions of the iPhone 3G S [verdict: click here to find out]

• Will the new iPhone sell well? The line, frenzy at the SF Apple Store early this a.m. wasn't quite as large as previous launches.

• Would you pay $55 to tether your iPhone, or any handset for that matter?

• Should the 13" Mac Laptop be a "Pro"?

• Timbaland is getting sued for chiptune plagiarism (uh oh).

• An attractive, USB-powered laptop fan.

• We ran a contest for a set of magnetic BuckyBalls. Contest is over (bummer), but feel free to share your favorite Buckminster Fuller quote, or check some reader favorites, in the comments.

• Video of a homemade electric car that looks like a 1950s alien space ship.

• Looking for a Nintendo Entertainment System that's fit for a pimp?

• Popcorn Hour is launching a set-top box that supports Blu-ray... oh, and every video format.

• Why play Wii Bowling with a remote shaped like a stick of butter, when you can use a faux-bowling ball? Read the rest

Recently at BBG

• Jay-Z vs. Auto-Tunes Part II: the rapper's anti-Auto-Tunes track gets remixed by an artist that puts Hova's vocals through Auto-Tunes.

• The iPhone 3.0 OS has released (yay!). But it's temporarily bricking phones (boo!).

• A massive touchscreen wall that can handle multiple touches/users. Oh, and did we mention it's HUGE?

• Fujifilm is supplying Matt Sharp of the bands Weezer and The Rentals with black and white Neopan film for a special project.

• Photos of little tiny wire creatures (aka Automata).

• A video of an RGB table that changes colors. It is beautiful.

• Verizon and AT&T continue to defend SMS price hikes.

• Could the Cideko Air Keyboard be the perfect device for couch surfing?

• A reminiscence about primitive graphics hardware and "Super Reality" architecture.

• Beware of "Troogle"! (if you have no idea what that is, you could Google it or simply click here) Read the rest

Recently at BBG

• The verdicts are in: we rounded up 15 of the best Palm Pre reviews.

• Could the Palm Pre masquerade as an iPhone to circumvent Apple's iTunes locks?

• Enter to win an awesome, arty laptop case -- by submitting photos of your tricked out, custom laptop.

• An interview with the guy who keeps the World Food Programs phones turned on.

• By 2011, iRex says we'll have our mits on the ultimate, "magazine qualtiy" color e-reader.

• Microsoft would prefer to call a netbook a "low cost small notebook PC." (not kidding)

• The first-gen Peek is now available for $20 (that is not a typo).

• The latest digital picture frame from SilverPac reminded us that everything is turning into a PC.

• A USB vacuum cleaner for tidying up your workspace (USB maid not included).

• We tested a $400 tide watch and tideApp, a free desktop/Android/iPhone app; find out which one we recommend.

• Deal Alert: Dell is phasing out its Mini 9 netbook.

• Video footage of a programmer riding a Kuka robot as if it were a surfboard.

• The Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA of the camera world is the Sigma DP2. Discuss...

• A $95,000 machine that converts printed documents to toilet paper.

• A look at the Soma AirBag, an inflatable surfboard carrier.

• Answering iPhone calls in the car? Consider the new Belkin Tunebase. Read the rest

Recently at BBG

• Set your DVRs: Oprah will be tackling Skype today (5/21).

• Netbooks made from biodegradable cellulose are cheap. But will we think of them as disposable?

• A head-to-head review of the Jawbone Prime and BlueAnt Q1. Which headset wins?

• Microscale models of Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture -- in LEGO.

• An ionic-cooling laptop that may not set your crotch ablaze.

8bitone: a chiptunes synthesizer for the iPhone.

• The Myca set-top box reviewed; click here for the verdict.

• An infallibly polite alarm clock with the voice of Stephen Fry.

• The Gear of War: a gallery of war bots, UAVs, retina scanners, and more.

• HOWTO make low-inductance speaker cables.

• An inhaler for consuming cocoa powder: only .8 calories!

• Alarm clocks constructed from a 200-year-old barn in Switzerland and painted by a skateboard artist.

• A bottle opener shaped like an elephant.

• Buildings damaged during WWII get a makeover -- with LEGO! Read the rest

Recently at BBG

• The "getting-ready-for-marriage" bra: counts down until the big day AND plays the wedding march.

• The MSI X340 X-Thin netbook reviewed. Click here for the verdict.

Twitt jr = what happens when you pump your Twitter stream through an IBM PCjr with a 4.77MHz processor and 16-color monitor.

• Find out why the latest wi-fi internet radio from Vtech is kind of a snoozer.

• Back in the day, young home chemists didn't wear safety gear We have proof..

• A gorgeous folding bike from Areaware (yes). That costs $2,250 (oof).

• The covers of back issues of science journal Advanced Materials are crazy beautiful.

• A wooden version of the Amazon Kindle that's only $61. They call it "Kindling."

• Wigs and hairpieces need purifiers?

• Rugged flip-flops fit for a ninja or ninja turtle.

• The Mossad Pen writes with visible ink that disappears when hit with a hairdryer. Read the rest

Recently at Boing Boing Gadgets

• Amazon unveils the big-screened Kindle DX.

• Legendary audiophile Michael Fremer responds to BBG's suggestion he must have supernatural powers.

• Q: How many Star Trek characters Twitter? A: Too many to follow.

• Lisa loses her Star virginity to JJ Abrams' prequel.

• What will happen if Apple buys Twitter?

• Star Trek creator's wife spends $4 million on her dogs!

• BB Video: ARPANET turns 40!

• Star Trek replicas that actually do something.

• Apple censors Nine Inch Nails iPhone app due to "objectionable content."

• A lazy bookworm's lounge chair with a wheel and built-in storage.

• Best worst Star Trek parodies.

• Why some Trekkies aren't too happy with the new Star Trek.

• A history of Star Trek porn [NSFW, but totally worth clicking]. Read the rest

Recently at Boing Boing Gadgets

• A water-propelled jetpack that lets you jog on water.

• Joel parked his keister on to two fancy ergonomic chairs.

• Some novelist wrote 100,000 words of his book on a smartphone (and man are his thumbs tired).

• The pizza box of tomorrow, today (even yesterday).

• Building an iMac G4 out of LEGOs = rad. Including a working LCD = RAD.

• Recycled plastic bags as art light fixtures.

• How to make a Moleskine notebook using a cereal box (!)

• We tested a powder that combats "monkey butt".

• Reports of another mysterious "brick in a box" from Best Buy.

• A pre-revolutionary wooden clock from Russia can cost $20,000.

• A PSP look-a-like that lets you play classic games.

• First-look at a reusable to-go cup for eco-conscious coffee drinkers. Read the rest

Recently at Boing Boing Gadgets

• Cute, pink puffy speakers -- for those who speak Chinese

• A day with the email-only Peek Pronto

• Star Wars cupcakes that look a little chewy

• Glowing Swarovski crystals in mesh sacks make awe$ome lamps

• A rig that lets you hang your guitar in the closet (where it belongs)

• An hour with Griffin's TuneFlex AUX

• Summer to do: build a tiny house, finally

• Did you know you can now stream Nova on PBS.com?

• Earth Day alert: "Wasting money on a gadget I don't need just doesn't seem smart."

LEDs that make your home glow like a Virgin-Atlantic cabin. Read the rest

SF Bay Area: Pop-Up Magazine Live!

This Wednesday night will be the first-ever Pop-Up Magazine, a live performance/reading featuring more than a dozen writers, editors, designers, photographers and filmmakers who contribute to publications like Wired, The New Yorker, NY Times Magazine, This American Life, The Atlantic Monthly, and Harper's. Come watch features, mini-features, Q&A's, essays, lit reviews, photos, and more from folks like Michael Pollan, the Kitchen Sisters, Joshua Davis, Larry Sultan, Todd Lappin and me... I've been given the unofficial "Gallagher/Carrot Top slot." What that means: I'll be reviewing and demoing gadgets. Tickets are already sold out (wow!). BUT, if you register via email, you'll be the first to know about the next Pop-Up, and you'll also be put on the waiting list in case any seats do open up for Wed., April 22nd, 7:00 pm at the Brava Theater. If you're there, do come say hi after! Read the rest