Oakland, CA launches ‘See Something, Say Something’ sex work snitch website

Reuters / Jorge Dan
On Saturday, the city of Oakland, California will launch a website where authorities can collect reports of people who patronize sex workers. The reportjohn.org snitch site created by city officials is an odd development in a town plagued by sex abuse scandals within its own law enforcement ranks. It will be interesting also to see what sort of security or privacy measures the site offers to those who use it to submit photos, names, license plates, or other sensitive information to authorities. At the time of this blog post, reportjohn.org is not yet online.

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UK to extradite hacker with autism to US to face trial for breaking into state computers

Lauri Love (L) reacts as he leaves after his extradition hearing at Westminster Magistrates' Court in London,  Sep. 16, 2016. REUTERS

Today a court in London okayed the extradition of a British hacker with autism to the United States, where he will face trial for breaking into high-security U.S. government computers.

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Muckrock and Motherboard launch $2,000 Thiel Fellowship to FOIA the crap out of Peter Thiel


Muckrock today announced a $1,000 grant for projects to increase public understanding of noted Donald Trump supporter and anti-Gawker-lawsuit-funder Peter Thiel. Motherboard matched the Muckrock reporting grant funds, and now the grant is $2,000.

Apply to MuckRock’s Thiel Fellowship here.

“Applications are on a rolling basis with the first deadline of October 1, 2016. Applicants should email the following to info@muckrock.com with the subject line'MuckRock Thiel Fellowship,'” says the announcement.

From Muckrock's Michael Morisy:

Peter Thiel - co-founder of both PayPal and Palantir and an early Facebook investor - has profoundly reshaped industry after industry and, ultimately, remade the world to fit his radical vision of the future. Unfortunately, despite his impact in industries ranging from digital payments and mass government surveillance to radical life extension and seasteading, the media has done relatively little reporting on the details of his companies, often leaving the public in the dark on his contributions to society.

But maybe you can change that.

With MuckRock’s Thiel Fellowship, we want to help journalists and researchers better understand this pivotal figure’s work and share what they learn with the world.

MuckRock is offering a grant of 250 requests (a $1,000 value), plus our invaluable FOIA expertise, to between one and three inaugural Thiel Fellows who propose projects that help the public better understand organizations or areas of research and public policy connected with Thiel. Even better, Motherboard has agreed to double that, providing an additional $1,000 to fund FOIA request fees, research, potential stipends, or other related costs of the fellowship.

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News groups sue FBI for iPhone hacking details in San Bernardino case

FBI and police are seen around a vehicle in which two shooters were killed following a mass shooting in San Bernardino.  REUTERS/Mike Blake

VICE Media, USA Today owner Gannett, and the Associated Press today announced a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the FBI. The news organizations want to how much and who the government paid to hack into the San Bernardino shooters' iPhone, during the government's investigation into last year's mass shooting.

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'Captain Trump,' new Sassy Trump voicedub from Peter Serafinowicz


An all-new episode of the spectacular SASSY TRUMP voicedub series, from British male actor and comedienne Peter Serafinowicz.

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Clinton medical info released after pneumonia, doc says 'fit to serve.' On Oz, Trump weighs in at 267 lbs.

Hillary Clinton at the DNC in Philadelphia, 2016. REUTERS
Today was health record day in the 2016 US presidential campaign news cycle. After an embarrassing round of press involving Hillary Clinton's pneumonia diagnosis, the Democratic nominee's team released some medical reports. Dr. Lisa Bardack says "she is in excellent mental condition," and is “healthy and fit to serve as president.”

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Trippy 'roll cloud' hovers over Lake Michigan


Nick Nerbonne captured “A rare and very unique 'roll cloud' along the Lake Michigan shoreline at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.”

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Clinton has 20 questions for Trump on his 'dangerous foreign business ties' and national security risks

Responding to the bombshell Kurt Eichenwald cover story in Newsweek on Donald Trump's tangled web of foreign business matters and the national security risks they'd pose if Trump were elected, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has questions. Twenty of them.

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What animals would look like if they had eyes at the front

Deer. Oh dear.

A creepy series of shoops by IMGURian Kiyoi from Mashable, riffing off a single uncanny Reddit shoop.

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Polar bears hold Russian scientists hostage on tiny Arctic island

A group of Russian scientists have been trapped for two weeks by polar bears at an Arctic island weather station. The scientists face a month-long wait for a rescue.

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Colors in Macro: Gorgeous blobs in a rainbow of hues and colors, shot close


I can't get enough of this gorgeous macro video of various blobs of glorious color. It's like a neverending lava lamp.

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Newsweek: Trump's financial conflicts of interest 'A National Security Nightmare'


“If he wins, his many overseas deals would create a national security nightmare.” That's the tease for the cover story in this week's edition of Newsweek, which contains a bombshell Kurt Eichenwald report detailing presidential candidate Donald Trump's financial conflicts of interest.

“HOW THE TRUMP ORGANIZATION'S FOREIGN BUSINESS TIES COULD UPEND U.S. NATIONAL SECURITY” is a must-read. Eichenwald is also digging into other sensitive information regarding Trump's medical history.

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NASA Begins Study of Australia's Great Barrier Reef

Bleached and stressed coral on the Great Barrier Reef [NASA/JPL]

“A NASA airborne mission designed to transform our understanding of Earth's valuable and ecologically sensitive coral reefs has set up shop in Australia for a two-month investigation of the Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest reef ecosystem,” reports NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory today.

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Pomeranian plays the piano with great enthusiasm and purpose


“Shila the Pomeranian dog plays Piano.”

This is actually what I look like when I play the piano, too: “i have no idea what I am doing.”

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How you can help India's first free public library for the Tibetan exile community

Earlier this year, I wrote about a wonderful library project that Tibetan friends in India are putting together for a Tibetan exile community there, with the support of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Here's an update from my friend Phuntsok Dorjee, who is one of the organizers.

The Dalai Lama speaks to his followers at the Gaden Jangtse Thoesam Norling Monastery in Mundgod, 2014. REUTERS

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Girl hops on her longboard into a handstand, zooms downhill like a boss


“I must go, my people need me.”

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Girl, 6, solves Rubik's Cube in 41.56 seconds

Wait for the amazing happiness at the end.

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