Hack of 70M prisoner phone calls is biggest attorney-client privilege breach in US history

Illustration: The Intercept

An important story out today confirms that SecureDrop, the open source whistleblower leak system originally programmed by Aaron Swartz and maintained by Freedom of the Press Foundation, works.

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25% of people shot to death by LA police were unarmed. No cops were prosecuted.


Between Jan. 1, 2010 and Dec. 31, 2014, Los Angeles County district attorney records show at least 375 people were shot by on-duty officers. No officers have been prosecuted for any of those shootings.

About one in four of those people were unarmed.

Law enforcement officers in LA fatally shot Black people at triple the rate of White and Latino people, relative to population.

That's the lede from Southern California Public Radio KPCC's important, interactive investigative report on “officer-involved shootings” in LA, and there's a lot more to be upset about in those numbers, too.

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Missouri School of Journalism proud of photographer Tim Tai. Melissa Click, not so much.

University of Missouri Professor Melissa Click telling a student journalist to leave a public space. (Mark Schierbecker/YouTube)

Following up on the bizarre coordinated blocks against reporters by some protesting at the University of Missouri yesterday, a statement from David Kurpius, dean of the Missouri School of Journalism:

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Stephen Hawking cancels appearances because of “ill health”


Cambridge University today said that Stephen Hawking is cancelling several public appearances because of ill health.

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The GIF art of Jamaican visual artist Di-Andre Caprice Davis


Di-Andre Caprice Davis is an artist from Kingston, Jamaica who creates some really wonderful animated GIF art.

In my work, I combined a passion for digital aesthetic with furthering the exposure and understanding of how technology has affected our world. Although the images are highly personal representations of my dreams, they are abstract enough and open enough to allow individual interpretation. I have used animation techniques to show the power of artistic image manipulation; turning still images into hypnotic GIF art. I prefer to collage and compose several looping actions emphasizing the motions that mimic bodily rhythm. It is like an adventure in a second life exploring its outer limits with digital imaging tools.

[biwayartfoundation.com via artfcity.com]

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Watch this 5-year-old car mechanic replace a wheel bearing on dad's car

maxresdefault (2)

Phoenix, who is in kindergarten, replaces a wheel bearing on his daddy's 2001 Corolla.

I would trust this 5 year old boy with my car more than I'd trust any auto mechanic I've ever taken any of my cars to ever.

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Dog Angel


Photographic proof that dogs are angels. Not shopped, we can tell by the pixels.

HT: d0gbl0g.dog

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Wolf puppies are hunting for mice in the meadow


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Creepy and demonic paper cutout GIFs of Bran Muir


Bran Muir's wonderful, chilling animated GIF work is highlighted in a post over at VICE's The Creators Project.

Muir's process starts like that of any collage artist as he cuts up old NatGeo and LIFE magazines to build a mutated army of characters. "The similarities with purist collage makers probably end when I port everything over to Photoshop, where the possibilities are endless," he tells The Creators Project. He works fast, spending between one and four hours animating the pieces into each GIF.

Follow the artist: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

[HT: christiannightmares.tumblr.com]

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Hours after University of Missouri president resigns, Chancellor also steps down

The Twitter profile photo for U. of Missouri Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin [@bowtieger]

“Hours after a wave of student and faculty protests over racial tensions led to the resignation of the president of the University of Missouri system on Monday, the chancellor of the campus here also stepped aside,” reports the New York Times.

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Students force University of Missouri president to resign over lack of action on racism on campus

The University of Missouri's president Tim Wolfe resigns after protests.

At the University of Missouri, a graduate student went on a hunger strike, students and teachers marched and staged sit-ins, and 32 black football players refused to play until the university president, Tim Wolfe, resigned. Today, he did.

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A first look at “Alice Through The Looking Glass” characters old and new

Johnny Depp is Hatter in “Alice Through the Looking Glass.”

New “first look images” from “Alice Through The Looking Glass” were released today by Disney.

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Drake's “Hotline Bling,” interpreted by some guy and his sleepy cat


You used to call me on my cell phone. Late night when you need my cat food.

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Facebook is censoring links to competitor social network Tsu and deleting old mentions

What I saw when I tried to link to Tsu.co in a Facebook post.—XJ

Log in to Facebook, create a post, and type in “Tsu.co.” Facebook will censor the link on all its platforms. That means facebook.com, as well as Messenger, Instagram, and the Facebook apps for iOS and Android.

Facebook did something a lot scarier, too. The retroactively censored over a million Facebook posts which mentioned Tsu.co. So those Facebook posts, and associated images, videos, or comments? All deleted by Facebook. Gone.

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Boy with autism saves choking classmate with cool trick he learned on SpongeBob SquarePants

Jessica, L, and Brendan, R. Image: Staten Island Advance.

The Staten Island Advance reports that Brandon Williams, 13, was eating his lunch at Barnes Intermediate School on Oct. 28 when he saw that his classmate Jessica Pellegrino was choking on a piece of apple.

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Citing climate change, Obama rejects Keystone XL Oil Pipeline construction plan

Obama, Biden, and Kerry, speaking about the Keystone XL oil pipeline November 6, 2015.  REUTERS

In a decision that environmental activists see as a hard-won victory, President Obama today announced he is rejecting the request from a Canadian company to build the Keystone XL oil pipeline. The news ends a seven-year review process that was a focal point in the debate over the Obama administration's climate policies.

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Guy Fawkes Day meets Doge


“What doge the Fawkes say?” Read the rest

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