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Muslim-American uses Tinder to talk about Islam, facts end up being effective pickup lines


Funnyman Aman Ali says, "I got on Tinder recently to see what would happen if I started talking about Islam. My facts ended up being pickup lines that worked hahaha."

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Black teen asks Santa for “safety,” will now be guest at the State of the Union


“Malik Bryant, a 13-year-old boy from Chicago's Englewood neighborhood who wrote a letter to Santa Claus asking for safety, has been invited to attend President Obama's State of the Union address.”

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Bearded shirtless dude dancing his crazy ass off to bluegrass is happiest guy in the world

"I took this video at the String Summit in Oregon this year," says June Starkey. "This guy can only make you happy."

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15 impossible videos of babies and toddlers escaping from cribs

This is a thing on YouTube. Parents using crib monitors, or videotaping kids with other devices, to understand how their babies manage to get out. I can't stop watching them because I wish I were this limber.

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We have exactly one thing to say about Paris suing Fox News


Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris, told CNN today she plans to sue Fox News after the network's coverage of purported "no-go zones" for non-Muslims. We can't decide who's dumber.

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A video of greatness: “Fantastic harmony of camera and monitor !!”

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“Jones Big-Ass Truck Rental and Storage Facility,” a very special TV commercial

“Now friends, I know many of you may be asking yourself, Now how in the hell can he store all this stuff for such a cheap price?”

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The Emoticon Art of Nicholas Mottola Jacobsen


"io non tr(emoji), a digital art series by the Italian designer Nicholas Mottola Jacobsen.

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The weird crybaby soldiers of sculptor Johnson Tsang


Who Did it? Again!,” a series of porcelain toy soldiers by Johnson Tsang, from 2014.

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An oddly comforting video of guinea pigs munching on red bell pepper slices

It's an ASMR thing. I mean, the video, and for us, not the rodents.

“Stealie,” a beautiful print by Android Jones

Android Jones

Android Jones

You can buy prints for $95.

Weird Paul explains 1970s-80s print catalogs to the post-internet generation

YouTube Vlogger Weird Paul does a great job of explaining shopping catalogs of the seventies and eighties to viewers who are too young to have experienced these when they were The Now.

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Toddler is adorably blown away by her dad's clever trick

We should all aspire to live life with this level of amazement.

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Lioness tries to claw baby to death from behind glass, or maybe play with him

The baby seems obliviously happy. The lioness seems determined and hungry.

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