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Uber investor and noted dingdong Ashton Kutcher: what's so bad about investigating “shady journalist” [sic]

Noted dingdong Ashton Kutcher. Photo: Reuters

Noted dingdong Ashton Kutcher. Photo: Reuters

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 9.34.05 AM

BREAKING: Ashton Kutcher, an actor with 16.5 million Twitter followers who is also an investor in Uber, said something dumb on Twitter today.

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Uber launches internal investigation over privacy violation involving Buzzfeed reporter


Buzzfeed: “Uber said Tuesday that it is investigating its top New York executive for tracking a BuzzFeed News reporter without her permission in violation of what the transit giant says has long been its privacy policy.”

Uber updates logo to reflect new attitude


When you've lost John Hodgman, you've lost America.

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WATCH: Star trails and stone trails merge in beautiful Arizona timelapse, “Wavelight”

Star Trails and Rock Trails Collide at Arizona's legendary WAVE in this new timelapse film by Gavin Heffernan and Harun Mehmedinovic, with music by Mark Petrie:

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Uber driver to cancer patient: you deserved cancer and are "an animal"

What's as bad or worse than threatening journalists whose stories you don't like? Threatening cancer patients on their way home from radiation.

Alexandra Craigle is a cancer patient undergoing radiation treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. She ordered an Uber to take her home after getting blasted by the linear accelerator, which as I can attest from personal experience can be traumatic, and exhausting to every single cell in your body like no other experience you will ever have in life. I cried every time, and still experience PTSD from it.

Alexandra had to cancel her Uber order request one minute after initiating it, and says the shitbag driver she canceled became abusive by text and phone voicemail in the most horrifying way imaginable.

Below, Alexandra explains what happens in her own words. I used Uber regularly during treatment and never experienced driver abuse, but it happens, and this is the worst example I've heard of in some time. How nice of Uber to have offered her a $30 ride credit in return. How very nice.

UPDATE: A spokesperson for the ride service company replies to Boing Boing:

Uber has a zero tolerance policy for abusive or threatening language on our platform, and as we have done in this instance, we immediately deactivate any driver found in violation of that policy. While the vast majority of Uber driver partners provide five-star trips with each ride, when a driver fails to meet the level of service and courtesy Uber riders know and love, we take action immediately.

Music: “Do You Feel Like We Do,” Peter Frampton on “Midnight Special” (1975)

Peter Frampton's performance on the television show “Burt Sugarman's Midnight Special,” circa 1975. [Update: we sure do love Peter Frampton around here.]

Everything you need to know about marijuana edibles

Xeni Jardin interviews cannabis expert Lisa Marks, a pseudonym that will be lifted when prohibition is lifted. The worst-case scenario is you have to watch a Pixar movie and take a nap.

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“Golden,” a beautiful GIF series by Gaks


New works by “vector ninja” Gerrel Saunders, also known as Gaks: “Golden.”

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The animations, art, and short films of Nicholas Fong


Flash-based animations and gorgeous, weird little GIF dreams by Nicholas Fong.








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This browser-based fluid dynamics simulator is blowing our minds


Fire up the fanciest monitor you have, then test-drive this gorgeous fluid simulator by George Corney.

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Uber is huge in India. Here's why.

Example of a bro who drives for Uber, courtesy of Uber.

Example of a bro who drives for Uber, courtesy of Uber.

Within one year of launch, India became Uber’s largest foreign market. Why? Same reasons everyone else digs it: a frictionless service that delivers a pretty consistent experience. And in India, cabs have historically anything but frictionless or reliable. Some of the convenience may soon evaporate for users on the subcontinent, however. A long-running dispute with Reserve Bank of India (RBI) about Uber’s use of customers’ stored credit card details, triggered by complaints from taxi operators, has forced Uber to “set up a new system with local payments firm Paytm that allows users to load cash onto a virtual wallet that can then be used to make transactions.” [Skift/Quartz ]

“You complete me.”


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Watch: Squirrel steals bread-encrusted GoPro, carries it up a tree, drops it

This is a pretty amazing video.

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Creator of “Choose Your Own Adventure” books that influenced games, online culture has died

R.A Montgomery, co-author of children’s book series “Choose Your Own Adventure,” died on Nov. 9 in Vermont. He was 78. Photo courtesy of Shannon Gilligan/Chooseco, LLC

R.A Montgomery, co-author of children’s book series “Choose Your Own Adventure,” died on Nov. 9 in Vermont. He was 78. Photo courtesy of Shannon Gilligan/Chooseco, LLC

Supercomputer_111108_gamebooksorg R.A. Montgomery, co-author and publisher of the long-running children’s book series “Choose Your Own Adventure,” which allowed generations of kids to choose from dozens of possible story endings, recently died at his home in Vermont.

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Stunning image mosaic captures Philae's bouncy landing on comet 67P

Rosetta’s OSIRIS camera captured Philae’s incredible journey as it approached, had its first touchdown, then bounced on Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko on 12th November 2014. Image credit: ESA/Rosetta/MPS for OSIRIS Team MPS/UPD/LAM/IAA/SSO/INTA/UPM/DASP/IDA

“An amazing mosaic of images from Rosetta’s OSIRIS narrow-angle camera over a half-hour period show Philae’s perilous journey as it approached, then bounced, after its first touchdown on Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko on 12th November 2014.”

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