Unicorn Chaser: 20 purr-fectly timed cat photos

A wonderful collection of images that prove cats are magic, found on IMGUR.

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“I made a spaceship for my son's one year birthday”

Check out this incredible spacecraft made by IMGURian revmuun for their beautiful one-year-old baby boy. What a fantastic wondrous thing to build for your kiddo!

About the image below, revmuun says, “You can see him playing with the control panel. You can also see the hinges that help detach the control section from the body for easier transportation.”

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Trump, 1992: “I love getting even with people”

Donald Trump on Charlie Rose in 1992 talks about how much he loves “getting even with people.”

“Given the opportunity, I will get even with people who are disloyal to me.... I would define them as disloyal.”

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Your user data is secretly sent to China through a backdoor on some U.S. Android phones

Included for free with some Android phones: “a backdoor that sends all your text messages to China every 72 hours.”

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U.S. internet giants ask Trump to support encryption, net neutrality, and reform domestic surveillance

The US-based trade group The Internet Association has released a policy roadmap for Trump's incoming administration and the GOP-led Congress with proposals “to enable continued growth and success in the internet ecosystem, and in turn, the U.S. economy.” Read the rest

As Trump's racist regime takes power, FBI reports a surge in hate crimes against Muslims and others

The FBI today reported that hate attacks on Muslims in America are surging, as “a wave of racially charged assaults, graffiti attacks and other episodes” sweeps the country in the days since Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential elections.

Trump finally said something about the spike in racist attacks by whites on people of color during a “60 Minutes” interview broadcast on Sunday night.

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Rudy Giuliani and John Bolton are Trump's leading picks for Secretary of State

Aides to President-elect Donald Trump are focusing on former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani and former U.S. ambassador to U.N. John Bolton for the role of Secretary of State under our new fascist white supremacist groper-in-chief.

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Trump supporter Roger Stone tweets racist image on Election Night because why not

Roger Stone is a longtime Donald Trump ally/friend/advisor, and has played an interesting low-key role in Trump's current political campaign. On Twitter tonight, Stone tweeted a racist meme. It's election night. He's a Trump campaign operative. It's an openly racist meme.

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Trump Cake becomes #TrumpCake memes, and they shall carry us through this dark election night

Someone brought a giant cake shaped like Donald Trump's head to the GOP presidential candidate's Election night headquarters in Manhattan. The cake has its own Twitter account, hashtag (#TrumpCake), and stream of memes. Enjoy.

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Voting Day: 1 dead, multiple people shot near CA polling station; active shooter heavily armed

One person has been shot dead and at least three others are reported wounded today, Election Day in the United States, at an active shooting near a polling place in Azusa, CA.

Azusa police are telling residents to stay out of the area, and asked everyone nearby to shelter in place.

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Sassy Trump Bullies Biden

Video from Peter Serafinowicz.

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Trump holds up mask of self at final FL pre-election rally, says it's “beautiful” and “just like me”

Because Donald Trump, that's why.

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Remix of Ted Nugent grabbing own genitals at a Trump rally pretty much sums things up, yep

Watch Vic Berger's horrifying remix of racist, sexist, homophobic, and generally awful person Ted Nugent grabbing his penis at a rally for GOP presidential nominee and noted crotch-grabber Donald Trump.

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Catch and Kill: National Enquirer protected Trump from Playboy model’s affair charges, reports WSJ

From the Wall Street Journal tonight, just a few days from the presidential election on Tuesday, a sleaze exposé involving the GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump.

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Every movie out this holiday season: 'Silence,' 'Star Wars,' 'Doctor Strange,' 'Fantastic Beasts,' 'Assassin's Creed'

Yep, all in one place: a list of every movie coming out this holiday season.

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Former CIA Chief Hayden Says Trump is Russia’s Useful Fool

Former Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency chief Michael Hayden, now a private security consultant and George Mason University professor, writes in the Washington Post that a Trump presidency would be tantamount to handing America over to Russian power interests.

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Clinton advisor Podesta is a sex magic witch: Drudge Report via Infowars via Wikileaks (seems legit)

John Podesta practices Aleister Crowley-inspired blood sex semen magic, reports Drudge Report, citing Infowars, which cites Wikileaks. They just went Full Drudge.

You never go full Drudge.

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