Cat enjoys relaxing and playing piano with owner

These videos of a guy in Istanbul playing the piano with his kitty cat are so sweet and genuine. I can't get enough of them.

His name is Sarper Duman. Play him off, keyboard cat.

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Politicon 2017 is July 29-30, and Boing Boing (me, Xeni Jardin) will be in the mix

Politicon is a non-partisan “Unconventional Political Convention” that brings Republicans, Democrats, and people of all political stripes together to get worked up over politics. It's a lot of fun, and it goes down in Pasadena, CA on Saturday, July 29th and Sunday, July 30 at the Convention Center. I will be there, hosting and speaking on panels that include the likes of noted Delta airlines seat-swapper Ann Coulter and longtime Donald Trump ally Roger Stone.

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U.S. bans travel to North Korea by American citizens

The U.S. government today said that Americans will be prohibited from traveling to North Korea because of an elevated risk of "long-term detention" in the country, where an American student was jailed last year while traveling there, and later died.

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Charlie Sheen & Whoopi Goldberg are in a new '9/11' movie and the trailer is crap-tacular

The film opens in September, 2017.

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Mueller asks WH staff to preserve all docs related to Don Jr.'s Russia meeting: CNN

CNN reports that special counsel Robert Mueller III has asked the staff of President Donald Trump's White Supremacist House to preserve all documents that may be related to a meeting organized by Donald Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr., at which he'd been promised dirty info hacked from Hillary Clinton by the Russian government.

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The joy of summer

Not sure who gets the worst end of this deal, but happy summer weekend.

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Spicey go bye-bye

Sean Spicer has resigned as President Donald Trump's communications director, and he doesn't like his replacement.

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Trump lawyers are exploring his pardoning powers, and how to monkeywrench Mueller's Russia investigation

Lawyers for President Donald Trump are working on a conflict of interest case against special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, reports the Washington Post, and Trump has asked advisers about his power to pardon aides, family members, and himself, for any possible crimes linked to Mueller's probe.

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This car was lifted into the air by a tornado in Hamburg, NY. The owner's home security camera caught it on video.

In Hamburg, NY, Kevin Karas' home surveillance camera captured a tornado touching down and lifting his car and pretty much everything else around it right up into the air.

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Number of terrorist attacks around the world is down, despite Trump's fear-mongering

What's left of the U.S. State Department said on Wednesday the number of terrorist attacks worldwide and deaths from such attacks dropped in 2016 for the second straight year. The global downward trend is attributed to decreases in Afghanistan, Syria, Nigeria, Pakistan and Yemen.

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James Franco in 'The Disaster Artist' (2017) vs Tommy Wiseau in 'The Room' (2003)

A comparison of Tommy Wiseau's performance in The Room (2003) and James Franco's portrayal of Tommy Wiseau in The Disaster Artist (2017) teaser trailer.

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Wife records hubby's snoring for 4 years, makes a 'Despacito' remix from it

This instantly viral video has all the hallmarks of a well-choreographed hit. Cute older couple, old guy snoring, gold chains, hairy chest, and the Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee megahit 'Despacito.'

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Saudi Airlines confirms that American laptop ban on U.S.-bound flights from Saudi has ended

The U.S. government's ban on laptops and other large electronic devices in the cabins of flights from Saudi Arabia to the United States has been lifted, Saudi Arabian Airlines confirmed today.

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What did Trump and Putin talk about in their private G20 chat, previously undisclosed?

They don't even bother to try and hide their affair anymore.

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This adorable dog gives pro kitesurfer Kevin Langeree a run for his money

Professional kitesurfer and water sports athlete Kevin Langeree has a wonderful moment of inspiration in this video with one very good dog.

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'Legacy,' a short film from Eric Mittleman

Watch our longtime Boing Boing TV collaborator Eric Mittleman's short film, 'Legacy.'

It's free to screen online at YouTube and Vimeo, and has been running on-board Virgin America flights, where Eric and I produce the Boing Boing channel full of wonderful videos. About 'Legacy,' Eric tells us,

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Russian real estate firm employee was mystery 8th person at Don. Jr.'s Trump Tower meeting

The eighth person present at that June 2016 Trump Tower meeting in which Donald Trump Jr. hoped to get a hold of damaging, hacked info on his dad's Democratic presidential rival, Hillary Clinton?

We now know that mystery eighth person at the Don Jr. meeting was Ike Kaveladze.

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