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Boing Boing editor/partner and tech culture journalist Xeni Jardin hosts and produces Boing Boing's in-flight TV channel on Virgin America airlines (#10 on the dial), and writes about living with breast cancer. Diagnosed in 2011. @xeni on Twitter. email: xeni@boingboing.net.

A 'Hack' logo, made of 7,600 LEGO bricks in 24 hours


7,600 LEGO bricks, 24 straight hours. Artist Alice Lee, who was previously namedropped (Boing-dropped?) on this blog, created this absolutely stunning typographic study in LEGO for Dropbox’s 2014 Hack Week.

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Saving Room for Cats: a Tumblog of Greatness


"Men love to take up so much space and spread their legs while sitting down but it's because they're saving room for cats! Duh!" savingroomforcats.tumblr.com.

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Jack White at a Chicago Cubs game


Comcast says rep from hell was just doing “what we trained him to do”

"Grumpy Tech Support Man," a stock photograph from Shutterstock.com that seemed appropriate.

"Grumpy Tech Support Man," a stock photograph from Shutterstock.com that seemed appropriate.

Remember that excruciating recorded call between Ryan Block and a Comcast service rep that made the internet rounds last week? Consumerist got their hands on a memo from Comcast's Chief Operating Officer to employees, in which he admits the rep's retention attempts were “painful to listen to,” but that he also “did a lot of what we trained him...to do.”

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'What is Fashion,' awesomely dorky 1984 high school student video project

My friend Clayton Cubitt describes this wonderful documentary by a mid-1980s high school student as a "real life Breakfast Club."

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Photo of Lebanese journalist kissing Jewish sweetheart becomes #JewsandArabsRefuseToBeEnemies


A tweeted photograph of a Lebanese journalist kissing her Jewish boyfriend has inspired many to post similar photos on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #JewsandArabsRefuseToBeEnemies. In the photo shown here that started the trend, Sulome Anderson, daughter of former AP Middle East bureau chief Terry Anderson, smooches her American-Israeli boyfriend.

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Earth just experienced hottest June ever recorded

A map showing global temperature data for June 2014. National Climatic Data Center.

A map showing global temperature data for June 2014. National Climatic Data Center.

Writes Brian Kahn at Climate Central: "The world just experienced its hottest June on record. The heat was driven in large by part by the hottest ocean temperatures since recordkeeping began more than 130 years ago. That makes this the third-warmest start to the year." I'm sure it's nothing.

When looking at land areas only, this was the 7th-hottest June. Temperatures averaged over land were 1.7°F above average.

It’s the ocean surface temperatures that put the month over the top. Temperatures were 1.2°F above average. That’s a smaller number than the 1.7°F land averages, but oceans tend to lag behind air temperatures. And despite being a smaller number, oceans cover 70 percent of the planet, which tend to give them more weight on global temperatures.

"Driven by Ocean Heat, World Sets Mark for Hottest June" [climatecentral.org]

Evil click fraud bastards exploit MH17 victims' names for internet scams

Mourners outside the shop where one of the Malaysia Airlines crash victims used to work. Photo: Reuters.

Mourners outside the shop where one of the Malaysia Airlines crash victims used to work. Photo: Reuters.

No, we're not talking about Buzzfeed. Click fraudsters "are setting up fake Facebook pages in the names of Australian MH17 victims to profit from a lucrative internet scam," reports the Canberra Times. "At least six fake Facebook pages have been set up using the names of victims killed when the Malaysian Airlines plane was shot down over eastern Ukraine." Each page contains one link to a blog that promises info on the crash, but instead barrages users with pop-up ads for "online gambling, get-rich-quick schemes, and other dubious products and services."

Weird Al Yankovic, brand marketing genius

In The Atlantic, a thinkpiece that actually made me think: "Weird" Al Yankovic's savvy internet distribution strategy, and how the artist has managed to create a powerful, enduring brand that began in the age of vinyl and FM radio. [HT: @alexismadrigal]

Are movies getting way longer than they used to be? The data: Nope


Randal Olson analyzed the duration of "the 25 most popular movies from each year from 1931 through 2013," and reveals the truth behind the myth that movies are "getting so much longer than they used to be."

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Malaysia Airlines crash debris reveals forensic clues

Images shared on social media by observers at the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash site in eastern Ukraine show possible forensic evidence that yes, a surface-to-air missile did shoot down MH17--and that it may have exploded just beneath the plane, rather than exploding on impact with the aircraft.

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Journalists threatened, detained while covering MH17 plane crash

1405935643The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ): "Since Friday, armed separatists with the self-declared Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) have briefly detained and threatened at least 10 foreign correspondents, according to international press reports and a Ukrainian press freedom group. Journalists in the capital, Kiev, have also told CPJ that DPR separatists are barring Ukrainian journalists' access to the region."

TV reporter apologizes for rummaging through MH17 victims' luggage at crash site

MH17: Sky News reporter Colin Brazier reports from the crash scene

The internet was abuzz this week with horror at the actions of Sky News reporter Colin Brazier, who was reporting live from the Malaysia Airlines crash site in Eastern Ukraine for the 24-hour news network. He picked up crash victims' luggage live on air, and rummaged through its contents, describing them to camera. Mr. Brazier now realizes he "crossed a line," and wrote a sort of mea culpa in the Guardian.

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The 'Rational' mind, and other sculptural works of Cuban artist Juan Capote


A few of Cuban sculptor Yoan Capote's wonderful works. More on the artist's website.

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Venn pie-agram


From Redditor Bruised_Bergina.

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