A candy portrait of Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka, by mosaic artist Jason Mecier


Mosaic portrait artist Jason Mecier shares his recent Gene Wilder tribute portrait as Willy Wonka.

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Donald Trump to travel to Mexico and meet with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto

Republican nominee Donald Trump arrives to speak in Des Moines, Iowa, U.S., August 27, 2016.   REUTERS

Donald Trump says he will fly to Mexico City Wednesday to meet with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, hours before the GOP presidential nominee is to deliver a speech in Arizona on immigration.

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The Lowcostcosplay guy can literally cosplay anything and be great at it


“Everything is cosplay,” says Low Cost Cosplay guy.

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Letter sent to Iceland farm with hand-drawn map instead of address gets there anyway


A tourist who visited Iceland couldn't figure out what address to use to send a letter to someone, so they drew a map. Their letter was mailed to a farm in Hvammsveit, West Iceland, with a cute little drawing instead of an address, and the intended recipient still got it.

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Iceland's powerful Elf Lobby wins fight to unearth Elfin Lady Stone buried by construction workers

An elf door leans against a rock in the Icelandic countryside outside the village of Selfoss October 1, 2006. Belief in the unseen runs so high in Iceland that the Public Roads Administration sometimes delays or reroutes road construction to avoid what locals believe are elf habitat. 2006. REUTERS

Bowing to intense pressure from elves and the people who believe in them, the government of Iceland will unearth a purportedly magical “Elfin Lady Stone” buried by highway workers by mistake. The inadvertent burial of their sacred site seriously pissed off the mythical creatures, according to reports.

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White House orders Russia hack investigation, Congress wants to know if Trump is involved


Anonymous U.S. intelligence sources cited by NBC News say the White House has ordered a special intelligence task force to look into Russia's recent hacks of various Democratic political organizations.

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FBI recovers 30 Hillary Clinton emails related to Benghazi, will release report


The U.S. State Department said today that about 30 or so emails out of the nearly 15,000 the FBI obtained from Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton may have involved Benghazi.

Last week, officials announced that the FBI had recovered 14,900 emails that Clinton did not turn over with the server she used while secretary of State.

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Live video: Guns and drugs retrieved in Chris Brown LAPD standoff


The live Fox 11 helicopter video of LAPD officers surrounding Chris Brown's home is weird enough, but when you add streaming emoji typed in by viewers, it's super hyper weird.

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Unprotected database exposes off-grid energy users in Guatemala, South Africa

Two of the leaked identification cards -- on the left, a South African ID, and a Guatemalan ID on the right. (Image: leaked database, via ZDnet)

An unprotected Kingo Solar database with the personal data and photos for thousands of off-the-grid electricity customers was accessible for months, reports Zack Whittaker at ZDnet. “Thousands of remote villagers in Guatemala and South Africa are living off the grid, but their personal information isn't,” he writes.

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Oklahoma woman, 84 and black, pepper-sprayed in the face by police in her home

Ms. Geneva Smith of Muskogee, OK

Police in Oklahoma pepper-sprayed an 84-year-old black woman in the face, inside her home.

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Laughing Stanford rapist Brock Turner to be released after only 3 months in jail

Brock Turner. Photo: Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office
Brock Turner is scheduled to be getting out of jail this week, three months early.

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Actor Gene Wilder dies at 83

Gene Wilder with Oompa Loompas in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” [Paramount Pictures]

Actor Gene Wilder, best known as the leading genius of classic films "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory," "Blazing Saddles," 'The Producers,' "Young Frankenstein," and more, has died at 83 years of age.

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No shooting at Los Angeles International Airport #LAX, false alarm confirmed by LAPD

A TSA check baggage X-ray machine is seen in terminal 4 at LAX, May 2, 2011. REUTERS

Around 9pm local time here in Los Angeles, reports began popping up of a shooting at the Los Angeles International Airport, LAX. Within about 30 minutes, LAPD confirmed that there had been no shooting, no victims, and the emergency was called off. Read the rest

North Korea launches Netflix-like streaming propaganda service 'Manbang'

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, shown here, is not going to like this themed hackathon at all.

Despite its name, Manbang is not a gay male pornography service. Kim Jong-un's regime unveiled the service today as a propaganda-filled streaming service delivering on-demand videos to televisions through a set-top box.

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Before Breitbart, before Trump, Bannon bullied people in Biosphere 2

Steve Bannon, head of  Breitbart News, was named to the new position of campaign chief executive officer. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

The Breitbart chief and Trump campaign CEO's sexist bullying was evident in the early days of Biosphere 2 in Arizona, then a quasi “space colonization” and environmental research project.

Stephen K. Bannon, who recently took a leave from running Breitbart.com to become Donald Trump’s chief campaign executive, once bullied women in the historic environmental research project known as Biosphere 2.

He called a female science researcher who wrote a report about safety concerns a “deluded” “bimbo,” and threatened to “ram it down her (expletive) throat.” He also threatened to “kick her ass.”

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SpaceX Dragon Splashes Down with Crucial NASA Research Samples

Image from NASA's live coverage: SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft departing the ISS at 6:10 am EDT Friday, Aug. 26, 2016, after successfully delivering almost 5,000 pounds of supplies and scientific cargo on its ninth resupply mission to the orbiting lab.
Another successful SpaceX mission to resupply the ISS ended today with a splashdown in the Pacific, southwest of Mexico's Baja Peninsula. Here's an update from NASA.

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NASA's Juno to Soar Closest to Jupiter This Saturday

This dual view of Jupiter was taken on August 23, when NASA's Juno spacecraft was 2.8 million miles (4.4 million kilometers) from the gas giant planet on the inbound leg of its initial 53.5-day capture orbit. Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS

An update on the Juno mission, from NASA.

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