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Commodore Vic20 TV ad, 1982

"A commercial for the Commodore Vic20 home computer, aired in 1982 on U.S. television." [HT: Theremina]

Listen to Comcast torture Ryan Block and Veronica Belmont as they try to cancel service

"Grumpy Tech Support Man," a stock photograph from Shutterstock.com that seemed appropriate.

"Grumpy Tech Support Man," a stock photograph from Shutterstock.com that seemed appropriate.

"So this weekend, Ryan and I attempted to cancel Comcast over the phone," says Veronica Belmont. "This is how it went down."

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Butt Drugs

An internet classic. They're real, they're in Corydon, Indiana, and they're at buttdrugs.com.

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'New Wave Day' from the US Festival, 1983 (video)

Some fabulous person recently uploaded a 90-minute video of the "New Wave Day" performances at the 1983 US Festival.

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Amazon asks FAA for drone restriction exemption, reveals details about its UAVs

Amazon Prime Air

Earlier this year, news leaked that online retail giant Amazon plans to deliver packages to you by drone in 30 minutes or less, despite current airspace restrictions on commercial UAVs. Amazon has filed a petition with the Federal Aviation Administration asking for an exemption from those limits.

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A visit to NASA's food engineering lab

m-ms (1)

CNET's Daniel Terdiman visited the food lab at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, and wrote a terrific feature with a related photo gallery.

Shit bureaucrats say

An oldie but goodie (from a whopping two years ago).

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Friday Cat Fight

Burn all the television dramas in your Netflix cue and just watch this. Crank the sound up extra high to mess with your cat, if you share your home with one.

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Sex worker arrested in Google exec's heroin death on yacht


Police in Santa Cruz, CA have arrested Alix Tichelman, a 26-year-old sex worker from Atlanta, Georgia who they say injected heroin into a Google executive on his yacht, then destroyed evidence and ran from the scene when he OD'd.

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Here's another new aerial shot of the NSA's giant Utah data center


Cory recently blogged about the Electronic Frontier Foundation's high-resolution, no-rights-reserved aerial image of the National Security Agency's ginormous data center in Bluffdale, Utah. Boing Boing pal Bryan Jones shares this shot, which is available for shared noncommercial use with credit.

Drought now covers almost 35% of U.S., and is predicted to grow

 Photo: Tim Benson. Remnants of a milo field during a severe drought in Texas, 2014.

Photo: Tim Benson. Remnants of a milo field during a severe drought in Texas, 2014.

According to a weekly update at the U.S. Drought Portal (drought.gov!), "moderate" to "exceptional" drought now covers 34.3% of the contiguous United States.

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Chinese hackers pwned computers that house data for all federal employees

"Chinese hackers in March broke into the computer networks of the United States government agency that houses the personal information of all federal employees," reports the New York Times. "They appeared to be targeting the files on tens of thousands of employees who have applied for top-secret security clearances."

Here's what a giant school of anchovy swarming off the California coast looks like

A very large school of Northern Anchovy (aka California Anchovy) swarmed off Scripps Pier at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego, in La Jolla this week.

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Federal agency erased data to hide mismanagement of Native American remains, says whistleblower

Image: nathpo.org

Image: nathpo.org

A former Tribal Historical Preservation Officer's complaint has sparked calls for an investigation into claims that federal officials ignored a law that says human remains and relics must be documented, preserved and ultimately returned to Native American tribes.

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Martha Stewart digs drones


On lifestyle media goddess Martha Stewart's personal blog, some lovely aerial shots of her farm taken with a popular model of UAV quadcopter.

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