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Boing Boing editor/partner and tech culture journalist Xeni Jardin hosts and produces Boing Boing's in-flight TV channel on Virgin America airlines (#10 on the dial), and writes about living with breast cancer. Diagnosed in 2011. @xeni on Twitter. email: xeni@boingboing.net.

Gassy Glamour Girls: Chinese artist crafts pinup babes from cabbage

tumblr_n9162wpDFF1qlq9poo9_1280 Chinese artist and photographer Ju Duoqi works with vegetables. She was born in Chongqing in 1973, and studied at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. Shown here, selections from her 2010 series, “The Fantasies of Chinese Cabbage.”

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Rebels seize MH17 plane crash black boxes and bodies, human remains shipped on train to unknown site

Xeni Jardin recaps the latest news from Ukraine, where securing the crash site of Flight MH17 remains an open question

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North Korea most upset with Chinese viral video mocking Kim Jong-Un

[Video Link] The song playing in this viral video mocking North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is a Chinese pop hit by the Chopstick Brothers, which was pretty amazing in its own right.

"The clip was made by a Chinese man surnamed Zhang from Suzhou who reportedly studied at Kyonggi University in South Korea," reports Chosun Ilbo:

North Korea has asked China to stop the spread of a video clip lampooning leader Kim Jong-un.

According to a source in China on Tuesday, the North feels the clip, which shows Kim dancing and Kung-Fu fighting, "seriously compromises Kim's dignity and authority."

Beijng was unable to oblige.

The video depicts Kim fighting and dancing. In one scene U.S. President Barack Obama knocks him out. In another, a bucket is placed on his head and he falls into a swimming pool. At one point, he dances through a field hand in hand with Osama Bin Laden.


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Remembering the Apollo 11 moon landing, 45 years ago today

Where were you when Apollo 11 landed on the Moon, asks astronaut Buzz Aldrin? He invites you to share your story using the hashtag #Apollo45. Many of our readers weren't born yet, but in the videos below, Buzz talks with Stephen Colbert, Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson and others about the impact of the Apollo 11 Moon landing on their lives.

You can watch more of the videos here, at Buzz's #Apollo45 YouTube channel.

"And don't forget to write Congress today and tell them it's time to take the next giant leap for mankind."


Video: African dances, from A to Z

A wonderful video primer on African traditional and modern dance styles, from Ghanaian Azonto to Ivory Coast's Zoropoto. [The Dance Hall]

Ugandan “Ghetto kids” dance battle goes viral

Ugandan Afropop artist Eddy Kenzo's 2014 hit “Sitya Loss” (“I'm not afraid of losing”) has inspired a number of fan-created dance videos. None are as popular as this one, featuring a group of boys and a girl, referred to as “ghetto kids,” who perform on a dirt road in Uganda.

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Crying baby ad from Thailand mobile phone company goes deservedly viral

DTAC, Thailand's second-largest mobile provider, produced this 2-minute "Power of Love" spot that shows a father struggling to calm his crying baby. Why has this gone so crazy viral? Don't know, but it's a great ad. Also, babies!

First 'locally acquired' case of chikungunya reported in U.S.


"It's only a matter of time before the chikungunya virus spreads in the U.S." Earlier this week, Boing Boing published a feature by Maggie Koerth-Baker with this very title. And now, word that "the first locally acquired case of the tropical disease chikungunya was reported in the U.S.."

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Vivid, gruesome first-person accounts from site of Malaysia Airlines crash



Noah Sneider, writing for The Economist from the site of the Malaysia Airlines flight 17 crash in Ukraine:

“We thought that they were bombing us,” says Natalia, from the nearby village of Grabovo, referring to the Ukrainian forces who skirmish almost daily with pro-Russian separatists in surrounding towns. The passengers fell, one fighter stationed here says, “from incredible heights”. As they came down, many were “undressed by the air”.

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NSA sees your nude pix 'as fringe benefits of surveillance positions,' says Snowden


The Guardian has published a video in which NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden speaks with Guardian editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger and reporter Ewen MacAskill in Moscow.

The 31-year-old former US intel analyst discusses a number of things--including the claim that NSA employees often pass around intercepted nude photos, and treat access to such private images as a job perk.

Snowden again dismisses claims he was or is a Russian spy or agent, and describes such claims as “bullshit.”

Regarding your nude photos, Snowden says:

You've got young enlisted guys, 18 to 22. They've suddenly thrust into a position of extraordinary responsibility, where they now have access to all of your private records. Now, in the course of their daily work, they stumble across something that is completely unrelated to their work in any sort of necessary sense. For example: an intimate nude photo of someone in a sexually compromising situation, but they're extremely attractive. So what do they do? They turn around in their chair, and they show their coworker. And their coworker says, "Oh, hey, that's great. Send that to Bill down the way. And then Bill sends it to George, George sends it to Tom, and sooner or later, this person's whole life has been seen by all of these other people. It's never reported. Nobody ever knows about it, because the auditing of these systems is incredibly weak.

The Guardian's Alan Rusbridger then asks, “You saw instances of that happening?”

Responds Snowden, “Yeah.”


“It's routine enough, depending on the company that you keep, it could be more or less frequent," Snowden says.

"These are seen as the fringe benefits of surveillance positions."

Photos from the Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash site, in Ukraine (warning: graphic images)

Images from Reuters’ Maxim Zmeyev show the devastation at the site of the crashed passenger jet, which U.S. officials say was brought down by a missile strike. Posted by Xeni Jardin.

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Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 reported shot down in Ukraine near Russian border

Around 11:00AM ET today, Interfax, CNN, and other news agencies began reporting that Malaysia Airlines flight 17, heading from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, crashed in eastern Ukraine.

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How to archive your video media, an activist's guide by WITNESS


Matisse Bustos-Hawkes of WITNESS, a non-profit dedicated to exploring video as a tool for promoting and protecting human rights, says:

We've got a new, free resource available in Arabic, English and Spanish called the Activists' Guide to Archiving Video. WITNESS created it after hearing from hundreds of activists and citizen journalists worldwide that preservation and future access to their media was a crucial concern. It's been getting a lot of good feedback and next month we're getting an award from an archive association.

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'Sea Flowers,' outsider-surrealist painting by Robert Steven Connett


"Sea Flowers," A new acrylic painting shared by Boing Boing reader Robert Steven Connett in our Flickr Pool.

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Awesome dad unperturbed by 2-year-old son's penchant for wearing dresses


Here's a touching and inspiring essay by Seth Menachem, father of a 2 year old boy and a 4 year old girl: "So my son wears a dress; what's it to you?"

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