Here's the best Washington Post headline of the morning

"Stun-gun-wielding rabbi kidnappers fail to convince court they were just practicing their faith." The story describes the religious freedom defense of Rabbi Mendel Epstein and a group of rabbis who were "caught up in a government sting" involving kidnapping and torturing men with electric cattle prods to encourage them to sign marriage dissolution documents.

From the article:

“What we are going to be doing is kidnapping a guy for a couple of hours and beating him up and torturing him and then getting him to give you the get,” Rabbi Mendel Epstein told his two visitors.

“We take an electric cattle prod,” the bearded man continued later in the conversation on Aug. 14, 2013, according to court documents. “If it can get a bull that weighs five tons to move … You put it on certain parts of his body and in one minute the guy will know.”

Video appears to show Baltimore cop planting drugs at a crime scene

It sure looks like Baltimore Police Officer Richard Pinheiro planted drugs at a crime scene and if he did, I'm sure it was the first time it's ever happened and he's very sorry if anyone was offended by the mistake that was made.

From Buzzfeed:

In the January 2017 video, Baltimore Police Officer Richard Pinheiro appears to place a bag of pills under some garbage in an alley. He then walks back out to the street, at which point he activates the body camera. But because the cameras are programmed to capture the 30 seconds prior to activation, the officer’s actions before returning from the alley were recorded.

“I’m going to check here,” Pinheiro can be heard saying, before he walks back down the alley. After furrowing around in the trash for a couple seconds, the officer locates the bag inside a soup can and exclaims “yo!” as he holds it up to his two fellow officers, identified to BuzzFeed News by the Maryland public defender's office as officers Jamal Brunson and Jovannes Simonyan.

The defendant who was arrested in connection with the false drug bust was scheduled to face trial this week, Fox Baltimore first reported, but the charges were dropped after the man’s public defender reviewed the video and alerted the prosecutor.

It looks like the other two cops saw officer Pinheiro plant the drugs. I'm sure they are very sorry, too.

Once you use this, you won't ever want another jar tool

The reason it's hard to open jar lids is because the vacuum seal is pulling the lid tightly against the jar. Once in awhile, the vacuum seal is so strong that I can't open it. That's when I grab my Jarkey, a $3 plastic lever that effortlessly breaks the seal, making it easy to open. I always try to open jars with my bare hands, then use the Jarkey as a backup. My wife goes straight for the Jarkey, because she's smarter than I am.

Whenever Trump plays in a shiny new truck, a Republican healthcare bill dies

Toot toot! If you see Trump playing truck driver while sitting in a big shiny truck, you can bet a Republican healthcare bill has just failed. It's happened twice so far.

According to the A.V. Club:

The first incidence was way back on March 23 when the president’s healthcare bill was dealt its first seemingly mortal blow while still in the House. The president responded then by sitting in a truck, honking a horn.

And on Monday, during the Made in America product tour at the White House, Trump was playing fireman in a gleaming red firetruck and waving out the window. "Where's the fire?" he asked Vice President Mike Pence. "Put it out fast!" Meanwhile, on the same day, the healthcare replacement bill failed yet again.

The play day didn't go unnoticed by Republicans. In one of CNN writer David Wright's tweets, quoting a Republican lawmaker: "Top Republican: [Trump] was playing with a firetruck & trying on a cowboy hat as the bill was collapsing, and he had no clue."

Here's more from last night's MSNBC:

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