Great glue for DIY shoe repair


In the past, saving a well worn pair of shoes or boots was a very frustrating mission. Freesole urethane shoe glue is amazing, and good for a lot more than shoes!

I've had a lot of success using Freesole to repair wetsuit booties, flip-flops, and a pair of Asolo hiking boots. The booties and flip-flops were both cases of reattaching rubber to neoprene. The hiking boots had a crack in the sole. All three have been held together wonderfully by Freesole.

Freesole is a urethane glue that remains super flexible after it cures. The Freesole creates a super strong bond between the surfaces and purportedly will handle extreme temperatures, and water, as well or better than your manufacturers glue. I believe it! The reattached soles on my wetsuit booties have lasted 2-3 months without peeling at all, with probably north of 10-15 hours in the water.

Applying Freesole is pretty easy. First, just clean the two surfaces you need to attach with rubbing alcohol. Next spread a layer of Freesole on one side, making sure to get good coverage. I then use binder clips to clamp everything together and simply set it aside for 24-48 hours. The glue takes a day to cure, but when it does the seal is as permanent as when the shoes were new.

You can get a few uses out of Freesole if you make sure to wipe the tip of the tube off, put the cap back on, and then stick it in your freezer! Read the rest

LEGO Architecture Studio

1210 white and transparent pieces make up the LEGO Architecture Studio. This fantastic set is geared towards builders!

Summer is here and I'm running out of ways to occupy the kid!

Aside from a whole lot of pieces, I'm impressed with this set. Switching to a solid white color scheme eliminates a lot of random searching for just the right shape and COLOR piece. The guide book will teach you to build architectural features, and inspire you to design buildings on your own, which is what this set is for.

LEGO Architecture Studio 21050 Playset via Amazon Read the rest

Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space


Osprey Publishing, the UK-based military history publisher beloved by wargamers and toy soldier nerds for their amazing Men at Arms series (which lovingly details the uniforms and accoutrements of war), has been expanding into gaming in a big way recently. They've been responsible for the increasingly popular skirmish-level dungeon-delving miniatures game, Frostgrave, the hugely popular Bolt Action (which they distribute through a publishing partnership with Warlord Games), and a growing number of excellent miniature rules sets covering everything from historicals to fantasy, sci-fi, and horror.

Another notable thing they've been doing is re-vamping existing games that had a lot of promise but had some rules problems, or component issues, or some other crippling flaw that limited their appeal on their first release. They've been re-doing these games in gorgeous new editions. One such game is Odin's Ravens, which I previously reviewed here. They also recently released a lovely, revamped edition of the very trippy The Ravens of Thri Sahashri, a Japanese cooperative card game where players enter the mind of a character and try and repair her memories and guide her to safety before she goes insane with ravens eating her mind. Another notable example of this revitalizing of a promising title is their recent "Ultimate Edition" of Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space.

The lovely and unusual components and packaging of Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space.

Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space is a card-based hidden movement, hidden identity game of deception and bluffing. Read the rest

Knights of the Apocalypse, another Duck and Cover adventure


The irreverent adventures continue! In Knights of the Apocalypse, Benjamin Wallace's former librarian is back and bumbling through the wreckage of civilization!

Jerry, Erica and their massive massif Chewy, have wound-up broken-down in the Kingdom of the Five Peaks. Southern Colorado's new ruler King Elias offers our post-apocalyptic nomadic warrior a chance to live, but there are always challenges. Cannibals, the power of steam, and a legion of knights all stand in their way. Watch Jerry mess it all up!

I've really enjoyed Wallace's Duck and Cover adventures. He takes some of the most fun tropes in post-apocalytpia and twists them on their side.

Knights of the Apocalypse (A Duck & Cover Adventure Post-Apocalyptic Series Book 2) via Amazon Read the rest

Jon Hunter is still at it in 'Hero at the Gates'

Timothy Ellis' galaxy spanning space opera continues in Hero at the Gates! We're 9 damn books in and the central plot is finally about to get past its prelude!

I've really enjoyed this massive story. 9 novels ago Jon Hunter was a wet behind the ears kid on board his uncle's space trader. Now he's the Admiral of his own massive space flotilla, and ruler of several sections of space. The massive reveal about what the hell is going on, and what part Team Slinky Red Jumpsuits is going to play in it is near unavoidable, when our heroes set off in the exact opposite direction in this sometimes 2D universe.

The prize is tempting, but Jon can not miss the short window of time he's allowed to land on his home planet and consult the spiritual guys there who know all. How will it all work out? Gee... I'll have to start book 10.

Hero at the Gates (The Hunter Legacy Book 9) via Amazon Read the rest

L.G. Estrella's 'The Trouble with Werewolves'


The Australian Department of Unusual Events is no place for the weak hearted. L.G. Estrella's The Trouble with Werewolves is a great first taste of this new series.

And a taste is all you'll get! 99 cents buys you 75 pages, and I read them over lunch. We are introduced to some colorful characters, and snarky humor, as Australia's monster hunters get a quick course in Werewolf 101. Experienced team members Mike and Haley have to get the new guy, Mark, up to speed.

While the team in no way handled the entire werewolf menace threatening Australia, I expect we'll see a wide range of outback monsters in future installments!

L.G. Estrella's The Trouble with Werewolves via Amazon Read the rest

Motorola long range two-way radios


Walkie talkies were a favorite toy when I was a kid, it is no small wonder I enjoy these long range, two-way radios.

I'm pretty fortunate to live in the middle of a national park. We do, however, have terrible cell service. These radios are useful if someone is going to walk the dogs, run down to the beach, or take the 1/2 mile walk to our mailbox while the other stays home. I've also found them super useful on group VW van and camping trips, allowing for easy group communication.

Range is pretty good on this model, but I haven't gotten 15-20 miles out of them, even on the open road. As always these radios work best in line-of-sight situations. If you have a large and dense piece of mountain or hill between you and the other party communication may be impossible. Around our forested park I get 2-4mi pretty easily, even with rolling hills and canyons.

Battery life is great. I've forgotten to charge these for months at a time, only to have them holding plenty of charge.

The channel and privacy settings are simple to use, and the radios are interoperable with other Motorola models, and other manufacturers FRS/GMRS radios. I suggest making sure everyone can send and received before having a large party of vehicles take off on a trip. Checking every morning is helpful, as dead batteries can cause these devices to lose their settings.

Much cooler than the walkie talkies I had as a kid. Read the rest

Meh. Our sponsor who sends us random boxes of crap


Boing Boing very proudly welcomes our new sponsor, Meh.

Meh is a daily deals site that often struggles to explain what the products they are selling are, what these gadgets do, or why you might possibly like them. They handle this the same way I approached college: if you can't offer useful information, make up something that sounds oddly plausible. You'll marvel at the creativity and sheer bullshit that goes into drafting the descriptive copy for the goodies they offer the world.

Sometimes you'll find a gem. Occasionally, you find something kinda useful in a limited, and likely to break soon kinda way, for an incredible price! Those are special Meh moments. Treasure them.

Meh is about fun! That's why they are sending each one of us at Boing Boing a random box of of crap that was literally laying around their warehouse. They really don't care what we think of the stuff, they hope we find something fun, or at least destructive, to do with it. We're not supposed to tell you how perfect it is. Every week or so this summer, one Boinger after another will receive a mystery Meh box and will share their wonder, bemusement, or disappointment, at what arrives. We may be weird, but to us this sounds very fun.

This video was made during the shoot for our Virgin America seat-back entertainment channel. If you fly Virgin America, watch Boing Boing TV on Channel 10 in the television channel selections. We had a lot of fun making it! Read the rest

Massive LEGO Ghostbusters Firehouse


Got a lot of time on your hands? Build this amazingly detailed LEGO model of the Ghostbusters Firehouse!

With over 4000 pieces, you also get Venkman, Stantz, Spengler and Zeddemore minifigs, along with a pole for them to slide down!

LEGO Ghostbusters 75827 Firehouse Headquarters Building Kit (4634 Piece) via Amazon Read the rest

Use borderless cards for three card monte


Everyone should know how to play three card monte. I learned decades ago and it has been immeasurably helpful.

This video by The Card Trick Teacher will teach you the con, and the sleight of hand. It is very simple to learn 'the throw.' The thing these internet videos leave out is, don't use bordered cards! You'll get caught really, really quickly.

These Bee Club Special playing cards do the trick. The pattern on their backs runs right up to the edge of the card, and it is very hard to see that the throw is happening. They are also made by US Playing Cards, and are the same lovely quality as my beloved Bicycle decks.

Remember, you need a few friends to make this hustle work.

Bee Premium Playing Cards (Colors may vary) via Amazon Read the rest

Best looking flask I've found


The Portside Flask is perfect for keeping your reputation for asocial behavior intact while maintaining a stylish image.

Read the rest

Post-Apocalyptic Nomadic Warriors: A Duck & Cover Adventure


Modern civilization has all but disappeared. It falls to a fearless, dedicated and slap-stick bunch known as Post-Apocalyptic Nomadic Warriors to help humanity recover. With help like this, you might be better off on your own!

Benjamin Wallace's first installment in the Duck and Cover series is a quick and witty read. We find America highly mutated and extremely dangerous. Small enclaves of folks are trying to rebuild society, and boy do they need help! Enter the post-apocalyptic nomadic warriors: experts in a little bit of everything, and a whole lot of nothing. Two such warriors arrive at the town of New Hope, each offering to lend his aid. New Hope sends one away and accepts the aid of the other. Did they choose wisely? Did they even need to choose? How did humanity survive at all?

This read was a good time! The characters are a lot of fun, and standout for this style of novel. The contrasting styles of the two titular characters, and the passing of focus back and forth, really makes this tale roll along. The story is predictable, but Wallace's wildly mutated landscape, and slowly emerging backstory, made it hard to put this book down.

Post-Apocalyptic Nomadic Warriors: A Duck & Cover Adventure Read the rest

Super cute Iwako erasers

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 11.55.08 AM

My daughter loves these darling Iwacko erasers, and I kinda do too. You can get a random bag of 30 for $12!

These erasers are great quick gifts, or party favors.

30 Assorted Iwako Eraser - Animal Collection (30 items will be randomly selected from image shown) via Amazon Read the rest

Lost SCUBA rescue locator beacon drifts 1100 miles, now found

PHOTO: Padre Island National Seashore

Getting left behind at a dive site is scary stuff. Some divers chose to carry a GPS transponder they may use to signal the satellite of love, and call in help from Team America.

Sometimes those transponders get away from a diver. This one drifted 1100 miles, and was found on a beach. It has been returned to its owner.

Via CA Diver:

Two years ago, a marine biology professor at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in California was participating on a research dive in the Cayman islands when he inadvertently lost his Nautilus Lifeline radio. Thanks to a curious beachcomber in Texas, it’s being returned to him.

On May 26, Harry Payne was walking at Padre Island National Seashore in Texas when he stumbled across an item half buried in the sand. It turned out to be the professor’s Nautilus Lifeline, and it appeared to be in reasonably good condition. Harry located the serial number, contacted the manufacturer, and was given the owner’s email address.

The radio had drifted more than 1,100 miles on its journey to South Padre Island.

Read the rest

This LED headlamp looks silly, works great


Working on something in the dark is a whole lot easier when have a flashlight strapped to your noggin. I like this $8 LED headlamp.

Sure, it looks silly! Regardless, having a light point where you are looking, when working in the dark, is more than just incidentally great. This lamp has easy to find and adjust knobs, even if you are wearing work gloves. You may aim the lamp, to ensure its illuminating where you need, and can adjust it through 3 useful levels of white light, and one flashing red one.

For roadside work on a bike or car, at night, I've found I'd much rather have one of these than a traditional hand flashlight. Easy to fit under the seat of my bike, or in the glove box of the car, this saves me needing to direct a second pair of hands, or constantly adjust the light on my own.

I hope not to need the flashing red feature.

LE Headlamp LED, 3 AAA Batteries Included via Amazon Read the rest

A fast, indie space opera for summer


Don't let the cover art scare you away! The Chronicles of Benjamin Jamison are fun, hero beats the odds, space opera fun. In Thomas Wright's first installment, Call Sign Reaper, we meet familiar characters, then and head off on a familiar plot!

Retired special forces type space guy Ben was drummed out of the service on trumped up charges. Instead of disappearing to the Los Angeles underground, he spends a couple months off. Ben is recruited back into service via a bar fight, and an attractive commanding officer. You do know where this is going, right? Get ready to roll your eyes.

Thomas Wright gets this genre, and clearly enjoys it. The story rollicks along, and the characters are just getting going. You

Standard indie novel warning: lots of folks have complained of the editing, but I enjoyed the stories enough to not notice much. The novel was free via Kindle Unlimited.

The Chronicles of Benjamin Jamison: Call Sign Reaper (Book 1) via Amazon Read the rest

Simple card reader with lightning adaptor


I needed a microSD card reader that'd let me review photos and video from digital cameras on my iPad, or iPhone. This $21 HonkTai iReader does the trick!

I don't like to carry my laptop on motorcycle trips, and this lets me check out a days photos, edit them, and clear storage space for the rest of the trip. After installing HonkTai's app via the Apple Store, this iReader easily loads photos and videos back and forth from MicroSD and SD cards and your iDevice.

It also has a MicroUSB connection and will work with Android devices, as well as act as a regular USB card reader for your laptop.

HonkTai Lightning iReader via Amazon Read the rest

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