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Skullcandy SLYR gaming headset

Skullcandy SLYR Xbox One - Black/Green

The headset that came with my Xbox One was chewed by a dog. This Skullcandy SLYR is a fantastic step up!

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Two guitar to USB adaptors

USB Guitar Interface Link Cable for PC/Mac Computer Recording and a 1/4-Inch / 3.5mm Adapte AY07-B

I tried a $9 instrument to USB adaptor, and a $50 Behringer unit. $41 extra dollars didn't help my experience.

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Upgrading my Kindle Voyage to use the Bookerly font


It is no secret that I absolutely love my Kindle Voyage. Upgrading to the much anticipated Bookerly font was a pain.

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DJ Molles closes out The Remaining series

The Remaining: Extinction

I'm half way through DJ Molle's recently released, final book in The Remaining series, Extinction. This post-zombie America adventure captures the genre perfectly!

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Tales of the Gold Monkey, another lost tv treasure

Join a former flying tiger, his awesome dog and a Grumman G-21 Goose as he explores the south Pacific, fights Nazis, and has a broken relationship with a pretty singer/spy. This should have been my life, not a one season tv show you've never heard of!

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Bicycle Eco Edition Playing Cards

Bicycle Eco Edition Playing Cards

The classic Rider Back deck, recyclable with organic finish and inks!

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Howard the Duck

Naturally the DVD for this incredible, baffling movie is only $6.48!

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The simplest kite I could find: the EO Atom

I have a fairly large and ever growing collection of kites. This is the easiest to fly, never fail to have a good time, anyone can fly it kite you've been looking for.

The EO Atom is a great first airship for a kid, or someone who just wants to fly a simple, neat looking kite in most wind conditions. The Atom pops open, assembled. You can get it in the air with a very slight breeze, there is no running, dragging the kite along.

A child can hold on to this kite with ease. Light tugs on the single line will cause it to tumble and roll, giving you a playful object to goof around with in the sky, rather than a giant replica Hawker Hurricane that requires a flight crew to get aloft. The Atom is also tiny and easy to just leave in a car or backpack, so you have it handy if you want it.

Prism EO Atom Box Kite via Amazon

Double weighted chessmen and tournament roll up board

chess set

Nothing makes me happier than friends coming over to sit on the deck and play chess.

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Soda Pop Soldier, a novel of what is far too likely to come, by Nick Cole

Soda Pop Soldier

I remember the Cola Wars, I lost so many friends. Nick Cole offers a fantastic look at the future of advertising.

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Bake a lot? I love my aluminum pizza peel

Kitchen Supply 14-Inch x 16-Inch Aluminum Pizza Peel with Wood Handle

Perfect for getting anything I'm baking on my baking stone into or out of the oven, this aluminum pizza peel really comes in handy.

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Some books that helped me with Surf Guitar

Surf Guitar

I wanted to play like Dick Dale. These books help me pretend. They are quite good.

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Nomad, Matthew Mather's frightening take on the apocalypse


In Matthew Mather's new novel, Nomad, an anomaly 100 times more dense than the sun is headed directly for the Earth. There is nothing we can do, no where to hide, humanity grasps at straws at the end draws near.

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Microfiber ropes for cleaning nooks and crannies

Finish Line Gear Floss Microfiber Cleaning Rope (Pack of 20 microfiber ropes)

Getting grime out of tight places on my bikes can be a real pain. This microfiber line lets me clean, and shine, even the toughest spots!

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Simple physics and machine building via LEGO for my 8 year old

LEGO Chain Reactions

Combining useful physics lessons, building cool machines, and LEGO is always win in my household. This book has my daughter back to building!

LEGO Chain Reactions: Design and build amazing moving machines arrived as a gift the other day. This very clever book easily walks you through building Chain Reactions, simple LEGO machines that are designed to modularly fit together, they can function individually or as a unit. There are 10 models that you can build and link together.

In addition to each module being a interesting mechanical construct, the book explains the physics that allow the "chain reactions" to occur in a way my 8-year-old gets it. There is also a useful progression through the book in a "Now that you've built an onager, meet the trebuchet!" sort of way that I found helpful and entertaining.

At first I was worried that our vast tub of LEGO would not have the right pieces. If you have 2-3 sets worth of LEGO detritus, you should be fine and able to build everything here. The included pieces are all specialized, but if you follow the books instructions, and don't care about color matching, you'll get there.

IF you want to build some fun RubE Goldberg machines with your kid, LEGO Chain Reactions is a great book.

LEGO Chain Reactions: Design and build amazing moving machines

Bug-A-Salt 2.0, take arms against flying insects

The Bug-A-Salt 2.0 fires common table salt at house flies. It is much more fun, and effective, than a flyswatter.

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San Francisco Hat Company makes an awesome fedora


If you are bald, awesome, and need a hat, I heartily recommend the San Francisco Hat Company.

I have several of their lovely fedoras. They are well made, fit well, re-block easily, and have lasted me years.

Don't let others tell you what to wear.

"Cock your hat - angles are attitudes." -- Frank Sinatra