An animal filled a microwave antenna with over 300 pounds of acorns


Who stuffed this microwave antenna to the bursting point with 300 pounds (about 35-50 gallons) of acorns?

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Footage of Paris cafe attack posted

paris attack

The day after authorities in Paris say they killed the suspected ringleader of last week's terror attacks, footage has emerged of one of the targeted cafés.

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Hacker puppets explain screen time limits for kids


You may have heard that "screen time" -- time with TV, phones, tablets, computers, or video games -- is bad for babies and toddlers. Recently, the American Academy of Pediatrics reversed course on their previous advice about screen time for kids under two."

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YouTuber Adrian Gee exposed as fraud


YouTuber Adrian Gee of Australia has over 100 million views for his "social experiment" videos. He recently uploaded a video where he posed as a blind man standing in the street. He would approach strangers, hand them a $50 bill and ask if they had change for a $5. In the video, the strangers never corrected Gee, and stole the $50 bill instead.

The video became an international hit with over 2 million views and Gee appeared on TV news shows around the world to talk about it. But it turns out that all of the strangers were actors that Gee enlisted. Gee did not tell them the nature of the project, and now the some of the actors are getting all kinds of hate from people who think they are actual crooks.

In this video, Gee is exposed and confronted for making the deceptive video, and he isn't very happy about it. Read the rest

Structural engineer unimpressed by suspension bridge collapse scenes in movies


Engineer Alex Weinberg reviews suspension bridge scenes in movies and finds their representation of structural mechanics to be wobbly at best.

Embedded above is the most accurate he found, from Final Destination V.

The origin of the structural failure in this situation is pretty absurd because the asphalt driving surface on a traffic bridge is non-structural. The road itself rests on a steel structure, which would probably not be seriously compromised by some sawing and jackhammering on the asphalt. Further, it’s hard to invent a scenario in which any of this could cause a failure at the top of a vertical suspender. But who knows, maybe there had been some plot-friendly corrosion in the steel. Regardless of the initial cause of failure, the collapse progresses in a halfway believable manner: The road deck falls, but the main catenary cables and the bridge towers remain. With no road to support, the vertical cables swing dumbly over the void.

Most scenes, however, are very bad indeed, like this one from The Dark Knight Rises. "I consider this the worst suspension bridge destruction scene in motion picture history," he writes.

His roundup serves as a nice overview of the symbolism of suspension bridges, too. Alas, our directors score only 2 unnerving metallic whipping noises out of 10. Must try harder! [via] Read the rest

This car horn for bikes gets drivers' attention


When car drivers hear a car horn they react instantly. Bike bells, not so much. The Loud Mini bike horn sounds like a car horn. Great idea. The creators are almost fully funded on Kickstarter, with 12 days to go in their campaign. Read the rest

Why do people in old movies talk weird?


How Stuff Works explains the "Transatlantic Accent," a cultivated accent that people in the United States affected in an attempt to trick others that they were in some way affiliated with the British upper crust. Read the rest

Selfie-stick follies: man had camera reversed for his whole Vegas trip

animation (1)

Evan Griffin's dad borrowed his Gopro for a Vegas holiday and walked the strip for days with the camera on the end of a selfie-stick -- pointed the wrong way. Read the rest

Playboy settles model's backside golf-injury lawsuit


Playboy Enterprises has agreed to a settlement with a woman who claims she was injured when a co-host of The Playboy Morning Show hit her in the buttocks with a golf club. The incident occurred at the Playboy Golf Finals in 2012.

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Kitten sucking his paws is the cutest thing ever, today

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 12.01.43 PM
I am completely deactivated for the duration of this video.

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Zoolander 2 trailer


At last. At last.

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Man built an incredible underground bunker in his backyard


British maker and video host Colin Furze dug up his backyard and built a fantastic underground bunker under his lawn to save himself from the apocalypse or at least hide out and play videogames, rock out on his drum kit, and chow down on canned goods.

"There are more things to add such as air filtration and different power source but it's a great space," Furze says.

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To Do in LA: 2 Headed Dog at the Steve Allen Theater, Nov 24

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 10.04.53 AM

Join LA's best comedy troupe 2 Headed Dog next Tuesday night, 8pm, at the Steve Allen theater!

Jim Turner, Mark Fite, Dave "Gruber" Allen and Craig Anton put up the most fun show I have seen in years! Individually they are brilliant, accomplished actors, as a team 2 Headed Dog is an unstoppable absurdist force.

I understand that Jim Turner's Choam Underhill will be making an appearance. I'm certain to attend, as I lack enlightenment. Read the rest

Sledge Hammer! A hilarious, prescient warning on police violence from the 1980s


I loved watching the 1986 comedy TV series "Sledge Hammer!" as a kid. David Rasche's portrayal of San Francisco's most aggressive, least sensitive, and completely absurd police detective, the titular Sledge, is fantastic.

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Formeowla One


This preview of next season's engines reveals categorical differences with the current specifications. (Reddit, amazingly, found the original.) Read the rest

Relieve stress with Trumpiñata, a Donald Trump piñata app

Stressed by Donald Trump's offensive views about Mexicans? Transform him into a piñata and whack away.

The Fat Boys do what they love


I'ma stuff my face to a funky beat! Read the rest

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