Hallowe'en Makie mischief: Barbie freakout!

The adorable stop-motion video from 3D printed toy makers Makies is a spooky Hallowe'en treat with a well-deserved comeuppance for Barbie.


Every artist's "how I made it" talk, ever

Darius Kazemi's XOXO talk, in which he explains how he became a successful lottery player, is a brilliant send-up of the "how I succeeded as an artist" talk. More

WATCH: Motorcycle chariots throughout history

Pro wrestler Buff Bagwell made a valiant effort to start up a motorcycle chariot racing league a few years ago, building this amazing prototype inspired by rigs from the 1920s. More

Baby rhino and goat like to play together

This video from the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre is oversaturating my cuteness receptors!


Music: "Dream a little dream of me," Bing Crosby (1957)

"He's gonna sing folks, now's the time to go out and get the popcorn." --Bob Hope


WATCH: How to remove a ring stuck on a finger with dental floss

Everyone should know how to do this.


Music video: John Cale's song for Lou Reed

Avant-garde legend John Cale released this re-recording and video for his 1982 song "If You Were Still Around" as a tribute to his late friend and Velvet Underground bandmate Lou Reed who died one year ago this week and other collaborators from the Factory days -- Andy Warhol, Sterling Morrison, Edie Sedgwick, and Nico.


Video: Dock Ellis who pitched a no-hitter while on LSD

In honor of the World Series (Go Giants!), a repost of this classic animation of the great Pittsburgh Pirates player Dock Ellis telling how in 1970 he pitched a no-hitter while tripping balls on LSD. Directed by James Blagden and Chris Isenberg.


Putting your foot in your mouth

John Purcell, the writer behind the excellent Why Starbucks Spells Your Name Wrong and the NYC Subway Summer 2014 Service Changes videos made a new video about what it's like to "put your foot in your mouth" when asking out a co-worker.


Suitsy: The business suit onesie

Gentlemen, you are welcome.

[video link, via]


WATCH: Extreme wheelbarrowing around the globe

German extreme wheelbarrower Alex Siegfried has a stylish debut performance with his tricked out 'barrow, but he already faces stiff competition from the Americans and French Canadians below. More

How to make vibrating alarm clock underwear

randofo says: "The Goodmorning Underwear are a pair of panties that vibrate to wake you up in the morning. This project is a continuation of my ongoing efforts to further the field of electronic underwear...


Darth Vader denied political freedom in Ukraine

In Ukraine, an electrician who legally changed his name to Darth Vader and is running for a seat in the country's parliament "was turned away from a Kiev polling station Sunday for refusing to take off his mask to be identified."


WATCH: New OK Go video has drones, scooters, human pixels, and a catchy tune

OK Go returns with another hypnotic, tightly-choreographed video for I Won't Let You Down, from their new album Hungry Ghosts.


History of the Ouija Board

In 1891, Kennard Novelty Company, makers of the first commercial talking board, needed a name for their product, so they asked the board to name itself.