Ta-Nehisi Coates will vote for Bernie Sanders, reparations or no reparations

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Ta-Nehisi Coates, Macarthur-winning author of the outstanding Between the World and Me, was widely criticized when he condemned Bernie Sanders for saying that reparations for slavery were not a practical political goal (Coates won many prizes and gained much recognition for a superb essay called The Case for Reparations). Read the rest

Watch the first 5 episodes of the fan-made sequel to the original Star Trek series


Dan Colman of Open Culture recommends Star Trek Continues, "a critically-acclaimed, fan-produced webseries created by director and actor Vic Mignogna." I second his endorsement. The creators did an amazing job of capturing the fun and thrills of the original series.

If you ask the son of Gene Roddenberry, the creator of the original TV series, Star Trek Continues has managed to create a bona fide sequel. “I do have to say … I’m pretty damn sure my dad would consider this canon. The fact that you do stories that mean something, that have depth, that make us all think a little bit… I really think he would applaud you guys.”

The Wall Street Journal adds to this:

[Star Trek Continues] comes frighteningly close to replicating the original series, in the sets, make-up and hairstyles, costumes and music… The art direction precisely captures the Day-Glo visuals of early color TV. Most remarkable is Mr. Mignogna; no actor playing, for instance, James Bond has imitated Sean Connery outright, but Mr. Mignogna comes so scarily close to the dynamic, staccato energy of William Shatner that we keep forgetting we’re looking at another actor.

You can make a donation to support the 6th episode, due in May. Read the rest

”Fire Is Ours,” a Bernie Sanders anthem by Makana


A Boing Boing exclusive premiere: “Fire is Ours” • Lyrics and Music by Makana • Directed by Zac Heileson.

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Digitally animated photos from last year's Burning Man

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Ari Fararooy writes, I digitally animated my photographs from the Burning Man festival to create a surreal illustration of my experiences. Read the rest

Go To The Mardi Gras (1959)


A classic from 1959 by Professor Longhair.

You will see the Zulu King

Down on St. Claude and Dumaine

(via Greg Dulli)

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Seductive, synthy new track from Rogue Wave


Indie rock stalwarts Rogue Wave catch a new(er) wave with "What Is Left To Solve," the killer synth-driven new track from their forthcoming sixth album, Delusions of Grand Fur, out April 29. They take their show on the road starting May 5 with a series of Bay Area shows.

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How to have fun with transparent sheets printed with dots


Mathematician Tadashi Tokieda is having a great time creating op-art patterns by overlaying sheets of plastic printed with dots. He also does a great job of clearly explaining why the patterns are formed.

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Come to Beyond Brookledge 2016


I'm excited really excited for this May's installment of Beyond Brookledge!

Both Mark and I are huge fans of Erika Larsen and Bob Self's amazing weekend of magic, comedy, variety and amazing people! In addition to the massively, exhaustingly entertaining 3 day stay in Riverside, California's Mission Inn, last year I returned home inspired, and with a lot of new friends.

Beyond Brookledge is an extension of Erika Larsen's amazing Brookledge Follies. The follies are a single evening's performance at a very small, private stage in Los Angeles. Tickets are never for sale, seating is nearly impossible to come by and the show is over far, far too quickly. Beyond Brookledge is an amped up, immersive three day version of Erika's magical evening.

I had a chance to speak with Erika last week, and one of the few secrets she could share about this years performance is that the event will be carnival inspired! She advised me to expect something along the lines of a dark, tired carnival years after their hey-day has passed.

I would watch shows curated by Erika every day, if I could! I've already bought my ticket for 2016's show!

Beyond Brookledge 2016 Read the rest

How to slurp ramen

New York City's Ivan Ramen proprietor/chef Ivan Orkin gives pro tips on noodle slurping.

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Using a multimeter, made simple


Clearly we love multimeters at Boing Boing! This great video, passed on via my friend Dan Rodarte, gives you a quick run down on using this diagnostic tool. Read the rest

Trump on Cruz: "Pussy"

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump repeated a word suggested to him by a follower to describe rival Ted Cruz—pussy—at a campaign rally last night in New Hampshire.

"I never expect to hear that again. She said he's a pussy! Terrible. Terrible. What kind of people do I have here?" Trump said, after inviting the woman to shout it again. CNN:

Suddenly, Trump stopped mid-sentence, pointing to a woman near him in the crowd: "She just said a terrible thing."

"You know what she said? Shout it out because I don't want to say," Trump continued as the woman appeared to loudly shout the vulgar word again. But realizing most of the crowd could not hear the woman, Trump decided to take matters into his own hands.

"OK you're not allowed to say and I never expect to hear that from you again. She said -- I never expect to hear that from you again -- she said he's a pussy," Trump said as the crowd erupted into a roaring cacophony of laughter and applause.

The gendered slur was cast in the context of Cruz's refusal to agree with Trump that terror suspects should be tortured. Read the rest

Teaching an AI to play Mario -- sociably

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Last year's AI Video Competition featured Mario Lives! An Adaptive Learning AI Approach for Generating a Living and Conversing Mario Agent, in which researchers from Germany's University of Tübingen explained how they'd modified Super Marion Brothers to turn the characters into adaptive, machine-learning chatterbots that discovered how to play the game together. Read the rest

A digital, 3D printed sundial whose precise holes cast a shadow displaying the current time


Julldozer created an amazingly clever digital sundial ("Cadran Solaire Numérique") that precomputes the angle of the sun throughout the day and uses those computations to make hundreds of precise holes calibrated to cast a shadow displaying the present time. Read the rest

Unintentionally funny 1969 anti-LSD film by Lockheed Aircraft Corporation


In 1969 the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation took a break from making planes to drop bombs on Vietnamese villages and turned their attention to making films about dropping acid. The results of both their efforts were awful. And of course they were richly rewarded at the taxpayer's expenses.

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Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace

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In 1996, in the midst of the Clinton administration's attack on the Internet and cryptography, Grateful Dead lyricist and EFF co-founder John Perry Barlow sat down in Davos, Switzerland, where he'd been addressing world leaders on the subject of the Internet and human rights, and wrote one of net-culture's formative documents: The Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace.

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Walken Closet was my favorite Superbowl ad

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We should all have a Walken closet, obviously, even if the verdict's still out on a Kia.

Runner up: Helen Mirren's Bud-branded drink-driving PSA.

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Happy Mutants Guide to Understanding Football


Football is about one thing and one thing only: dance. As far as I can tell American rules football is where men in elaborate costumes, featuring tight pants, seek to stop other men from dancing.

Colloquially known as a touchdown celebration, the body of rules and regulations managed by the credible governing body, the National Football League, seems to focus on allowable practices to bar the opposing team from dancing. After they've determined what you can do to stop a dancer, and what things are permissible to get the dancer on to the dance floor, known as an "end zone," the NFL then heavily regulates what type of dancing is appropriate.

We have seen Footloose, sad things happen when you try to stop people from dancing. In the NFL this frustration frequently seems to present as abuse and other ugly, unacceptable social behaviors.

I do like the commercials.

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