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The pie to the face game

I found this video oddly anxiety-proviking, and yet, stupid funny, too.

You spin the Pie Face wheel to see how many times you have to click the catapult.


Three-legged cat tries to use missing leg while playing with its human

Do amputee cats experience phantom limb syndrome?


Octopus grabs diver's video camera, swims off with it while it's recording

Their grip is no joke, as anyone who has encountered them while under water can attest.


LA Weekly catches up with Boogaloo Shrimp, best known as Turbo from Breakin'

This where-are-they-now piece on Michael "Boogaloo Shrimp" Chambers made me smile. I loved watching him. I'm glad to hear he is up to great stuff.


Music: "Tangled Up in Blue," KT Tunstall (2005)



Videos from 60s television show "Gospel Singing Jubilee"

I didn't know that watered-down gospel music could be so toe-tappingly delightful. The music is peppy, and the talented musicians are clearly enjoying themselves.


Fascinating, wide-ranging discussion with William Gibson

Fenwick writes, "I had the tremendous opportunity to have a public talk with William Gibson when my university asked if I'd would to do a public talk with a public figure.


John Oliver on patent trolls

Nailed it ♬ (via Techdirt)


Human rescues dying drone from sky

The poor thing's batteries died. Nice save, bro. More

Smirking woman removed from flight after poking seatmate with pen for his alleged snoring

A woman was removed from a plane after she repeatedly poked a man with a pen to stop him from snoring.


Lamb with an extra limb: 5-legged lamb born on farm in Wales

“The lamb with an extra limb was born on Thursday to farmer Bethan Davies of Rhiwlas Farm in mid Wales.” More

Drowned in the Mediterranean: Libyan refugees tell their stories

James Bridle writes: "There's huge debate in the UK about the deaths of people in the Mediterranean trying to reach Europe, but we rarely see or hear the people themselves."


Liberland is a new micronation

If your brand of libertarian fantasy involves living on land adjacent to Serbia, but which Serbia doesn't want, your dream has come true! More

Hebrew Bible engraved on a chip no larger than a grain of sugar

The Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute engraved the Hebrew Bible on a chip the size of a grain of sugar.


Time lapse: making a cruiser skateboard

My friend Andreas Ekberg, who made this great Boing Boing deck for me, made a Happy Cloud cruiser for his pal Steve Guyer.


Stuff Smith's "If You're A Viper" (1936)

"I dreamed about a reefer 5 feet long, Mighty Mezz and not too strong, You'll get high but not for long, Cause you'se a viper."


Gentleman demonstrating his catcall repertoire is surprised to learn no one likes it

He's says it's even better to catcall from "far away because they're not that scared."