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Sci-Fest LA is back!

Sci-Fest LA, an incredible one act science fiction play festival held in Los Angeles, is back for 2015! The team needs help with funding this amazing program.


This drone's-eye video of Ireland's western coast is lovely.

“When land meets sea and nature and beauty collide, the result is a varied and majestic coastline, unique to the West of Ireland.”


Watch ibex herds use a near-vertical dam as a salt lick

Lake Cingino in the Italian Alps has a near-vertical dam that attracts ibex herds, who climb out on the dam hundred of feet up to lick minerals from the rocks. More acrophobia-inducing footage below:


Stick-on inflatable motors for future robots (and today's origami!)

MIT and University of Tokyo researchers devised stick-on "pouch motors," simple inflatable actuators that can be used to move things by pumping air in and out.


Music: "From the Cradle," Widespread Panic (2006)

I just saw that Widespread Panic will again be at the Fox Oakland come late March.


Drones based on birds

Once again, engineers are taking cues from nature to build the next generation of robotics, in this case drones inspired by birds.


Watch this next-gen thermal camera attachment for smartphones

Looking at the world in Predator-vision will get easier later this year thanks to consumer-grade forward-looking infrared (FLIR). The same tech used to find the Boston bombing suspect can be used to find a lost dog at night or to check your house for thermal leaks.


Video proves this cat to be insane

Insane, or insanely cute? 7 pounds of adorable.


Video: How footballs are made

I found this video about how footballs are made, and a woman who worked in the Wilson Sporting Goods factory for 50 years, to be more interesting than most football games I've watched.


Watch a gentleman ride his craptacular gas-powered horse

Is this the worst mechanical horse of all time? Chinese farmer Su Daocheng built it to plow his fields and also says he built a homemade helicopter. Probably best to decline rides in both vehicles. At least the head looks nice. He also makes cool mechanical sculptures in his spare time, like this:


Scientific American and fansubbers help video spread in Hungary

Dean from Amara writes, "Editors at Scientific American noticed they were getting a TON of hits on the video What Happens to Your Body after You Die? To their surprise, the majority of the views were originating in Hungary."


Watch the awesome way one Rhode Island school told students it was closed for snow day

Head of School Matt Glendinning is one totally awesome guy. More

Watch: how to laser etch metal surfaces to make them either love or hate water

Researchers at the University of Rochester are laser etching the surfaces of metal in ways that make them attract water or repel water. More

Seagulls dislike robot seagull

Mike Evans (who runs the fantastic activity blog, Secret Dad Society) tried out his radio-controlled papier mache seagull on a flock of seagulls. They disliked it this time as much as they did the first time. Don't give up Mike! More

HOAX: TV show tricks chronic catcallers into harassing their own mothers

Update: These are staged -- it's an ad for Everlast, and not a TV show as I had believed.


Watch this mesmerizing rock balancing highlight reel

Since Mark first reported on Gravity Glue in 2011, artist Michael Grab has traveled extensively as he balanced rocks, and his beautifully-shot footage only improves with time. Just a few highlights below.


Watch 23 of the best dolly zooms in cinematic history

Vashi Nedomansky compiled this terrific collection of famous dolly zoom shots. Cinematographer Irmin Roberts used it to great effect in Hitchcock's Vertigo, and it quickly entered the language of cinema to convey a moment of revelation, usually an unpleasant one.


“I built my rabbit a cart. Now he delivers me beer.”

You think you've seen everything on YouTube. Then you see this. More

Seal and dog on beach share a sweet moment of snuggle

Adorable moment of tenderness. Seals are so much like dogs, it seems very natural to see them be so sweet with each other.


Watch DARPA unveil untethered ATLAS for 2015 robotic challenge

The 2015 DARPA Robotic Challenge (DRC) is upping the ante, making the ATLAS robot used in competition self-contained and redesigned from the knees up. The robot that best completes a series of difficult physical tasks wins $2 million for the team.


Music video: retro-'80s hallucination for new Marie Davidson track

A strange, 1980s-esque hallucinatory video, directed for Montréal synth-punk chanteuse Marie Davidson's "Balade aux USA."


Tame squirrel happily munches nuts while seated on dad's shoulder

“Bottle raised baby fox squirrel loves his daddy too much to leave home and was released two years ago,” says the guy in this video, Roger Durre.


Monkey patiently shows human how to crush leaves

A valuable life skill.


Celebrate Skymall's demise by watching this classic David Cross standup

Skymall filed for bankruptcy today, and will be missed by many--including comedians. More

Hiker who finished first free ascent of Dawn Wall on Yosemite's El Capitan did it missing a finger

Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson recently became the first rock climbers to complete a free ascent of The Dawn Wall on El Capitan in Yosemite. More

WATCH: Incredible archer shows his speed-shooting skills

His technique is a revival of an ancient form of archery that has largely been lost. More

​Oakland cops' license cams follow drivers everywhere

EFF obtained and analyzed records from the Oakland Police Department's secretive automatic license plate readers, showing that the department has mounted a program of incredibly intrusive, highly racialized secret surveillance of an entire city.


Watch the northern lights captured in real time in 4K

This video is so beautiful. Crank the resolution way up to 4K and enjoy. More

Watch "Do Try This At Home," science series using common items

At-Bristol's Live Science Team has a wonderful video series of experiments that can be done with inexpensive materials available at typical hardware, kitchenware, and grocery stores, like turning water into instant ice.


Video: how raindrops release that fresh rain smell

MIT researchers used high-speed cameras to reveal raindrops' aerosol effect that releases petrichor, the earthy fresh smell of rain.