The great Buckwheat hoax

GordieLaChance says: "In 1990 a supermarket bagger named Bill English appeared on ABC's 20/20 claiming to be 'Buckwheat' from the classic 'Our Gang"/"Little Rascals' shorts. Problem? The actual Buckwheat had died 10 years prior. Watch as Bill's O'tay-ness is called into question." Read the rest

Sassy Donald of Arabia

More Sassy. Read the rest

Designer Marc Newson makes a $12,000 hourglass

I love hearing Marc Newson talk about why his hourglass is worth $12,000. Hurry, it's limited to 100 units!

[via] Read the rest

Math puzzle: Filling a bath tub with increasingly smaller containers

High school teacher Joe Howard presents a summer break math problem:

We are trying to fill a bath tub! How long does it take if we make our containers smaller and smaller following a certain pattern? Finding an upper and lower bound means finding a range of possible answer: we can know that it will take more than a certain amount of pours and less than a certain amount of pours, which will at least give us an idea. Who can come up with the most precise range? Grappling this problem will introduce you to ideas within Calculus. The situation is super counter intuitive. Good luck!

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Sassy Trump at the Coast Guard commencement

Did he order the Coasties to let him speak? Read the rest

Ryan Reynolds helps Honest Trailers take on Logan

With a movie as good as Logan, Honest Trailers had to enlist Deadpool himself to help them make fun of it. Read the rest

An awesome Beatles-scored tap dance routine

Dancer/choreographer Nick Young uses The Beatles’ “Come Together” as inspiration for this gorgeously shot tap dance number. Read the rest

Watch how maple syrup harvesting has gone high-tech

Buckets hanging on maple trees may have worked great 200 years ago, but modern producers use a system like the internet: a series of tubes! Read the rest

Friendly woodpecker gets a guided tour of Chicago

“Welcome to Chicago!” Read the rest

Watch this artist assemble her gorgeous papercraft portraits

Yulia Brodskaya (previously) creates beautiful textured portraits by tightly folding and quilling colorful paper and affixing it upright on a flat surface. Here's a timelapse of her piece Girl with peacock earrings. Read the rest

Taste-testing weird, internet-famous pizzas

First We Feast’s Sean Evans teams up with The Pizza Show’s Frank Pinello to taste test internet-famous pizzas like The Taco Taco Taco Pizza, The Pizza Box Pizza, and a 24 Karat Gold Pizza that costs $2,000 per pie. Read the rest

Meet Unko Sensei, the poop teacher making kanji fun for Japanese kids

Unko Sensei (literally Poop Teacher), is a charming mustachioed turd helping Japanese grade-schoolers learn over 1000 kanji characters required by the end of 6th grade. Read the rest

The world’s heaviest weight

The YouTube channel Veritasium visits the world’s heaviest weight at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Washington, D.C. With a maximum force of 1 million pounds, it's used to measure the force of planes, jets, and rockets. Read the rest

Would-be Montana GOP Congressjerk with ties to sanctioned Russian companies beats up reporter at press-conference

Greg Gianforte is a short-tempered, hyper-conservative Montana political hopeful who is standing for the GOP in a special election for a Congressional seat; he is also invested in Russian firms that are under US sanction. Read the rest

Whatever happened to Alfalfa from Little Rascals?

This is a good homebrew documentary about Little Rascals' Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer. He was born in 1929. As an adult he held a variety of odd jobs such as dog trainer, bartender, and hunting guide. He was shot to death in 1959 during a drunken confrontation over $50 at a movie cowboy's house in Mission Hills California. He was 31. Read the rest

Animated interviews with "futurists" Ayn Rand, Kurt Vonnegut, and Aldous Huxley

The first law of futurism is that there are no facts about the future, only fictions.

(Blank on Blank)

Read the rest

Game of Thrones season 7 trailer

♫ Enemies to the west of me, enemies to the east, here I am, stuck in the middle with you ♪

The seventh and final season of Game of Thrones starts July 16. Read the rest

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