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Scientists accidentally film sperm whale, get adorably excited

A group of scientists onboard the Exploration Vessel (E/V) Nautilus were using a remote operate vehicle to film some underwater footage when a sperm whale just happened to swim by their camera.


Amazing fourth grader speaks out against standardized testing

A remarkably brilliant young lady, Sydney Smoot, stood in front of the Hernando County School Board to speak out against The Florida Standards Assessment Test and standardized testing in general.


Hapheads season one, all in one go!

Hapheads, the incredible crowdfunded science fiction drama (previous) is about to get its NYC premiere at Games of Change, and to celebrate, the creators have put all 75 minutes of season one online as a single video, without interruptions.


Music: "99th Floor," The Moving Sidewalks (1968)

"Next thing that came to me, came much to my surprise. Then I began to realize, that you were telling me no lies."


1991 promo video for Sizzler reveals that the 90s were much, much worse than the 1970s

This Sizzler restaurant video is all about freedom. The freedom to wear fake cowboy hats or his-and-her jogging headbands.


Sleepy puppy tries to guard sleeping baby

This video made me lose my gangsta.


Kickstarting a CC-licensed recording/video of Chopin performed on a pleyel

Robert writes, "Chopin's piano music is the stuff that makes the heart flutter and the blood boil, and many people list him as their favorite composer for the instrument.


Dog owners ask groomer for a 'lion cut.' The resulting dog-do is hilarious.



What happens when you put a hummingbird in a wind tunnel?

The Flying Spaghetti Monster did a good job when he made hummingbirds. The tiny, ravenous creatures hover by beating their wings, up to 80 times a second, in a figure-8 pattern, which creates lift during the upstroke and downstroke.


TV interview interrupted by explosion and flying manhole cover

A TV news crew was interviewing a man when something more exciting happened behind him.


WATCH: interview with legendary graphic designer Milton Glaser

A short film about Milton Glaser, the famed graphic designer behind I ♥️NY, DC Comics "bullet" logo, and New York Magazine.


A young black girl is the hero of this magical, animated story

The Book of Mojo started as an "urban fantasy" webcomic, the tale of a young black girl named Creepy who practices street magic and encounters a seven-foot, living artifact named Mojo.


WATCH: Supercut of 'Better Call Saul' point of view shots

A short but sweet supercut by Jaume Lloret of POV (and other) shots from 'Better Call Saul,' highlighting the work of cinematographer Arthur Albert.


Cat gets a massage

Because everyone enjoys a nice massage now and then. More

Super quick potato peeling

I wonder if this works with sweet potatoes/yams?


'Got a toy phone for my kid. Here's what happens when you dial 911 on it.'

You'll never guess which animal picks up when you dial 9-1-1 on this children's telephone toy.


Superb eighties TV ad for local hair salon

Jarrell, where are you now? More