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Lesley Gore, singer of "It's My Party," RIP

Lesley Gore, singer of the 1963 hit "It's My Party," died today from cancer at age 68.


Watch this Great Dane gently unlock a child barrier gate with his teeth

Silly dog! You could have stepped over it, you're so big.


Underwear is an ineffective disguise

"Two Florence men have been arrested after police say they used camouflage underwear to disguise themselves during a robbery last fall."


Kara Swisher interviews Obama about security, gov't spying

Re/code's Kara Swisher interviewed President Obama for 25 minutes, and asked him good questions about online security and government spying.


LG executive indicted for vandalizing Samsung washing machines

Jo Seong-jin, head of LG's home appliances division, didn't toss a brick into a Samsung washing machine at an appliance trade show in Berlin, but he has been indicted in South Korea on charges of vandalizing $2,700 Samsung washing machines with his bare hands. LG says the problem isn't with Jo; it's with Samsung's machine, which is "particularly weak on the hinges." [via] More

Watch what happens when you toss a brick in a washing machine

Category: Entertainment -- Throwing bricks and other heavy objects into washing machines and recording their self-destruction.

A quicker way to do it:


Human vs eight-switch Useless Machine

The Useless Machine Advanced Edition: eight times more useless than the original!


WATCH: Ryan reacts to becoming one of the top finalists to die on Mars

Ryan MacDonald, the intelligent young virgin who volunteered to die on Mars, just found out he made it into round 3 of the Mars One astronaut selection process.


A World of Characters: advertising icons from the Warren Dotz collection

Here's a short video about the advertising icons exhibit curated by pop culture historian Warren Dotz.

RELATED: Advertising characters exhibit at the SFO International Terminal


WATCH: Kittens vs. robot spider

The big cat likes playing with the disc-throwing robot spider. The kittens take a bit longer to warm up to it.


Music: "C'mon 'N Ride It (The Train)," Quad City DJs (1996)

"My God, its full of stars!"


Video series: History of Superstitions

Intrepid explorers of high weirdness Mitch Horowitz (author of Occult America) and Ronni Thomas (director of The Midnight Archive) created a fun 13 episode video series called "History of Superstitions." Above is the episode about the number 13.


Death Cab for Cutie: "Black Sun" music video

Our friends in Death Cab for Cutie released the video for "Black Sun," the first single from their forthcoming album Kintsugi, arriving March 31.


Excellent animated alphabet by the creator of Windosill

Windosill is one of my favorite online puzzle games. It's quiet and wonderfully strange and comes with no instructions.


Romance in NYC: Valentine's Day short shot entirely on iPhone 6

“The iPhone has limitations,” he says “but the limitations themselves spur creativity.” Couldn't agree more. More

Capybaras enjoy hot springs

Capybaras are my favorite animal, and it makes me happy to see them enjoying a day at a hot springs.


Now I have a Contour Chair Lounge

When I was a kid, we laughed and laughed at commercials for the Contour Chair Lounge! Now I own one.


The dazzling kinetic sculptures of Bob Potts

The 72-year-old sculptor is a connoisseur of form, movement, and visual grace. More

Take a look at these robots practicing the life changing magic of tidying up.

It's fun to watch robots arrange batteries coming down a conveyor belt.


Ultra high res timelapse video of Rio De Janeiro

Joe Capra's video of amazing time-lapse shots in Rio De Janeiro using a fancy camera is worth watching full screen.


MC Frontalot dresses up as Grandma, Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf

MC Frontalot has released the video for "Start Over" -- the Little Red Riding Hood song from his album Question Bedtime. More

"Nut rage" airline exec gets a year in prison

A Seoul court has sentenced the former vice president of Korean Air, Cho Hyun-ah (40), to one year in prison for throwing a temper tantrum on a Korean Air jet when macadamia nuts were served improperly on the runway at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York.


Music: "Joyride," Roxette (1991)

Strangely, I find both Roxette and Aqua great music for driving really fast.


Trailer: Star Wars vs. Star Trek

No, it's not real. Yet.


Nathan Barley: old comedy turned out to be a documentary about our future

When Charlie "Black Mirror" Brooker came up with his trustafarian new media parody Nathan Barley for TV Go Home, no one suspected the character would last this long -- or be so relevant.


If you're a Stevie Wonder fan, you must watch this 1976 promo film for “Songs in the Key of Life”

This promotional documentary chronicles the lavish press event that marked the debut of Stevie Wonder's '70s masterpiece. More

Make a covert radio pen with bone conduction speaker

My favorite maker of cool stuff is Ben Krasnow. He made an electron scanning microscope from scratch, and makes astronaut ice cream in his backyard laboratory. He's also a great explainer of how he makes he things. In this video, Ben explains how to make a covert radio pen with a bone conduction speaker. More

Profile of Other Machine - a desktop CNC milling machine company

I'm very excited about Other Machine's desktop CNC milling machines. Unlike 3D printers, which build parts by adding material (almost always plastic, when it comes to low cost machines), the Othermill cuts away at material (plastic, wood, metal glass, printed circuit boards).


Mini-documentary about 67-year-old Muscle Beach bodybuilder

Last year I posted a wonderful 15-minute documentary about the Italian magician Silvan. The director, Gabriele Trapani, just posted a new, equally enjoyable, mini-documentary about an interesting bodybuilder named Mr. O.


What happens when you dip a light bulb in hydrofluoric acid?

"Hydrofluoric acid is probably the most feared chemical compound that there is," says Sir Martyn Poliakoff, a chemistry professor at the University if Nottingham.