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Fantastic aerial video of crowd filling NYC park for free movie

A 40th floor view of the crowd instantly filling NYC's Bryant Park on Sunday night for a free showing of Ghostbusters.


Kronos Quartet's Terry Riley Festival this weekend in San Francisco!

This year, minimalist music pioneer Terry Riley celebrates his 80th birthday and in his honor, my favorite avant-garde classical group Kronos Quartet are honoring Riley with a three-day festival starting on Friday in San Francisco!


The best (stop-motion) karate fight you've ever seen

The action starts around 25 seconds in.


A timelapse of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, from season 3 through 20

Dang, Jon Stewart sure has grown up over those many seasons. More

Little baby piglet really likes being scratched

Those grunts.


HOWTO make retractable origami ninja stars

These colorful shuriken (retractable ninja stars) by YouTuber ProudPaperOfficial are surprisingly easy to make. More

How to ship a giant squid from New Zealand to New York City

The American Museum of Natural History sorted it out.


Jean-Luc Picard that you can dance to

Star Trek: TNG's Jean-Luc Picard drops knowledge over Eclectic Method.


Watch a WWII plane pick up a man and a sheep while flying at full speed

People do weird things for war.


Music: "I Used to Love Her," The Saw Doctors (1991)

"And even if she asked me now I’d let her go alone."


CURT: the story of surfing's oldest grom

Check out the trailer for a very sweet documentary about Curt Harper, a 50 year old competitive surfer whose glowing spirit helps define the sport!


How to jump start a car with AA batteries

"Your car battery is dead and you like a boost to jump start? Maybe you can use AA batteries to crank the engine..."


Kitten-cam captures sleepy kittens exiting their cute little house, one by one

Big Kitten is watching you.


Interactive art: “Enough,“ by Isaac Cohen

Isaac Cohen's interactive storybook follows the journey of a strange creature.


Happy 40th anniversary, Jaws!

Steven Spielberg's Jaws (1975) was released 40 years ago Saturday. Enjoy this "best of" montage. "The score was clearly responsible for half of the success of that movie," Spielberg once said.


HOWTO make Harry Potter pancakes

Saipancakes (previously) shows how far he's come in progressing the art of carbohydrate illustration with these amazing, unbelievable, eye-popping Harry Potter pancakes -- and the video documents his build-process.


Watch: Five Stages of Watching a Pixar Movie

"Who knew feelings had feelings too."