Cats and watermelons

Cats with watermelon hats. Cats with watermelon pillows.


Bulldog has difficulty with human pillow

My Whole World Ended, David Ruffin

"Did you ever mean those sweet things, that you used to say? Did you mean 'em baby?"


Making no apologies for Potterotica

Brenna Twohy performs "Fantastic Breasts and Where To Find Them" [NSFW], a witty, epic rant about erotic Harry Potter fanfic and sexual politics.


Can technology become a force for global equality, or is the future destined to remain unfair?

Here's video from a debate I participated in at last summer's Howthelightgetsin festival in Wales, with the BBC's Kate Russell and Steve Fuller, an advocate for creationism and transhumanism, who said some pretty silly things, as you might expect.


John Oliver on Ferguson and police militarization - must-watch video

"[A curfew] is profoundly patronizing. 'Look, let's see if you can all remain quiet for twenty minutes, and then we'll see if you can all go and play outside.' If even the governor can't distinguish between the good and the bad elements of the community, and has decided to punish everyone equally, then that should go both ways.


Cat in a shark suit on a Roomba, with duckling and human baby

3 perfect videos. More

New video from Haim and celeb friends

For Haim's track "My Song 5" from the perfect Days Are Gone LP, the badass sisters take to a faux tabloid talk show with A$AP Ferg, Kesha, SNL's Vanessa Bayer, Grimes, Big Sean, Ezra Koenig (Vampire Weekend), and the girls' proud parents.


Music video: "Every Movie Robot"

"Every Movie Robot Supercut," Song A Day #2057 by Jonathan Mann.


Video: Hollywood depictions of texting and the Internet

Billy Lee Riley's Flying Saucer Rock and Roll

Well the little green men, they were real hep-cats Rockin' and a-rollin' to the crazy flats


Twin Peaks as a 1980s video game

A nice intro from Filthy Frackers, though the lettering is much higher-res than the backg... OK, I'll stop. Someone make the game! More

Charity:Water's powerful video on water in Mali and Niger

Rael Dornfest from Charity:Water says, "Today is a huge day at charity: water as we launch our annual September Campaign.


Petrichor, the after-rain smell

PBS's Joe Hansen explains the biology of petrichor, the distinctive and pleasant scent that results when decomposed organic material is thrown into the air by rain. [via The Atlantic]


Rubber Biscuit, the Blues Brothers

"The other day I had a cool water sandwich and a Sunday go-to meeting bun."