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Dog breathes like a car engine

Somebody check the carbs on this thing.


Music: "Wild World," Maxi Priest (1988)

I've always loved this Cat Stevens cover by Maxi Priest.


Jill Sobule's "I Kissed a Girl": Happy 20th anniversary!

Happy birthday to singer/songwriter Jill Sobule, and happy 20th anniversary to her 1995 indie hit "I Kissed a Girl." It was edgy enough at the time to play on MTV's 120 Minutes.


Watch two women compare a century of beauty trends

YouTuber Cut Video mashed up two remarkable videos showing models cycling through 100 years of fashion trends, decade by decade.


Friday Freak Out: "Magic Potion" by The Open Mind (1969)

The Open Mind, a British Freakbeat/Psych band from London are probably most noted for the now legendary track Magic Potion which appeared as a single and later on their much sought after debut album.


RIP Kim Fowley

RIP Kim Fowley, pervy weirdo protopunk and manager of The Runaways.

Kim Fowley, Runaways Producer and L.A. Rock Icon, Dead at 75


WATCH: Car dealership stiffs pizza delivery guy

A TV network should hire everyone seen here, recreate the back office on a soundstage, and make a show called F&R Auto Sales.


WATCH: QVC hosts argue over whether the moon is a star or a planet

QVC lady: Isn't the moon a star?

Isaac Mizrahi: No, the moon is a planet, darling.


Watch how responsive laser car headlights can change night driving

Of all the CES videos this year, the most surprisingly interesting one demonstrated responsive laser auto headlights. In the concept demo, sensors gauge driving conditions and objects as they come into view, even splitting the beam so it doesn't blast oncoming vehicles with light.


Fun videos teach design concepts to kids

From the excellent website, The Kid Should See This.


Music: "Sunshine," Jonathan Edwards (1971)

The latest song I'm working on learning for guitar.


The acrobatic Japanese maid/pancake surreal domino-run cookware ad you've been searching for

Never have empty carbs been more elegant -- and that's a catchy jingle! (via JWZ)


Nintendo Power Glove as animator's tool

Animator Dillon Markey (Robot Chicken and PES) hacked a Nintendo Power Glove (c.1989) to control his stop-motion animation system. (Thanks, Chris Arkenberg!)


3D printed blooming Fibonacci zoetropes

Stanford design prof John Edmark, as part of his artistic residency at Autodesk, created these 3D printed "blooming" Fibonacci-sequence zoetropes, which seem to grow, writhe, and pulse as they're spun before a camera shooting every 1/4000 of a second. More

WATCH: Choreographed LED hula hooping

Viennese artists Annika Hakala and Lisa Looping of HoopioSis perform mesmerizing choreography using LED hula hoops. Be sure to watch in HD.