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Michigan mayor proposes ban on personal flamethrowers


Jim Fouts, mayor of Warren, Michigan, has proposed a ban on flamethrowers.

Chris Byars, seen above, is CEO of Detroit-area flamethrower firm Ion Productions Team. He says that to automatically assume people will do stupid things with his company's products is "insulting and discriminatory."

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Why is LGBT discrimination still legal?

It's Monday, which means an amusing and blistering John Oliver segment! Last night's subject: that it's legal to remove someone from their job or rented home on grounds of their sexuality. GAYMAPZ

The FBI kept files on author Ray Bradbury: "Definitely slanted against the United States"

Michael from Muckrock writes, "The FBI followed Ray Bradbury's career very closely, in part because an informant warned them that his writing was not enjoyable fantasy, but rather tantamount to psychological warfare."

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When pit bull owners attack

This video is 100% accurate. My brother has two pit bulls. They're awesome—but he's an ass.

Cab driver records music video with passengers

I hated this song, but it's growing on me now.


Gun enthusiasts show up at Pokémon finals, police catch 'em all


Kevin Norton and James Stumbo were arrested this weekend near the Pokémon World Championship after showing up with a 12-gauge shotgun and an AR-15 they boasted about on social media.

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Eagle gives soccer a try

Perhaps this massive eagle thought the ball was a strange egg? Regardless, that's some impressive claw control.

Trailer for Troublemakers: The Story of Land Art

The Land Art movement was part of the anti-gallery uprising of iconoclastic artists in the 1960s and 1970s. This new film by James Crump is an excellent primer, and it features the movement's largely-reticent voices, including Robert Smithson, Walter De Maria, and Michael Heizer.

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Cthookie Monster tees

They're designed by Beastpop and sell for $20 in the Neatoshop, which also has some other great Beastpop designs, such as the Flying Spaghoofy Monster and Mickthulhu Mouse (and the farting Bambi!).

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SunCalc: customizable data for the sun at any time and place


SunCalc is a nifty site and app by Torsten Hoffman that allows visitors to enter any location and date and find out all the details of that day's local solar path:

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WATCH: Jurassic World in 90 seconds in LEGO

It only takes 90 seconds to tell the story how we wish it had been told.

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Watch 6,000 match heads ignite in super-slow motion

"Match Head Bomb at 2500fps."

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A game-making app for everyone?

Game-making apps tend to evolve into intimidating tools aimed at pros. Beginners need something useful to non-coders—and Nintendo has the right idea. Read the rest

Watch the Foo Fighters rickroll Westboro Baptist Church protestors

The homophobic, anti-semitic morons of Westboro Baptist Church were protesting outside the Foo Fighters' Kansas City concert on Friday, so the Foo Fighters drove by in a pickup truck and rickrolled them.

Below, the time the Foo Fighters trolled the Westboro protestors back in 2011.


Weird dinosaurs, haberdashery and second-kills

anatomic1 Our Monday reflection is a regular weekly item here on Offworld, a special satellite transmission designed to highlight our favorite Offworld stories, wonderful trends, and the stories from elsewhere in the galaxy that got us talking. Sign up here to receive this digest each week via email—it's a great way to avoid missing anything.

Latest Features

Daniel Starkey previously wrote for Offworld about an American Indian pen and paper roleplaying game, and last week he re-joined us with something more serious: The story of how as a poor child, software piracy offered him a way out of the cultural desert and into experiences he wouldn't have been able to have otherwise. Although obviously nobody endorses pirating games, for some people it's that or nothing—the piece provoked a lot of discussion, but as far as I'm concerned, if you think a poor child should never have gotten to play Deus Ex we probably can't hang out.


Games are apparently impacting Chinese culture in a big way, and Christina Xu came to Offworld to teach us Chinese phrases taken from the games world (can't handle a cute pop singer? your "blood trough is running empty"). It's really really interesting! Special thanks to Laura Hudson for working with last week's feature writers to bring these pieces to us.

Offworld Games

I love the work of Nathalie Lawhead, and her jittery, sentient Anatomically Incorrect Dinosaurs is part grotesque archaeology sim, part funny narrative experience. You absolutely gotta try it. My other favorite of last week was Sophie Houlden's Dusk Child, a mysterious and sharply-designed PICO-8 game. If you're new to PICO-8, we also covered a cool new fanzine devoted to the web-based microconsole, and it has some great contributors. You can download a digital version for free.


Laura enjoyed Regency Love, a Jane Austen-style dating sim with tea and haberdashery and other Jane Austen stuff. The creators reportedly were playing Dragon Age games and wondered what it would be like to replace everyone with Mr. Darcy and all of those guys. I don't know actually, I'm not a big Jane Austen fan (although Regency Solitaire has been one of my favorite games of the year).

Transmissions from elsewhere

In the wonderful ZEAL zine, Robert Yang (you may remember we loved his dick pic game, Cobra Club and his car sex game, Stick Shift) writes about getting gay married, Ovid, bodies, keyframe animation and ragdoll physics. It's a great piece on body performances in games and the tech we use to create them, viewed through a wider social lens.

Not games

The new Destroyer record is streaming on most music sites. I was crying about something over the weekend, so I put it on, pulled the duvet over my head and had a good satisfying mope to the violins on the opening track. THEN SUDDENLY there's all these saxophones on track two, and my goddamn mope was ruined, but that's okay, because the record is really good.

That's all we have for this week's reflection; of course, that's not everything we did in the last week, just the things I'm still thinking lots about. As always, go to Offworld directly to see the gentle, loving face of the modern games space, with no gunmetal gray, no DLC, no bros, no energy drinks and nothing but cool weird things made by cool weird people and you belong.

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Poop on everyone as a beautiful seagull

"You are a seagull. A beautiful, fragile seagull. You poop uncontrollably. Your purpose is to poop on things." That's the entire introduction to the game Sploot, and it's all you need.

It's surprisingly satisfying to poop on everyone and everything, as I quickly learned. The game allows you experience the world of a charmingly incontinent bird from a first-person perspective, soaring through the skies of a island village, while emitting a endless trail of poop everywhere you go. You need only steer yourself above your chosen target, and the payload will drop itself.

Although all you really see of yourself is your own beak poking out in front of your face, the game provides a small but very satisfying picture-in-picture view as each payload it hits its target, so that you might hear the lamentations of your enemies and see them driven before you.

You gain points by dousing people (especially rich people), houses (especially rich houses) and cars (especially rich cars) with a fecal spray worthy of a garden hose. While it's not always easy to tag the fast-moving vehicles while moving at seagull speed, if you fly in low you can almost always make a very personal deposit with the townsfolk walking around the street.

It's not a complex game, or a complex joke, but it's a fun one—especially for the price of pay-what-you-will. Although originally created for the Oculus Rift by Elijah O'Rear of Renegade Interactive, if you're willing to have a less immersive bird-pooping experience, you can also play Sploot on Windows and Mac.

ezgif-1595433126 poop3

Get The Stealth Snowflake Micro-Drone For 60% Off

The Snowflake’s ($39.99) smooth maneuvers, flawless 4-way flips, and 360˚rolls in any direction make it truly best in class. Soar, hover, flip, and tilt with ease or join a fleet of drones, thanks to advanced anti-collision technology. This fun quadcopter, with its durable design and gyro-stabilization, is fit for any terrain and any pilot ready to hit the skies.

  • 6-axis gyro technology for smooth & steady flight
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  • 4 safety-protected propellers for crash recovery
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