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Amazon permitted to test delivery drones

Times are a'changin' at the FAA: "The Federal Aviation Administration on Thursday gave Amazon permission to conduct test flights of its drones outdoors, as long as the company obeys a host of rules like flying below 400 feet and only during daylight hours."

Mad Max: Fury Road international trailer

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Obama moots mandatory voting

I agree that mandatory voting is a powerful check against moneyed interests hijacking the government, but Australia, which has both mandatory voting and preferential ranked ballots, has still managed to elect some fucking awful politicians.

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Genius recommends Iliad readers try Nicki Minaj

Iliad and Nicki 2 If you're on Genius reading Book V of The Iliad, the recommendation system has some suggestions for you.

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A 303-style synth in your browser

Acid music creator

Twiddle a few knobs and in about five minutes you're making thick, lovely bleepy sounds. Great for a) creating indie-game background music b) procrastinating. (Thanks to Mefi for finding this!)

Paul Dini's cyber garage sale


Paul Dini is having a garage sale, and you're invited. No, it's not for charity, and these are not big ticket items, it's just, in his words, "Original art, collectibles, One-of-a-kind pieces, animation memorabilia, costumes, and generic crap I don't want to pay storage fees on anymore." It's his collection of mostly unopened toys and action figures; but to geeks, these are Paul Dini's toys! Dini is somewhat of a towering figure in the superhero world for his work as a animation and comic book writer and creator. In addition to being part of the core team of writers on Lost, he is a five-time Emmy award winner, as well as the Eisner award, Harvey Award and several Annie Awards. Now his toys can be yours!

Paul Dini's Cyber Garage Sale

Choosing skin color in comics

Lighten Up

Ronald Wimberly is a comics and animation artist, the author of Vertigo's Prince of Cats, and a character designer for Black Dynamite: The Animated Series. Wembly has illustrated a work experience he had while coloring an X-Men comic. His story, Lighten Up, appears on the excellent blog The Nib, a site devoted to "political cartoons, comics journalism, humor and non-fiction."

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The 1982 JC Penney Christmas Catalog

631 lovingly scanned pages for your perusal; may I draw your attention to the electronic toys, including Little Professor at $15, Speak and Spell digital at $62, Coleco Frogger at $60, Merlin at $31.50, Simon at $32, Pocket Dungeons and Dragons at $20 and Electronic Battleship at $40 (multiply by 2.42 to adjust for inflation).

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How to draw hyper-realistic chocolate bars

Take the "Realism Challenge" by creating hyperrealistic versions of common objects that look just like the real thing. Read the rest

Just a poofy rainbow poodle


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Unbelievably beautiful GIF art by DarkAngelØne

Adapted from the work of Gustavo Scheverin

DarkAngelØne. Adapted from the work of Gustavo Scheverin

DarkAngelØne creates gorgeous animations from the work of other artists.

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Icelandic Pirates soar: citizenship for Snowden?

The Icelandic Pirate Party is out-polling all the country's other parties, with 24% of the population backing them.

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Hey drone, watch out for that tree

Oops. A quadcopter meets its untimely demise.

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Brute-force iPhone password guesser can bypass Apple's 10-guess lockout

The IP Box costs less than £200 and can guess all possible four-digit passwords in 111 hours.

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Carving a spoon a day

Stian Korntved Ruud has been carving a new wooden spoon once a day. Some of them are wild.

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Mr. T's new TV show on DIY: “I Pity the Tool”


Mr. T’s “I Pity the Tool” is a new show that will run on Scripps Networks’ DIY network in which T will help people in need renovate their homes. I wish that HM Murdock was involved.

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Here's a fellow playing the theme to 'Serial' on the accordion

Solomon Hoffman's squeezebox rendition of the "Serial" theme is wonderful.

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Video: Man 3D printed a fingernail-sized working drill

Lance Abernathy 3D printed and assembled what may be the world's smallest working drill.

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Arizona shooting suspect is member of white power group that uses Internet more successfully than KKK

Accused killer Ryan Giroux 41, served time in prison in California, Washington and Arizona and has a rap sheet dating back to the 1990s. Photo: AZ Dept. of Corrections.

Accused killer Ryan Giroux 41, served time in prison in CA, WA, AZ; rap sheet dates back to 1990s. Photo: AZ Dept. of Corr.

Logo of the Hammerskin Nation alliance of skinhead groups

Logo of the Hammerskin Nation alliance of skinhead groups

The suspected gunman in a recent Arizona shooting with multiple victims belonged to Hammerskin Nation. This white power hate group originated in Texas, and has enjoyed a growing worldwide membership thanks in part to effective use of the internet and social media.

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New Avengers: Age of Ultron TV ad makes us stoked for May 1

Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron looks like it's gonna be a ton of fun.

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This Apple ad from 1996 reminds us how awful Apple's ads used to be

Voice recognition, video, VR, and 3D were all the rage in 1996.

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New high-tech glasses promise to bring color to the colorblind

Some 300 million people around the world are colorblind and unable to distinguish colors, in particular red and green.

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Star Trek sushi set

The beams of blue spacewarp light on Thinkgeek's $35 Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Sushi Set detach from the Enterprise's nacelles to form chopsticks, while the saucer section unscrews to form a soy sauce dish. (via Geeky Merch)

Texas considers allowing students to carry guns at public universities

Now this sounds like a bad idea.

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An unusual fairytale about a cannibalistic librarian by Haruki Murakami and artist Chip Kidd

stranhe-libraryI bought The Strange Library on a whim.

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Promark View Highlighter has clear tip, so you can see what you're highlighting

The Promark View Highlighter from Japan has a clear tip so you can see what you are highlighting.

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Animated gif of March 20, 2015 solar eclipse

From NASA's Solar Eclipse page.

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Planet of the Damned, free on Kindle


Harry Harrison's Planet of the Damned is one of the first science fiction books I remember reading. It is available free for the Amazon Kindle.

I recently picked up a copy of this at Powell's Books, in Portland. I remembered the cover from my childhood and eagerly wanted to see if it'd held up. I expected unwitting heroes, improbable romance and unbelievable science. I also found some racism.

Planet of the Damned is the story of one genetically superior Brion Brannd. Only Brion can stop some backwards savages with nukes from killing a neighboring planet of peaceful philosophers. Suspend your disbelief and enjoy a great example of pulp science fiction.

Planet of the Damned, free on Kindle

How Adam Curtis' film "Bitter Lake" will change everything you believe about news

The acclaimed British documentary filmmaker has released his latest film in unusual, forward-thinking circumstances.Read the rest

Snatch: world's liveliest family game

Silly innuendoes aside, this looks like a fun game from 1954. Time for someone to make it again?

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