Salon publishes a ridiculous takedown of Hugh Howey

Somehow, Salon is representing Hachette as the defenders of art and freedom. Hugh Howey is an incredible author, a great voice representing independent publishing, and a very good friend. This silly Amazon vs Hachette fight is nothing more than Hachette trying to dictate price to a shop owner.

Mercilessly pricking the bubbles of AI, Big Data, machine learning

Michael I Jordan is an extremely accomplished computer scientist who is also deeply skeptical of claims made by Big Data advocates as well as people who believe that machine intelligence, AI and machine vision are solved, or nearly so.

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Magic Book: "Experience of Magic," Eugene Burger

Experience of Magic by Eugene Burger

This weekend I was introduced to Eugene Burger's Experience of Magic. More a philosophical discussion about the performance of close-up magic than an instruction book, this is a new favorite.

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Real life hoverboard introduced via Kickstarter campaign

Hoverboards are now a reality thanks to a Silicon Valley think tank. Caroline Siede chats with inventor Greg Henderson about the board’s design and the company’s newly launched Kickstarter campaign.

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McDonald's earnings are down 30%. The company has bet everything on its Monopoly promotion. Or maybe McRib will help.

Pi fleece provides warmth, irrationality

Thinkgeek's Pi Fleece keeps you warm and irrational with the first 413 digits of Pi in machine-washable fleece, measuring 45"x64".

Video: trick for drawing a perfect circle

by DaveHax.

Music Video: "Lets Go All The Way," Sly Fox (1985)

Wow. Just wow.

GeekGirlCon is an oasis of acceptance

Copywriter Nicole Dieker on how a convention creates a welcoming space with language

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Meet Lyor Cohen, president of Def Jam Recordings

Introducing the future CEO into the Hip Hop Family Tree. By Ed Piskor

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Bryan Cranston responds to petition against Breaking Bad toys


A mother in Fort Myers, Florida is leading a petition against Toys R Us selling Breaking Bad action figures, to which Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston responded perfectly:

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Comic sans typewriter

Artist Jesse England modified a typewriter to use a Comic Sans typeface. "If I'd made it in Helvetica people would've just observed it as a little design experiment," he says of his device, called the Sincerity Machine.

Cory coming to Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, SF/Palo Alto!

As the tour with my graphic novel In Real Life draws to a close, my next tour, with my nonfiction book Information Doesn't Want to Be Free kicks off with stops down the west coast.

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Google releases set of beautiful, freely usable icons

They're licensed CC-BY-SA and designed for use in mobile apps and other interactive stuff -- there's 750 in all! It's part of Google's Material Design project.

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WATCH: top Scientologists heaping abuse on apostate

The video sorely lacks for detail (UPDATE: See below), but features three alleged Scientology "top managers" showering abuse on a former Scientologist at LAX. Why were they there? Why was he there? Why did he leave the church? We may never know. (Thanks, Melted_Crayons!)

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