Watch the new “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” 88-second teaser trailer

Star Wars, you've come a long way from the original Lucas vision. This 88-second teaser trailer for the forthcoming JJ Abrams-directed episode proves it, and I can't wait to see the film. “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” will be released Dec. 18, 2015. [UPDATE: Here's an alternate, non-official link with 1080P resolution.]

John Oliver on Civil Forfeiture

As always, John Oliver's take on something newsworthy, corrupt, and jaw-droppingly absurd manages to nail it straight through the beating heart.

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Gift Guide 2014

Welcome to this year’s Gift Guide, a piling-high of our most loved items from 2014 and beyond. Books, comics, games, gadgets and much else besides! For Boing Boing tees, check out our own shop.

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Boutique jeans-maker hiring "breakers" to wear in denim

You have to promise to wear the jeans for six months without washing them and upload regular photos you breaking them in to the Historytag site, keyed to each pair's unique identifier; in return, you get 20% of the jeans' sale price.

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WATCH Jay Smooth: Ferguson, riots and human limits

As you'd expect, Jay Smooth has just about the smartest, best, most empathic take on the civil unrest in Ferguson following the failure of the prosecutor to secure an indictment. He quotes Martin Luther King: "riots are the language of the unheard." (via Waxy)

Second career of choice for disgraced cops: cop

When cops are fired or forced to resign for malfeasance, chances are they walk straight into another law enforcement job -- in LA, the Sheriff's Department operates a revolving door between its police force and its notoriously corrupt jails, transferring its worst police offers into its custodial service.

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DC cops budget their asset forfeiture income years in advance

The DC force plans out how much stuff they'll steal from the public through the corrupt "asset forfeiture" program years in advance, almost as though they don't rely on crime to seize assets, but rather just arbitrarily grab stuff from people and sell it to pay their bills.

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WKRP's fantastic Thanksgiving turkey giveaway

"The turkeys are hitting the ground like sacks of wet cement!"

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Analysis of leaked logs from Syria's censoring national firewall

Syria's brutal Assad government uses censorware from California's Blue Coat System as part of its systematic suppression of dissent and to help it spy on dissidents; 600GB of 2011 logs from Syria's seven SG-9000 internet proxies were leaked by hacktivist group Telecomix and then analyzed by University College London's Emiliano De Cristofaro.

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Music: "Alice's Restaurant," Arlo Guthrie (1967)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Great treatment of trans characters in Dragon Age Inquisition

The newly released Dragon Age Inquisition has just about the best handling of transgender issues of any mainstream video-game title, handled with grace through character creation, cut-scenes, and play:

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The Savage Boy, Nick Cole's sequel to Old Man and the Wasteland

The Savage Boy

I read through Nick Cole's The Savage Boy in one sitting. This follow up to Old Man and the Wasteland is a great addition to the story.

Cole brings us back to his ruined, post-apocalyptic America in The Savage Boy. Much like the prior novel, we're introduced to a nameless character, this time "Boy" instead of "Old Man," who talks to an imaginary character in his head while wandering the wastelands. Boy was adopted by a former US Army sergeant, who largely tutored him in survival skills and common sense. Attempting to use those skills to complete the sergeants 28 year old mission and report back to I Corps in mysterious 'Oakland,' teaches Boy about good, bad and love.

It has been long enough since I read Old Man and the Wasteland, however and quickly the story came back to me at first. I was a bit surprised to see the story continued at all, the ending of the prior book seemed final to me, but this story slots in before the events at the end of Old Man and the Wasteland and helps it make a bit more sense. I have already started the third book, I believe it is the final in the series, The Road is a River.

The Savage Boy by Nick Cole

How famous artists would plate their Thanksgiving meals

Jackson+Pollock+Thanksgiving As imagined by Hannah Rothstein. The vomitastic splatter above is, of course, Jackson Pollock. [h/t Heather]

William S. Burroughs: "A Thanksgiving Prayer" (1986)

Uncle Bill, it's time for A Thanksgiving Prayer.

Tiny, transforming apartment made huge with massive wheeled storage-compartments

Yolanda Pila's tiny Madrid apartment is now a transforming, five-room space, thanks to the addition of novel, rolling, track-mounted storage units that hold all her possessions as well as a murphy bed, and can be rolled around to rearrange the space as needed.

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