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The Society of Illustrators in NYC presents “BLAB!: A Retrospective”

The opening night reception for the BLAB! art retrospective in NYC is Friday, March 26th, 6-9 PM. There will be 100 pieces in the show!

The Museum of American Illustration at the Society of Illustrators presents “BLAB!: A Retrospective,” a periodic anthology of works from leading contemporary illustrators, painters, sequential artists and printmakers worldwide. Founded by acclaimed Chicago-based graphic designer and art director Monte Beauchamp in 1986, BLAB! invites more than twenty-five visual artists each year from the fields of sequential art, graphic design, illustration, painting, and printmaking to contribute to BLAB!, a selection informed by Beauchamp’s distinctive vision and aesthetic. The anthology will be on display March 24-May 1, 2010 in the museum’s galleries in New York City’s Upper East Side.

From its roots as an exposition of comic illustration, the original BLAB! anthology format has evolved and diversified, with recent editions incorporating the work and vision of renowned illustrators and artists including Chris Ware, Gary Baseman, Sue Coe, Camille Rose Garcia, The Clayton Brothers, Owen Smith, SHAG!, Joe Sorren, Ron English, and Mark Ryden. BLAB! also features selections of vintage "found" graphics, such as Depression-era matchbook covers, obscure Valmor cosmetic labels and pre-1920 European Krampus postcards.

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Pressure Printing: big sale on fine art editions

My friends at Pressure Printing are holding their Fall sale, offering 25% off all their exquisite editions through December 8. I have several of their pieces and can vouch for the quality, craftmanship, and fantastic taste of these artisans. On sale are signed, limited pieces by Travis Louie, Todd Schorr, Ron English, Femke Hiemstra, James Jean, Glenn Barr, and all your other favorite pop surrealists (except for the ones that are already sold out, ahem, Mark Ryden and Audrey Kawasaki). Pressure Printing Read the rest

Femke Hiemstra print from Pressure Printing

The fine artisans at Pressure Printing have been busy, following up their stunning Ron English piece with this lovely intaglio fine art print from a drawing by Amsterdam-based painter Femke Hiemstra. Femke also has a new book out, Rock Candy, collecting her phantasmagorical fairy tails. Last year, my wife purchased a small Hiemstra original from Roq La Rue Gallery as a birthday gift for me and it brings me spooky joy every day. The new piece from Pressure Printing, in a signed/numbered edition of 100, is 8.75" x 12.75" and sells for $150. It's titled "Haniwa." The Pressure Printing blog has terrific photos of the drawing and printmaking process. Femke Hiemstra's Haniwa Previously:Artist Femke Hiemstra's new site - Boing Boing Femke Hiemstra's illustrations - Boing Boing Travis Louie and Femke Hiemstra, new art show in Seattle - Boing Boing Read the rest

Ron English print from Pressure Printing

Pressure Printing and Ron English released this magnificent hand-stained intaglio print, titled Zembo Boy. The 4.875" x 3.375" print of English's hypnotizing painting is encased in a hand-casted resin frame modeled on an original antique frame. It's an edition of 100 and each signed/numbered print is $395. The Pressure Printing blog has the details on the creation of this work:
The image presented some unique printing challenges–Ron’s imagery has a truly socks-knocking, insane hyper-real aesthetic about it and we wanted to preserve as much of that as we could when translating the large-scale oil painting into a small-scale intaglio print. Similarly, frames like the one employed here were originally made to showcase old-style, tack-sharp daguerreotypes; we went through not a few rounds of plates attempting to be true to our sources, squeezing (literally!) as much fine detail, smooth sheen, and as many bottomless rich darks out of the plate as is possible.
Ron English "Zembo Boy" Previously:Ron English billboard mods in L.A. - Boing Boing The Blab! Show and Devilish Greetings: September 8, 2007, Los ... Last Gasp on My Doorstep - Boing Boing Read the rest

Billboards versus the attention economy: critical essay from 1960

Here's Howard Gossage's February 1960 Harpers essay, "How to Look at Billboards," in which he argues for the impending demise of billboard advertising due to zoning rules. Gossage, an advertising exec has some well-thought-through tactical advice for the paleo-adbusters of the 1960s:
Do you see why it is a mistake to attack outdoor advertising on aesthetic grounds? The row then becomes a matter of comparative beauty and one can go on haggling about that forever. In a sense the garden clubs have led us down the garden path. For when the girls insist that they shall never see a billboard as lovely as a tree it then becomes legitimate to consider all the things a billboard is lovely as. There are quite a few: ramshackle barns, flophouses, poolrooms, cheap lodgings for ancient ladies with orange-tinted hair. Since the world is absolutely stiff with arguably uglier objects it may be some time before the billboards come down; presumably the last billboard will stand on top of the last shack.

The other thing wrong with the aesthetic line of attack is its utter irrelevancy. It is like arguing that mice should be kept out of the kitchen because they don't match the Formica. What a billboard looks like has nothing to do with whether it ought to be there. Nor does the fact that it carries advertising have anything to do with it, either. It would be the same thing if it were devoted exclusively to reproductions of the old masters; just as the open range would have been the same thing if they had only run peacocks on it.

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Last Gasp on My Doorstep

Ed Note: Boingboing's current guest blogger Gareth Branwyn writes on technology, pop and fringe culture. He is currently a Contributing Editor at Maker Media. Recent projects have included co-creating The Maker's Notebook and editing The Best of MAKE and The Best of Instructables collections.

There are a lot of things that can suck about being a freelance writer: long, solitary hours, throwing pitches at magazines like so much spaghetti against a wall (with nothing sticking), low pay, no benefits, having to discipline yourself to stay in the saddle, while sunshine, or a nap, or The Daily Show strum their sexy siren songs. One thing that does not suck is getting lots of free shit: books, CDs, movies, t-shirts, free trips to exotic locales (if you're the type that succumbs to the latter, somewhat questionable, job perk). When I knew I was going to be doing this-here Boing Boing Guest Blogging gig, I wrote off for some books I might want to review. I saw in my latest issue of Hi-Fructose that there was a new Chris Mars book, called Tolerance. And there was that new Attaboy postcards collection. Oh, and there was also that last Ron English book. I sent an email off to the Last Gasp PR guy and asked if I could see review copies of these. He wrote back and said sure and he'd send some other titles I might be interested in as well. A week or so later, a box showed up on my front porch which was so heavy, I could barely muscle it into the house. Read the rest

Crimes on Canvas art show

Savanna Snow says:
This Friday July 18th M Modern Gallery will be curating an epic show entitled Crimes on Canvas. This group exhibition takes place within the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Grand Ballroom and is part of the 944 magazine 3rd anniversary party.

The show will feature new sculpture and paintings by some of the east and west coasts' finest artists, including: Andrew Brandou, Tim Biskup, Glenn Barr, SAS Christian, Bob Dob, Pizz Chris Mars, Amy Crehore, David Stoupakis, Travis Louie, Shag, Amanda Visell (shown above), Ron English and many more.

Crimes on Canvas runs through July 19th. See a show preview, or visit M Modern Gallery for more information.

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Ron English's Abraham Lincoln - Barack Obama fusion painting

Artist Ron English, whose billboard liberation antics have been featured on Boing Boing in the past, painted this Abraham Lincoln - Barack Obama fusion portrait. Link Read the rest

Ron English billboard mods in L.A.

Famed NYC-based prankster/billboard artist Ron English recently took his brilliant brand of witty culture jamming to the Los Angeles area. Our pals at Hi-Fructose have the photographic evidence of the shenanigans. Link Previously on BB: • New Ron English book: Abject Expressionism Link • Billboard Liberation Front: AT&T Link Read the rest

New Ron English book: Abject Expressionism

Laughing Squid reports that a book about artist Ron English just came out.

Ron English has been called the Robin Hood of Madison Avenue for his seminal work in billboard subvertising and is widely considered to be a founding member of the Culture Jamming movement. Abject Expressionism is a comprehensive survey covering 20 years’ of English’s career, from staged photography to neo-Surrealist oil paintings to street art.

English’s work often involves “liberating” commercial billboards with his own messages: he wrangles carefully created corporate iconographies so they are metaphorically turned upside down, used against the corporations they are meant to represent. English’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide, including Paris’ MOCA and NYC’s Whitney. An important look at the work of an artist who has been at the forefront of activist art movements in photography, painting and underground music.

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The Vinyl Frontier -- documentary about vinyl toys

Laughing Squid posted this trailer from an upcoming documentary about vinyl toys called The Vinyl Frontier, by Daniel Zala. I love these kinds of documentaries that explore cult worlds.
Featuring some of todays top designers, collectors and toy producers including: Attaboy, Tim Biskup, Luke Chueh, Dalek, Tristan Eaton, Ron English, Huck Gee, Thomas Han, Frank Kozik, Joe Ledbetter, Tara Mcpherson, Sket One, Joey Potts, Jermaine Rogers, Bwana Spoons, and many many more…
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Devilish Greetings: book of vintage devil postcards

Fantagraphics, the world's best comix publisher, and Monte Beauchamp, editor of the terrific graphic arts anthology series Blab!, have yet again sold (or at least rented) their souls to Satan. This time, the fiery fun comes in the form of Devilish Greetings, a collection of 150 devil postcards from the late 1800s to the mid-20th century. As someone with a passion for devil imagery, I was delighted by this is heavenly little book. From the book description:
This sequel to 2004's hugely popular (in multiple printings) The Devil in Design (featuring 18th- and 19th-century Krampus postcards) is a fascinating, full-color compendium of extremely rare devil postcards culled from key postcard collections from around the world and spanning approximately 1898 through the 1950s. Lavishly illustrated with over 150 striking and stylized full-color examples, the book is edited and designed by Monte Beauchamp, editor and designer of the popular graphic arts anthology Blab! Beginning in the late 19th Century, images of the devil began popping up on postcards in Austria and Germany, and by 1902 became so popular that they proliferated across all of Europe. American postcard manufacturers took note and jumped on the bandwagon, producing their own versions. These penny "dreadfuls" were used to promote a vast array of occasions and products – from festive holiday celebrations, such as Halloween and Christmas (in Europe), to popular household products such as furnaces, chili peppers, and insecticides.
Thanks to Eric Reynolds of Fantagraphics, I'm delighted to provide this selection of postcards featured in the book. Read the rest

SubGenius condoms

Condomania is selling condoms featuring art by Peter Bagge, Coop, Ron English, Johnny Ryan, Peter Kuper, Trevor Brown, Robert Williams, and Winston Smith. I like the SubGenius condom, shown here. Ideal for consummating a ShorDurMar with an amorous yetisyn! Link Read the rest

The Blab! Show and Devilish Greetings: September 8, 2007, Los Angeles

(Click on thumbnails for enlargement)

Here's more information on the upcoming Blab! Art show (I have a painting in it, on the far right).

Copro/Nason Gallery and Monte Beauchamp proudly presents "The Blab! Show," the third Group Art Exhibition featuring original paintings and illustrations from the NEW issue of BLAB! magazine: the leading anthology of art, illustration, found graphics, and sequential art.

Curator (and BLAB! founder) Monte Beauchamp will also debut the release of his new book Devilish Greetings: Vintage Devil Postcards. To celebrate the event over two dozen artists have created Devil-themed paintings and illustrations and will be offering them for sale.

Artists for BOTH shows include: Shag, Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, Ron English, Sas Christian, Travis Louie, Mark Frauenfelder, Fred Stonehouse, Mark Todd, Esther Pearl Watson, Greg Clarke, Drew Friedman, Ryan Heshka, Dan Quintana, Travis Lampe, Walter Minus, Mark Mothersbaugh, Jason Holley, Calef Brown, John Pound, Sergio Ruzzier, Skip Williamson and many more.

Guests include: Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, Fred Stonehouse, Shag, Esther Pearl Watson, Mark Todd, Ron English, Calef Brown, Mark Frauenfelder, Greg Clarke, Travis Lampe, Jason Holley And Monte Beauchamp.

Monte Beauchamp is the founder and editor of the graphics/illustration/ fine arts/comix annual BLAB!, and his work has appeared in Graphis, Print, Communication Arts, American Illustration, Society of Publication Designers, and The Society of Illustrators Annual. His books include: Striking Images: Vintage Matchbook Cover Art (Chronicle Books), The Devil In Design (Fantagraphics), The Life & Times Of R. Crumb (St. Martin's Press), New & Used Blab!

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Mark's painting for upcoming Blab! art show

Copro Nason Gallery in Santa Monica is exhibiting a "Krampus/Devil" themed painting show on September 8. I was invited to be in the show, and I titled my painting "Hot Stuff." Other artists include Tim Biskup, Gary Baseman, Ron English, Shag, and a bunch of other well-known painters. More details at the Blab! Show site. Link Read the rest

Joey Skaggs launches Art of the Prank

For more than four decades, prankster artist Joey Skaggs has been tweaking the media, thumbing his nose at the bourgeoisie, making fun of The Man, and performing random acts of sensible mockery around the globe. With a resume that boasts such brilliant gags as a "Cathouse for Dogs" (1976) that landed him on ABC News, a 1992 lottery with a first prize of renaming rights to the Brooklyn Bridge, and Final Curtain (2000), a funeral company enabling artists to create their own tombs and memorial exhibitions before they die, to dozens of other hoaxes and pranks, Joey is the quintessential culture jammer and reality hacker. Today, April Fools' Day (natch!), Joey launched Pranks.com, home to the new group blog "Art of the Prank" with contributions from such tricksters, luminaries, and jokers as the Rev. Al, Ron English, Nancy Weber, and V. Vale. Congratulations, Joey, from your pals at Boing Boing! This morning, Joey took time to answer a few of my questions just as New York City's 22nd Annual April Fools' Day Parade, of which he is committee chair, began marching down Fifth Avenue:
BB: What's the big idea? Skaggs: Art comes in many colors and hues, shapes, sizes and forms. It can be decorative, functional, socially iconoclastic, or even politically revolutionary. To me the prank is fine art. Perpetrating pranks has enabled me to be expressive in many mediums. I incorporate sculpture, painting, graphic design, advertising, public relations, writing, directing, and acting. The execution of a prank, just like creating a painting or a sculpture, involves intent, content, technique and the magic that occurs when it takes on a life of its own.
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RE/Search Pranksfests in SF and LA

In celebration of the long-awaited Pranks 2 book, RE/Search Publications is hosting Pranksfest parties in San Francisco and Los Angeles. ((Previous Pranks 2 post here.) The Bay Area event is this Saturday, November 11, at the San Francisco Art Institute. The following weekend, Saturday, November 18, the antics move to the Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center in Venice, California. Here are some of the shenanigans planned for San Francisco:
PARTY, SHOW AND SPECTACLE: Due to the "illegal" nature of Pranks, key speakers from the Billboard Liberation Front, etc, may be in disguise! Ex-hacker Marc Powell, Babalou and Karen Marcelo from SRL, Cacophony Society's Chris Radcliffe, and Prankster-Godfather MAL SHARPE will show their real faces (we think). Rare and inspiring pranks video clips will be narrated live, and questions from the audience will be taken. Cyclecide will bring a demo-cycle. Event is still being planned; other guests/events TBA. Videos will include Mal Sharpe's new prank DVD release (excerpt), a special Billboard Liberation Front clip, Jihad Jerry and the Evildoers' "Army Girls Gone Wild," Reverend Al's "Art of Bleeding Safety Film," and excerpts from Ron English's "Popaganda," the wild & crazy "Yes Men" Film, the Cyclecide film, and Scott Beale's "You'd Better Watch Out" documenting the Cacophony Society's wild "Santarchy" escapade in Portland. (For the past ten years, groups of folks dressed up as Santa Claus have invaded department stores, hotel parties and other events, causing ideological havoc and consumer confusion--anarchic fun! Over the years, the Santas have spread to major cities over the planet.) Far more than a video show, the Nov.
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