Masque of The Red Death to be horror scifi musical

A science-fiction musical of Edgar Allan Poe's 1842 Masque of the Red Death featuring a same-sex lead couple, electric "cibongs" and enough red goo to make David Cronenberg squirm? Yes please, America.

Based on Wendy Pini's graphic novel remix of the classic short story, the thriller features music by Gregory Nabours and is directed by Calvin Remsberg. Pini and Nabours collaborated on the lyrics, and their work hits the stage at North Hollywood's NoHo Arts Center later this month for an invitation-only first reading.

The new rendition is set in a obscenely consumerized, scandal-hungry future, where a wealthy scientific recluse, Anton Prosper (Ashes' Stephen Good), slowly perfects a dangerous nanotechnological cure for aging. Love strikes in the form of a Steffan Kabala (NCIS:LA's Zach Villa), the brilliant son of a rival geneticist. Spoilers: everyone's flesh melts into a congealed puddle of shmeat.

An early step on the road to a full-scale production, the performance isn't open to the public, but will have the cast and crew shake out bugs in the script and songs--albeit not the bugs that will make their skin fall off. Pini is the co-creator of Elfquest, oft-featured here at BB; Nabours wrote The Trouble With Words and was awarded a 2011 Ovation Award. Read the rest

Summer reading list: nonfiction

Some of my most popular nonfiction reviews from the past year, from 'Capital in the 21st Century' to 'The Divide.'

Crowdfunding to send injured "How to Cheat at Everything" author to UK for free healthcare

I've written over the years about Simon Lovell's How to Cheat at Everything, a must-read encyclopedia of cons. Read the rest

AT-AT made from old skateboards

Derek Keenan's AT-AT made from old skateboards is part of the Deathstar Blues show at Denver's Black Book Gallery. It sells for $2,000.

Deathstar Blues (via Super Punch) Read the rest

DIY AT-AT cat house

Would you like to make your own felt cat house in the shape of a Star Wars AT-AT? First, you'll need a cat. [The Owner Build Network. Thanks, Heather!] Read the rest

“I F*cking Hate @RuPaul”

Filmmaker, writer, and trans activist Andrea James on the current state of post-disruption journalism and its unhealthy addiction to Twitter, and LGBT brain drain.

AT-AT rocking horse

Jen from Cake Wrecks made this amazing AT-AT rocking-horse, documenting the build online (she's promised plans to follow). It will be auctioned for charity at Megacon by the Florida chapter of the 501st Legion. Read the rest

AT-ATs versus the Olympics

This is the only footage from Sochi that you really need to watch: when the AT-ATs of Russia attacked the skiers, it was sheer, Olympian magic. Watch it now before the IOC exercises its right to humorlessly obliterate anything that interferes with the corporate integrity of its celebration of human potential and indifference to human rights.

Star Wars OL (via Kottke) Read the rest

An AT-AT mother feeding her young (photo from the Boing Boing Flickr Pool)

Boing Boing reader RedandJonny shot and shared this photo, "An AT-AT mother feeding her young," in our Boing Boing Flickr Pool. If you would like to submit your images for consideration on Boing Boing, share them in the pool! Read the rest

Felted Star Wars characters

Etsy seller Famished makes spectacular felted figurines based on pop-culture favorites, espically Star Wars (though there's a pretty great Totoro in the bunch. Prices range from $10 to $85 (for the AT-AT, which is the most geometrical felted item I've ever seen). Read the rest

Star Wars pencil skirts

The Mary Sue has an impressive selection of links to Star Wars pencil skirts; two from Etsy's Engram Clothing (Stormtrooper, AT-AT) and a forthcoming space-battle/Millennium Falcon skirt from Hot Topic.

Star Wars Pencil Skirt, Why Aren’t You In My Closet? Star Wars Pencil Skirt, Do You Copy? Read the rest

My most popular book-reviews: Part I (Summer 2012)

I love reviewing books on Boing Boing; I've been a bookseller, off and on, since I was 16 years old and I know few pleasures keener than turning people onto books that I love. Inspired by the positive attention the repost of my 2007 review of How to Cheat at Everything garnered, I decided to do a little analysis of the last year's most popular books, on a quarter-by-quarter basis. I've put together a series of posts to run this week with each quarter's top reviews. Here's the hit-parade from Summer 2012:

A Wrinkle in Time, worthy graphic novel adaptation: Hill and Wang's A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel is Hope Larson's really wonderful and worthy adaptation of the original. Larson is very faithful to the original text, and the graphic form really suits the story, as it allows for direct illustration of some of the more abstract concepts (such as the notion of folding space in higher dimensions to attain faster-than-light transpositions of matter).

[Buy it]

Read the rest

How to Cheat at Everything: an encyclopedia of cons

Back in 2007, I reviewed a great book called How to Cheat at Everything, by Simon Lovell. Lovell's book, nominally a guide to committing fraud, was really a tremendous catalog of all the ways that we get conned -- all the deceptive psychology that goes into cons long and short. It's a book that's simultaneously paranoid and liberating, and I've turned to it several times in the years since. I'm not the only one -- I still get email from people who found it through my review, years later. So I thought I'd revisit it today -- including the colorful notes about Lovell that readers sent in back in 2007. Read the rest

AT-AT made of single-serving ketchup tubs

Redditor Txmaluda works at a Whataburger and used their little ketchup-tubs to construct an AT-AT Walker during a slow shift. Bravo!

Update: From the comments, robcruickshank sez, "I hope the rebels mustard a defense." I hope so, too, Rob.

Assault walker I made from ketchup packets when I was bored at work. ( (via Geekologie) Read the rest

Tiny holiday scenes starring Star Wars advent calendar minifigures

wookie needs a tree. Photo: J5K.

Boing Boing reader J5K of Helsinki, Finland picked up a LEGO 2012 Star Wars Advent Calendar 9509, and has been setting up and photographing cute little holiday scenes with the minifigs. He shared some in the Boing Boing Flickr pool, and you can view them all here.

at-at walker, Star Wars Advent Calendar - Day 10. Photo: J5K. Read the rest

Gift Guide 2012

Welcome to this year's Boing Boing Gift Guide, a piling-high of our most loved stuff from 2012 and beyond. There are books, comics, games, gadgets and much else besides: click the categories at the top to filter what you're most interested in—and add your suggestions and links in the comments.

Crappy YouTube trailer leads to death of US diplomat and others in Mideast

Update: The whole thing sounds like a weird disinfo job. But, by whom and to what end? The AP has outed "Sam Bacile" as Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, 55, a Coptic Christian who claims the film supports the concerns of Christian Copts about their treatment by Muslims. On The Media notes that there's something fishy about the film dialogue. And Gawker has spoken to one of the actresses in the film, who says she had no idea what the film was really about.

The Associated Press identifies Sam Bacile as an Israeli filmmaker based in California who made an independently produced and financed anti-Muslim movie that's sort of "Birth of a Nation" meets "Bed Intruder." The YouTube trailer is embedded above, and it unapologetically attacks Islam’s prophet Muhammad. Bacile has no known prior history as a filmmaker.

His D-grade web trailer inspired (or, alternately, was used as cover for) attacks by ultra-conservative Muslims on U.S. missions in Egypt and Libya. J Christopher Stevens, America's ambassador to Libya, and three American members of his staff were killed today in resulting violence.

From the Associated Press:

Speaking by phone Tuesday from an undisclosed location, writer and director Sam Bacile remained defiant, saying Islam is a cancer and that the 56-year-old intended his film to be a provocative political statement condemning the religion. Protesters angered over Bacile’s film opened fire on and burned down the U.S. consulate in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi. Libyan officials said Wednesday that Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed Tuesday night when he and a group of embassy employees went to the consulate to try to evacuate staff as the building came under attack by a mob firing machine guns and rocket propelled grenades.

Read the rest

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