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Guy creates video mocking grief of One Direction fans after Zayn Malik quits. CBS airs it as real.

Well played, Ben Burst. Well played.

For those of you who aren't tweens, boy pop band One Direction lost a member yesterday: Zayn Malik. This abrupt breakup hit their fans right in the feels.

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FBI profiler analyzes how Breaking Bad's Walter White went from chemistry teacher to druglord

In this Vanity Fair video shared by our pal Joe Sabia, FBI vet Candice Delong examines Breaking Bad's Walter White, and how the teacher-turned-king pin justified his crimes.

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Fake service dogs everywhere

badmocap An actual service dog in casual attire. Photo: David Lewandowski

"Service dog fraud" is a thing, now. Qualified handlers are aggravated by the increase of people saying their dogs are service animals, allowing them entry to cool human-only places, when they are not.

The BBC reports that "it is easy to buy a service dog vest on the internet, such as this one at Amazon.

Issues with both service dogs and ESAs highlight a disquiet amongst some Americans regarding increasingly strict rules controlling where animals are allowed.

"I think a lot of this could be resolved by having different legislation about animals being allowed in public transportation and perhaps in cafes and more public places," says Dunbar.

"Unfortunately it is going in the other direction, which is I why I think we are seeing so much abuse."

Periscope, Twitter's livestreaming answer to Meerkat, is now live

Screen_Shot_2015-03-25_at_7.05.30_PM.0 I've tried 'em both. Periscope is pretty great--no surprise that a service offered by Twitter for integration with Twitter would do so more seamlessly than one offered by a third party.

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India's $11 cellphone could change the world

micromax_joy_x1800_x1850_pouch_package The mobile market in India is flooded with new phones: three a day last year. Local provider Micromax has a gamble to claim a slice of that.

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A Book of Mojo, on Indiegogo

The Book of Mojo is a webcomic whose creators hope will become an animated series or feature. The main character, Creepy, is an African-American girl with magic powers; and her unlikely partner, Mojo, is a 7-foot tall man of stone with no memory.

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Adorable photo proves meeting your heroes is hard

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 1.56.16 PM

2-year-old Quincy has a passion for trucks so naturally he wanted to meet two of the garbage men who actually get to drive one.

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Scientists have potentially figured out a cooking method to cut calories from rice


While nutritionists used to suggest that those looking to lose weight stay away from fats, newer research points to sugar and starch as the real enemy of weight loss.

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Plastimake is moldable plastic that can do just about anything

I stumbled across this video for Plastimake, which is a moldable, resuable plastic that can be formed into just about anything, and now I want nothing more than to try it out. (It's a bit like Sugru repair putty, but while that dries into a rubbery material, Plastimake cools into hard, basically unbreakable plastic.) Sadly, the company has been overwhelmed by orders recently and new stock won't be available until May 2015, although the site is currently accepting backorders.

In the meantime, potentials fans can browse the impressive galleries of all of the stuff people have created with Plastimake, including practical fixes, costumes, and sculptures.




rose elephant

Empowering feminist drawings to brighten your day


Fighting for feminist causes is a necessary, but often exhausting struggle. What I love about these designs by Brazilian artist Carol Rossetti is that they are positive, uplifting, and empowering.

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A Zelda remix is the hot new song at the club

When I think of Zelda, I think of lots of things: smashing pots, collecting rupees, throwing boomerangs, and dancing to sick beats. That last one is a pretty new addition to my personal Zelda memory palace, but it's stuck there anyway thanks to Hitmane's new mashup of Juicy J's "Bandz That Make Her Dance" with the whimsical "Saria's Song" from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

The song, which has been played over 200,000 times on Soundcloud, primarily picked up steam when the more prominent DJ/producer Ryan Hemsworth started adding it to his shows. It also got played by Qrion at a party during the Game Developers Conference earlier this month, where IGF chairman (and former Offworld founder) Brandon Boyer shared this little Vine:

Nearly 10 million loops later, we're all still dancing. If you're looking for suggested dance moves, you can always go to the source material. Otherwise, this guy has got you covered.

Arduino starter kit and course bundle

This Arduino kit ($85) from Seeed Studios includes an Arduino and a bunch of components, plus a 25 hour course on basic Arduino concepts.

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Conversations with Matt Dwyer

Conversations with Matt Dwyer

The internet calls it the golden age of audio podcasts.

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If Indiana legalizes homophobic discrimination, Gen Con's leaving Indianapolis

The chair of the 57,000 attendee conference has written to Indiana governor Mike Pence to say that the conference will pull out of the state if a bill passes that lets businesses discriminate against LGBT people if their religion tells them to be hateful fucks.

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Pilot was locked out of cockpit before Germanwings plane crashed in France

A French gendarme helicopter flies over the crash site of an Airbus A320, near Seyne-les-Alpes, March 25, 2015. French investigators will sift through wreckage for clues into why a German Airbus operated by Lufthansa's Germanwings budget airline plowed into an Alpine mountainside, killing all 150 people on board including 16 schoolchildren returning from an exchange trip to Spain. REUTERS/Emmanuel Foudrot

A French gendarme helicopter flies over the crash site of an Airbus A320, near Seyne-les-Alpes, March 25, 2015. REUTERS/Emmanuel Foudrot

A mysterious new development in the recent crash of a Germanwings jet carrying 150 people on board: an investigator today told the New York Times that audio evidence from the plane's cockpit voice recorder indicates that one of the flight's two pilots left the cockpit before the plane’s descent, and was not able to get back in.

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Florida man headbutts car, slaps fire chief

"Deputies asked Keefer why he jumped on the vehicle and if he had consumed narcotics. Keefer said he had taken methadone and bath salts, deputies said." (via the Daytona Beach News Journal)

Why it's a bad idea to watch porn in the same room as your parrot

We do not know if that's really the story behind this little guy's grunts and moans, nor do we know the video's true provenance--there are many uploads. But it's funny.

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Woman convicted of shooting into McDonalds after discovering burger once again lacked bacon

Shaneka Monique Torres

Shaneka Monique Torres

Shaneka Monique Torres, 30, will spend at least two years in prison for felony use of a firearm, followed by a maximum of five years for shooting at an occupied building and illegally carrying a concealed weapon.

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Guy loses nearly 400 pounds with insane diet plan: eating less, exercising more.


In this video, Brian Flemming shares the story of how he lost 390 pounds “through diet and exercise.”

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Video: Shattering a CD at 170,000FPS

The Slow Mo Guys, Gav and Dan, present their slowest ever episode in which they spin a compact disc at 23,000RPM and film it shattering at 170,000 frames per second. [video link]

AK Press warehouse fire: crowdfunding for survival

The excellent radical publisher AK Press has had a devastating warehouse fire and is fundraising $150K to stay in business.

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I found the perfect stick, mom, can I keep it?—dog

A Vine from Sarah Briggs.

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Under Obama administration, some leaks are more equal than others

Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta and Gen. Martin E. Depsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff presents former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with the Department of Defense Distinguished Civilian Service Award during a ceremony at the Pentagon, 2013. Leaks that benefit these officials are unlikely to be prosecuted.

Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta and Gen. Martin E. Depsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff presents former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with the Department of Defense Distinguished Civilian Service Award during a ceremony at the Pentagon, 2013. Leaks that benefit these officials are unlikely to be prosecuted.

Freedom of the Press Foundation's Trevor Timm tells Boing Boing,

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One guy's quest to reengineer rare beers in his own dirty kitchen



What is the very best beer you've ever tasted? How far would you go to re-engineer it, if it were lost?

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Bicycle Sideshow Freaks Playing Cards


Attractive conversation piece decks are helping to cover my bad sleights of hand. This Sideshow Freaks deck is absolutely beautiful.

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BBC sacks Jeremy Clarkson

x 2015-03-25 at 1.56.41 PM

Angered by the lack of hot food provided for him late at night, he verbally abused and ultimately physically attacked a colleague and had to be pulled away.

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Milwaukee Brewers to offer deep-fried nachos on a stick

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 10.49.30 AM

Maybe they need fewer fans. "The next innovative ballpark food is set to hit Miller Park this season, as Milwaukee Brewers fans will have a chance to take a bite of the Inside The Park Nachos." (via ESPN)

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Christian family band who sang about End Times arrested after deadly gunfight in Arizona Walmart parking lot

Jeremiah Gaver, member of a Christian family band that was arrested on Saturday March 21 after a deadly gunfight outside of a Walmart parking lot Cottonwood, Arizona.

Jeremiah Gaver, member of a Christian family band that was arrested on Saturday March 21 after a deadly gunfight outside of a Walmart parking lot Cottonwood, Arizona.

An evangelical Christian family band that believed in a coming Jesus Apocalypse was arrested last Saturday following a deadly gunfight outside a Walmart parking lot in Cottonwood, Arizona. Nine suspects were involved in a violent brawl that left at least one person dead. Suspects arrested from the Gaver family included Peter Gaver, 55, and his sons, Jeremiah, 29, and Nathaniel, 27, all from the small-time Christian band Matthew 24 Now.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety reports that Cottonwood police officers arrived at the Walmart after a store employee was assaulted during an encounter with the family. The Gavers had been living out of a large van with Idaho license plates in the parking lot for the past few days, and entered the retail store to use the toilet when trouble ensued. From the Christian Post:

Upon arrival, police were reportedly attacked by members of the family and Sgt. Jeremy Daniels, 31, suffered a gunshot wound to the leg. The 10-year veteran officer has since been treated and is expected to make a full recovery.

Seven other officers sustained cuts and bruises during the clash. A preliminary investigation suggests that a total of three gunshots were fired and there was an alleged struggle for one officer's gun, but the investigation is ongoing.

One of the suspects, identified as Enoch Gaver, was killed after allegedly shooting at police. A second suspect was seriously wounded during the incident and one onlooker recalled the horrifying scene.

"I was here last night. It was a lot of noise. It looked like a riot in the middle of the parking lot. I mean it was unbelievable," eyewitness Louie Solano reportedly told CBS5AZ. "Lots of screams. Just screeching noise, like unreal, unreal. I heard about eight to 10 shots."

The Gaver family band's Facebook page is still up. Matthew 24 Now, the name of their band, is believed to be a reference to scripture that refers to the end of times and the apocalypse.

[via Christian Nightmares]

 The ill-fated Cottonwood Wal-Mart Parking lot

The ill-fated Cottonwood Wal-Mart Parking lot

From the band's Facebook page, their van.

From the band's Facebook page, their van.


Stevie Wonder and Wonderlove performing live on NYC public TV show SOUL!, 1972

The December 20, 1972 episode of “SOUL!” a WNET New York public television cultural showcase ”devoted entirely to and aimed at the metropolitan area’s black community.”

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Music: "Those Were The Days," Mary Hopkin (1968)

"We'd live the life we choose. We'd fight and never lose."