How many people are on Tinder? A fuckload

A team strategizes at the Tinder office in West Hollywood. Photo:  Kendrick Brinson for The New York Times

A team strategizes at the Tinder office in West Hollywood. Photo: Kendrick Brinson for The New York Times

An awful lot of love-hungry people use Tinder, and they use it intensely and compulsively. reports Nick Bilton in a New York Times profile.

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Leaks to US news media are as bad as terrorism, says new Defense directive

"Unauthorized disclosures of classified information, leaks to the news media, acts of espionage, and certain other information security offenses are now to be collectively designated as 'serious security incidents,' according to a Department of Defense directive that was published this week." [FAS]

FBI cut off internet to hotel room, posed as repair guys to record video without warrant

Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas.

Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas.

FBI agents cut off Internet access to three luxury villas at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, then "impersonated repair technicians to surreptitiously get inside and collect evidence in an investigation of online sports betting," reports the AP. Said a lawyer for the defendants, "They were trying everything they could to get inside without a warrant."

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Glif Smartphone Mount


The Glif is one of the more invaluable video accessories in my collection, when used in tandem with a small tripod. The product pictured is specific to the iPhone 4/4S, but there's also a newer, universal model out now. I've used it to record countless performances, and with the Glif Plus attachment, there is absolutely no worry of your phone falling out. Instead of lugging an entire full-size tripod and DSLR around town, this turns out professional-level video with maximum portability.

Selfie from 1910s


The selfie from 1909 post inspired this look at Joseph "Joe" Byron's selfies from 1909 and the following decade.

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Gadgets: 3-in-1 multi-cooker, magician's card press, iPhone 6 Plus

Listen to Mark, Xeni and Jason talk about what’s cooking with their favorite gadgets in and out of the kitchen.

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Tim Cook proud to be gay


In an editorial published at Bloomberg Businessweek, Apple CEO Tim Cook explains that he is gay.

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The Seed Lives Forever

A short story by Ivan Hernandez concerning a sticky corpse and a feminist private investigator.

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100K Hungarians march against Internet tax

When Hungary's government announced a per-megabyte tax on Internet traffic, people were pissed; a week later, 100,000 people took to the streets to let Prime Minister Viktor Orbán know how they felt about the proposal.

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The Joy of Fix: Fixing and making feels good

"Inspired by the life-changing sex manual of the 1970s, [Sugru] wants to help millions more people experience the true joy that comes from a fulfilling fix life."

How to kickstart your indie band's album

Beloved nerd troubadours The Doubleclicks, fresh off their successful, oversubscribed, $80,000 Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a new album, offer some incredibly sensible advice on making a go of it with crowdfunded support for your art.

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Knit brain hats

Pandora Wilson in Las Vegas will make you a custom knit brain hat -- also comes in grey and baby).

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Potato-chip surveillance: once you start, you just can't stop

The ongoing revelations about UK domestic spying on political activists, continued in some case for decades, and which included an incident in which an undercover police officer fathered a child with the woman he was spying on, illustrate an important point: once you decide someone is suspicious enough to follow around, there's no evidence that you can gather to dispel that suspicion.

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HOWTO make a low-poly Kim Jong Un Hallowe'en head

Tim writes, "I made a giant wearable low-polygon Kim Jong Un head for Halloween, and you should too!"

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Dissecting the arguments of liberal apologists for Obama's surveillance and secret war

Democratic party partisans like Sean Wilentz, George Packer and Michael Kinsley spent the Bush years condemning the tactics they now defend under Obama -- apart from sheer intellectual dishonesty, how can this be explained?

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