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Crystallized books


Artist Alexis Arnold bends books at their spines, crumples them, and rolls them around in a Borax solution that causes them to be encrusted with tiny crystals.

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Motorized plywood go-kart

This is neat - a Kickstarted CNC-routed plywood go-kart kit with a gasoline engine. It starts at $745.

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Honey-dipped nudes: photographer Blake Little's “Preservation”


Photographer Blake Little drenches his human and canine subjects with buckets of real honey.

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Go Go Gadget Netflix! TV toons arrive on video service

New seasons of Inspector Gadget and Danger Mouse are in production and will run on video service Netflix, reports Variety. They're also developing a show based on Playmobile toys, The Magic School Bus and Some Assembly Required—I knew I was holding onto my childlike immaturity for a reason.

Supreme court justice cites Dr. Seuss

Elena_Kagan_Official_SCOTUS_Portrait_(2013) A Dr. Seuss reference has been dropped in the nation's highest court.

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Cellulose fibre filler - cure for stripped screw holes in wood

For years, I was frustrated by stripped screw holes, particularly with wooden doors. To get a screw to stay in the stripped hole, I stuffed wood pieces, plastic anchors, basically anything I could find that would fit in the hole. Usually the fix failed, and I was again searching for a MacGyver fix.

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The Art of Neil Gaiman

You can learn a lot by peering into an artist’s process. In The Art of Neil Gaiman, Gaiman friend and fan Hayley Campbell is given generous access to Gaiman’s notebooks, sketches, archives, and even the details on some of his failed projects.

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Which rock is classic?

538's Walt Hickey helps us understand what America calls classic rock, today.

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Lose yourself in these 10 amazing cellular-level macro photos by artist Linden Gledhill

Image: Linden Gledhill Photography.

Image: Linden Gledhill Photography.

Photographer Linden Gledhill explores the physical world at different image scales, and within varying fragments of time.

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Cats are jerks

How can something so fluffy and adorable be such a jerk? [ via ]

Nerdy status-badges for kids

Isiah Saxon made a set of amazing badges for DIY, a program to teach kids skills.

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New York at night in 3,454 oil paintings: animated music video by Zachary Johnson

This lovely animation is made of 3,454 oil on paper paintings, all hand-painted by Zachary Johnson.

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UK Tory MP says astrology would improve NHS health outcomes

David Tredinnick, the Tory MP for Bosworth, Leicestershire, claims that astrology could improve health outcomes for the NHS, is bitter that he had to pay parliament back £755 for his expensed astrology software, says he helps other MPs with astrological advice, and says astrology skeptics are "racially prejudiced." (via /.)

How to make a dandelion paperweight

MAKE has posted a video (shot entirely in portrait mode!) on how to preserve a dried dandelion in resin. It uses a gumball toy capsule as the mold.

FTC fines bogus melanoma diagnosing apps


The FTC has fined two developers who made bogus skin cancer detection apps.

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Chemistry professor's cabinet of curiosities


Boston University science professor T. Ross Kelly has amassed an impressive collection of strange and wonderful scientific instruments and gadgets, from radiometers to thermobiles to MOVA Globes that he and two students have kindly documented online in "A Scientist's Curiosity Cabinet."

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UK bans "world's thinnest phone" commercial: "sexually suggestive" and "likely to cause serious offense."

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) banned an ad for the Kazam Tornado 348 mobile phone because they ruled it to be "likely to cause serious offense."

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Kickstarting Keybiner: a multitool caribiner that also holds your keys

It's a bottle opener, multidriver, wrench-set, and comes in brass, stainless, blackened or anodized aluminum, and it holds up to 14 keys, as well as a USB stick.

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Magic Leap wants to replace your mobile phone with nothing

magic-leapRony Abovitz is CEO of the secretive 3d company, Magic Leap.

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This minimalist Nixie tube clock design is a thing of beauty



The Blub Uno is a Kickstarted single-Nixie-tube desk clock designed by Duncan Hellmers.

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We just discovered 'badass snails' and an asshole bug that eats its mom from the inside out


Wired writer Matt Simon writes about weird animals.

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Rats weren't behind the Black Death

Don't blame rats for the Black Death. Scientists now think it was Asian giant gerbils that carried the fleas that spread the plague.

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Tiny models of vintage synthesizers


Artist Dan McPharlin's "Analogue Miniatures" series are tiny models of mostly-imagined electronic musical instruments "hand-made from framing matt-boards, paper, plastic sheeting, string and rubber bands."

More here and here. (via Juxtapoz)


Farm and Field Lockback is a handsome pocket knife


Core77 reviews the very nice looking Farm & Field Lockback pocket knife.

Now I know what I want for my birthday. The orange one, or maybe the glow-in-the dark model.

These feature a 1095 carbon steel blade, smooth pivot, secure lock, exceptionally well-formed brass-pinned delrin/acrylic/micarta scales, and a brass reinforced lanyard hole. They're made in the states, and made right. And because we think great blades deserve great looks, we're extra pumped that these come in amazing colors: choose between bright Orange Delrin, soft matte Black Delrin, Green Linen Micarta, or a bold glow-in-the dark Nifebrite Acrylic!

Photos of a high-end weed store in Aspen, CO


Aspen, CO is the most expensive town in the United States. The median price for homes or condos is $4,570,633.

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Want to own some of Winston Churchill's blood? Now's your chance.

On March 12, you can bid on a vial of Winston Churchill's blood.

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Teen remotely unlocks and starts car using $15 worth of electronics components

A 14-year-old boy at a five-day "car-hacking threats" summer camp made a gadget from parts purchased at RadioShack to remotely infiltrate a connected car.

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Please Don't Tell My Parents I'm a Supervillain

Please Don't Tell My Parents I'm a Supervillain

A humorous take on the YA superhero novel! Penelope wants to become a superhero, just like Mom and Dad, but things don't quite go according to plan in Please Don't Tell My Parents I'm a Supervillain.

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Birdman score is coming soon on vinyl


I am thrilled that jazz drummer Antonio Sanchez's mindblowing original score for Birdman will see a vinyl release on April 7!

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Lego slippers

They're $12.50/pair from Thinkgeek: one size, red or blue, 3X2 only, and have thick enough soles to cushion even the most violent Lego/bare-foot impact. (via Geeky Merch)