godaddy at Boing Boing says it will stop registering domains in China

Xeni Jardin on Wed, Mar 24, 2010

Search Engine video podcast: Free Hossein Derakhshan, even if he's kind of a jerk!

Cory Doctorow on Thu, Jan 28, 2010

GoDaddy blocks friends of jailed Iranian blogger "Hoder" from renewing

Xeni Jardin on Tue, Nov 3, 2009

Godaddy: Don't Buy dot-TV Domains, The Island is Sinking.

Xeni Jardin on Thu, Apr 30, 2009

Yesterday at Boing Boing Gadgets

John Brownlee on Tue, Feb 3, 2009

RateMyCop censored by GoDaddy

Cory Doctorow on Wed, Mar 12, 2008

LJ purge drama: Who are "Warriors for Innocence"?"

Xeni Jardin on Thu, May 31, 2007

VA Tech: guns on campus, TV producers on Facebook

Xeni Jardin on Tue, Apr 17, 2007 lying turdmongers

Xeni Jardin on Fri, Mar 24, 2006

This is your brain on Super Bowl ads: research conclusion

Xeni Jardin on Tue, Feb 7, 2006

Broadcast Flag will kill Superbowl Commercial parties

Cory Doctorow on Wed, Feb 9, 2005

Dumbass "Copyright Registration" "service"

Cory Doctorow on Fri, Feb 6, 2004

Domain registrar GoDaddy emails customers about Verisign

Xeni Jardin on Thu, Sep 25, 2003
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