Chihuahua chilling out while receiving robot head massage

You know you want to be that chihuahua right now, dawg. [video link]


#IceBucketChallenge: ALS Association withdraws trademark application



In an apparent response to online criticism, the ALS Association has withdrawn their trademark application for "Ice Bucket Challenge." An admirable move.

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1986 AOL puppet show: Rapid T. Rabbit and Friends, for Commodore 64

Video and GIFS: From 1986, the "Rapid T. Rabbit and Friends Show," which was offered over PlayNET, a system for the Commodore 64.

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Lamps made from old game consoles, controllers and accessories

Woody from Oshkosh, WI, makes amazing lamps out of old gaming gear: there's lamps made from NES lightguns, ROB the Robot and Powergloves; stacks of obsolete Nintendo controllers; stacks of obsolete Playstation controllers; NES and controllers; and a PS1 and controllers.

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Birth control cupcakes

Redditor Recycledpaper baked and frosted these delicious-looking birth control cupcakes: can you name all the different methods they illustrate?

I Made Birth Control Cupcakes!

Kickstarting a life-sized, cardboard fighter-jet cockpit

It's pretty amazing looking, 1.6m x 1.86m, 0.95m, and accommodates a standard office chair, and works with VR headsets, projectors, or your imagination. Designed for easy breakdown and reassembly, and comes as a PDF (£50) or hardcopy (£300), with lots of customization options, and a kid-sized mini.

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Journalists: publicly cynical about traffic metrics, privately obsessed with them

Niemanlab: "all media sites now rely on web analytics to make editorial decisions, but this does not mean that they all use and interpret metrics in similar ways."

ISIS hostages were waterboarded

Hostages held in Syria, including recently-executed U.S. journalist James Foley, were waterboarded in captivity, reports The Washington Post.

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IBM's corporate songbook from 1937


Paint the clouds with sunshine, and worship Thomas Wilson, head and soul of our splendid IBM.

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WATCH: Profile of a porn video sound effects creator

In this short mockumentary, we meet foley artist Grant Meyers, who uses raw meat, toilet plungers, junk food, and his own voice to make sound effects for porn videos.

Cover for new edition of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: "creepy, sexualized, inappropriate garbage”

Commenters on Penguin’s Facebook page have called the cover for new edition of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ‘creepy,’ ‘sexualized’ and ‘inappropriate garbage.'”

In the New Yorker, Margaret Talbot says pretty much the same thing:

You can imagine what the designers were getting at. Dahl is darker and edgier than most beloved children’s authors. In “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” the obnoxious children suffer ignominious comeuppances—one falls into a filthy garbage chute; another blows up like a giant blueberry—and these are observed with sadistic glee by Willy Wonka and the author alike. The trouble is that the designers went for the wrong sort of darkness. One thing that Dahl’s books for children are not is sexually perverse, or indeed sexual at all. (His macabre stories for adults, which sometimes feature sexual cruelty, are another matter.) And if the Stepford daughter on the cover is meant to remind us of Veruca Salt or Violet Beauregarde, she doesn’t: those badly behaved squirts are bubbling over with rude life.

This will always be the only cover for me:

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Adorable cluster of fungus gnat larvae crossing the sidewalk

Cute overload!

Marijuana, Brujeria

The only macarena I could handle.

Rubber DSLR camera necklace/USB drive

This adorable camera necklace is also a 4GB flash drive. It comes in Canon, Nikon, and Sony, and is made from lightweight rubber by Etsy seller Tuesdays and Fridays, who charges $28 for it (the 8GB version is $33). (via Geekymerch)

The Adventures of Sindbad by Gyula Krúdy

The Adventures of Sindbad (New York Review Books Classics)

Flattery, lies and attraction seem ever present for Guyla Krúdy's ghostly Sindbad, but is this love? This brilliant collection of stories, translated by George Szirtes, is a melancholy time capsule from the fading Habsburg empire.

Sindbad is a centuries old ghost who lives in a crypt. It is not clear how he got there, but he is compelled to visit the women he has loved. These stories don't so much have a plot, they all revolve around Sindbad's fascination with and visitation of his former loves. Instead each short communicates various shades of attraction, desire, vanity, lust and despair. They are as poetry.

I particularly enjoyed the tale of Rozina. One moment she loves and can not imagine life without Sindband, the next brutally throws him out. It teaches him to hate mice.

The Adventures of Sindbad (New York Review Books Classics)