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Turn to Bone: a cover of Turn to Stone that's about osteopathology

♬ Your fibroblasts aren't alone ♫


A fucking interesting history of swearing on television!

I distinctly remember my glee as an 8-year-old watching Hawkeye say "Son of a bitch" on M*A*S*H in 1979, the first time that phrase was used on US television.

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Cambodia legalizes police corruption


For people contemplating a holiday in Cambodia, take note: starting in January police officers in that country will personally receive a 70% commission on traffic fines they issue. This new rule, says the Cambodian government, will reduce corruption. It seems like it legalizes corruption, but whatever.

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Travel tip: don't set fire to airplane cabins

Cabin crew "shouting over screaming passengers" managed to help them subdue a traveler who had set fire to a Shenzhen Airlines flight from Taizhou to Guangzhou.

Xinhua news agency said the man was trying to ‘damage facilities’, with a report by the Civil Aviation Resource Net of China stating that he ‘attempted arson’ as the plane was coming in to land.

Images have emerged online showing seats and one of the plane’s door scorched by fire.

47° 51' 57.5" N, 123° 52' 13.3" W is America's "quietest" place


Welcome to "the quietest square inch in the wilds of America, discovered by Gordon Hempton.

The quietest inch isn’t a sound vacuum. It represents a place with a minimum of human-made noise. The discipline of acoustic ecology, which is dedicated to understanding the natural sounds that come through loud and clear when we're not around, outlines an important distinction between sound and noise. The blip of water droplets from a forest canopy? Sound. The tinny din of Taylor Swift through smartphone speakers? Noise. For example, the inch, as it's often called, is exposed to flute-like bugling from Roosevelt elk, the Morse-code chirp of the American Dipper, and assertive hooting from the endangered Northern Spotted Owl. The steady rush of the Hoh River rounding the shoulder of Mount Olympus whooshes nearby, and summer snowmelt punctuates the setting with staccato droplets. In spite of the natural sound, dense forest engulfs the inch in a hush that is, at times, below 20 decibels—quieter than most recording studios.

The recording is presumably normalized to make it sound much louder. Don't think I could sleep through that boid.

The photo, taken by Hempton, is of a red pebble he left at the quietest spot.

New owner will cover Ouya's pledges to game developers

ouya-a-99-hackable-android-game-console-designed-by-yves-beharIndie game console creator Ouya was bought by gaming peripheral company Razer. Problem! Ouya pledged indie devs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Solution: Razer will cover the tab.

Car alarms deemed useless: so why do they exist?

fawlty The false-positive rate is 99%. Public reaction to them bleeds from disinterest to violent hostility. They don't reduce the likelihood of your car being stolen, and are easily circumvented. But still they remain abundant.

X-Files was inspired by Chris Carter's observation of alien abductees' hypnosis


In the early 1990s, Harvard psychiatrist John Mack studied hundreds of people who claimed to have been abducted by aliens and wrote multiple books about his research. He invited Chris Carter to sit in on one of Mack's regression hypnosis session with a self-proclaimed abductee, an experience that Carter says informed his vision for the X-Files.

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New military "noise gun" very loud indeed

brown noteAttention, protestors and other undesirable crowds! "The 130-decibel roar of a fighter jet" will one day be projected into your head by these delightful new noise weapons.

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Captain Crunch Oops All Berries was the best cereal…

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See Lego robot controlled by DIY exosuit

Danny Benedettelli built a Lego NXT humanoid robot that he controls with a sensor-laden exosuit, known as a "waldo." For example, when he moves his arms, so does the robot.

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The perils of group blogging in one gif


Say, I'll bet our readers will love this wonderful thing! I'll just spend 20 minutes meticulously creating this gif. Sure hope no one else saw this wonderful thing yet. ::rechecks scheduled posts::

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Erenhot's enormous kissing dinosaur arch


Erenhot is a dinosaur fossil hot-spot on the border between China and Mongolia. In an outpouring of civic pride, they erected this fabulous arch made of kissing dinosaurs.

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Intricate 3D paper typography by Sabeena Karnik


Mumbia-based illustrator Sabeena Karnik specializes in forming strips of paper into intricate typography. Below is a sequence showing creation of her piece for a radio station.

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Kitten + Owlet + Coffee equals cute


Hukulou Coffee in Osaka has several owls, but Fuku the owlet and Marimo the kitten are the star attractions, as they have become very good friends.




The posts below have some very cute recent videos.

Lots of great fan art on their Twitter feed, too.

Hukulou Coffee (Twitter)

Self-aiming sniper rifle can be pwned over the Internet

The $13,000 Trackingpoint sniper rifle is vulnerable to wifi-based attacks that allow your adversary to redirect bullets to new targets of their choosing.

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