Senate rulebook full of derp


Described by USA Today as "something like an employee manual," the U.S. Senate Handbook is just full of craziness.

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Pep band covers "Killing In The Name"

George Mason University’s Green Machine pep band rages against the machine. (via Devour)

Woman dies in crocodile pit leap

A 65-year-old woman died yesterday after jumping into a lake at a Bangkok zoo containing hundreds of adult crocodiles, reports the BBC: "Thai tourist attractions are said to often have lax safety rules."

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The cardboard sculptures of Bartek Elsner


Fanciful and funky sculptural works in cardboard by Bartek Elsner, a designer and art director based in Berlin. The street art is particularly bold! Here's his “paper blog.”

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Noct, a scary, stylish monochrome video game

Explore and shoot in the infra-red near-darkness of apocalyptic ruins filled with ancient monsters; the surprisingly terrifying GIF above says everything about this 2D, top-down action RPG. There's no demo, but it's very nearly reached its Kickstarter goal--I'll be right on top of it when it comes out next summer.

Podcasting patent holder awarded $1.3m in legal win over CBS

Personal Audio LLC owns patents related to podcasting—"episodic content transmitted over the internet"—and a jury in Marshall, Texas has let CBS know it.

Personal Audio is a holding company, cobbled together from the patents that were left after a failed startup that Jim Logan founded in 1996. The company became one of the poster children for problematic patents when it claimed that its patent number 8,112,504 was infringed by podcasters, including comedian Adam Carolla. Instead of settling quickly, though, Carolla fought back hard before settling last month.

Adam Carolla is another podcaster sued by these guys; he settled for up to $500,000 last month. Trials will now move forward against NBC, Fox, and other deep-pocketed companies who host HTML files that allow episodic content to be transmitted over the internet, that being the technology patented by Personal Audio LLC.

Fashion week in motion

Kelly Sparks (fashion director at Joyus, wife of me) points us to a fantastic series of Vines showcasing the Vogue editors' favorite looks from New York Fashion Week, including this incredible clip of a technicolor dress from the Thom Browne Spring 2015 collection.

Timelapse assembly of giant, crowdsourced, 3D printed Ben Franklin

Todd from We the Builders writes, "100 people worldwide 3D printed pieces for this three foot tall sculpture of the Houdon bust of Benjamin Franklin.; all 200 pieces were mailed to Baltimore where they were assembled at the Baltimore Node Hackerspace."

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Brain tumor removed from tiny goldfish

George is recovering after the "high-risk" $200 operation, and may now live another 20 years. Surgeon Dr. Tristan Rich described the procedure as "fiddly."

Town begs church and strip club to stop fighting

Coshocton, Ohio, has about 11,000 residents, a church, and a strip club. Dueling protests are apparently a weekly event, and local law enforcement has had enough of policing them: "The protests are becoming more personal and more problematic, so we felt the need to plead with both sides to at least stop for a while."

What it's like at a modern longsword tournament

Longsword fencing is a popular new event, a rigorous and fast-moving blend of reconstructed medieval martial arts and modern sporting standards.

Panasonic zags in camera land, with large-sensor Android smartphone and 4K point-and-shoot


Panasonic's CM1 weds a 1-inch camera sensor (as found in high-end point-and-shoots like the Sony RX100 and Canon's just-announced G7X) with a smartphone running Android 4.4.

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Newsweek: American and European cover art compared


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Snooping in Mom and Dad's Room

A cautionary Brain Rot strip about digging for Christmas presents and seeing things that cannot be unseen. By Ed Piskor

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Temporary tattoos by accomplished tattoo artists

Carl sends us, "beautiful, authentic-looking temporary tattoos designed by famous tattooers, including Dan Smith, Dean Sacred, BJ Betts, Dusty Neal, Myra Oh, and many more."

Temporary Tattoos | Tattoo You (Thanks, Carl!)