How TV legend Glen Larson transformed science fiction

battlestar_galactica_classic The producer behind Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Knight Rider and Battlestar Galactica was often mocked as derivative, but he brought home screeen science fiction for generation X.

Google Contributor lets public pay to remove ads from select websites

Google is rolling out a patronage service for websites called Contributor. Readers of sites like The Onion, Mashable, and wikiHow can pay a buck or two per month and will be rewarded with "Thank You" tile where they would normally see an ad. [via]

Street Angel 008: Rocket in the Ghetto!

Her previous mission a success, what now lies ahead for our heroine? More adventure, certainly! By Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca

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If you have a medical weed card from any state you can buy weed in Nevada


Beginning in 2015 medical marijuana cardholders throughout the US will be legally allowed to buy weed from Nevada dispensaries.

When you consider that Nevada has fewer than 7,000 medical marijuana patients, it’s not a very large base. But when you factor in MMJ patients from other states who might take advantage of Nevada’s system — another 110,000 from Colorado, 570,000 from California and 100,000 from Washington — suddenly those numbers are looking a lot better.

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Video: She & Him cover Dusty Springfield


The lovely and talented duo of She & Him, aka M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel, bring their 1960s AM-radio joy to the Dusty Springfield tune "Stay Awhile." It's from their forthcoming covers LP, titled Classics.

Glenn Greenwald: NSA-proofing your product is good for business

Just because Congress can't even pass minimal NSA reform, it doesn't mean that privacy is dead: American tech companies are NSA-proofing their services because customers are demanding it.

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Saga Deluxe Edition Volume 1 hardcover

Saga, the creator-owned gonzo science fiction comic from Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples may be the best sf comic since Warren Ellis’s Transmetropolitan, and the three collections published to date are already canon, with the long-awaited number four around the corner. To get all your friends ready for it, there’s a new gorgeous, massive hardcover volume collecting the first three installments.

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Behind the scenes at Saga

Hey, Brian K. Vaughan here with an exclusive excerpt for my friends at Boing Boing of the creator roundtable between artist Fiona Staples, letterer Fonografiks, and Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson featured in the back of SAGA: BOOK ONE, a new hardcover collection of our first eighteen issues. As the writer, I have arguably the easiest job of any of my collaborators, but check out how much I whine and complain at the scripting stage of our twelve-step process…

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Judy and the Dream of HORSE

Ivan Hernandez tells the story of a girl who just wants to ride, and the basketball game standing between her and freedom.

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Hip shop name generator

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 12.36.35 AM [Link]

Britain's pink-painted poo aims to shame irresponsible dog owners


The London Borough of Camden has a new weapon in its eternal fight against dog poo: pink spray paint. The idea is to embarrass dog owners who fail to pick up after their animals—and they've offered cans of paint to local residents who wish to participate in the program.

The mess will not be subsequently cleaned up, officials say, to ensure that the highlighted excrement remains as much a public eyesore as possible.

"It's about embarrassing the people who aren't picking up the poo after their dogs," Camden's cabinet member for the environment, Sally Gimson, told the Evening Standard. "The whole point is really to embarrass dog owners who are doing it to say 'we have noticed you've done it and you shouldn't be doing it'."

According to Childrens' BBC, Staffordshire council tried the same trick in 2010, as did a community group in Warminster and at least one other city. West Dunbartonshire, Scotland, is also painting poo pink.

Note: if your poo is pink, lay off the pepto-bismol cocktails.

Winnie the Pooh denounced as hermaphrodite


The beloved character of childrens' book and animated feature film has been banned from a Polish playground.

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D20 rug

The Critical Hit D20 rug is 43"x38", with a non-skid backing, and ensures that your living spaces always make their saving throws.

Leaked docs detail Big Oil and Big PR's plans for a opinion-manipulation platform

The leaked slides were prepared by Edelman, the largest PR company in the world, at the behest of Transcanada, and they constitute a blueprint for tracking and influencing platform that spies on its participants in order to psychologically profile them and nudge them into becoming advocates for the oil industry.

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That's quite a bowel movement.