Own your own "Archemedian Turd"

The Archemedian Turd is a "Decorational Defecation" offered either in gold plate or as matte or glazed poopy porcelain. The gold one is $350, the others an easily-passed $20. Read the rest

Fantastic DIY, 3D-printed nuclear explosion lamp

Sebastian Wac designed and made this fantastic 3D-printed "Nuke Lamp." He posted the parts and plans for free at MyMiniFactory, or you can purchase one pre-made directly from him. (via @pickover)

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Programmable 3D printed kalimba

This video shows Shapeways user EYEDEA with his prototype hand-cranked programmable, 3D printed kalimba sequencer: "Pegs can be set to produce different 16-step sequences of 5 tones."

3D Printed K5 Programmable Auto-Kalimba is a Hand Cranked 16 Step Awesome Analogue Music Machine Read the rest