Gorgeous 3D-printed cosplay armor that's lit internally, and perfect for female heroes

Melissa Ng wanted to make some cool armor, so she ignored all the guys who told her what women's armor is supposed to look like and spent 518 hours researching, designing and creating this masterpiece. Read the rest

Own your own "Archemedian Turd"

The Archemedian Turd is a "Decorational Defecation" offered either in gold plate or as matte or glazed poopy porcelain. The gold one is $350, the others an easily-passed $20. Read the rest

Fantastic DIY, 3D-printed nuclear explosion lamp

Sebastian Wac designed and made this fantastic 3D-printed "Nuke Lamp." He posted the parts and plans for free at MyMiniFactory, or you can purchase one pre-made directly from him. (via @pickover)

Read the rest

Programmable 3D printed kalimba

This video shows Shapeways user EYEDEA with his prototype hand-cranked programmable, 3D printed kalimba sequencer: "Pegs can be set to produce different 16-step sequences of 5 tones."

3D Printed K5 Programmable Auto-Kalimba is a Hand Cranked 16 Step Awesome Analogue Music Machine Read the rest