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Wonderful old video game art coupled with haunting prompts


I've found a beautiful and mysterious Tumblr that combines (what look like) old, obscure video game screenshots with (what look like) snippets of original fiction. As is so often the case with Tumblr I'm not sure who runs it or why, or if it's part of something larger I'm missing, but I sure do like it.

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WATCH: Get stoked for work or school with Powerglove's "Batman"

If you're having a hard time getting back in the swing of things after the holidays, perhaps Powerglove's retro-kitsch "Batman" video will inspire you.

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Coder needed to make 8-bit Zardoz game a reality


A while back, we posted about Nick Criscuolo's fantastic intro to a non-existent 8-bit game version of classic Connery SF outing Zardoz. Well, Nick--an artist and animator--is setting out to make the game itself, and is on the hunt for a talented coder willing to volunteer their skills to bring this crazed, red-leathered concept into reality. If you're interested, check out Nick's project site, featuring some sample designs and character animations--and get in touch with him.

8-Bit Zardoz will be a browser and mobile arcade style action game with different types of game play for each level. From infinite runner, to catching falling objects, to side scrolling beat um up, to old school first person shooter. The levels will be couched in simple but cinematic cut scenes to preserve the important elements of the story.

I'm an artist looking to partner with a programmer who loves the movie and wants to make this game with me, but anyone who wants to contribute in some way is welcome to do so whether with additional graphics, music / sound FX, or web work.

I would really like to enter the game at BostonFIG this year. It requires a playable first level by June 19th for entry. The actual festival isn't until September 13 so there will be more time to work on it before showing the public.

I'm a big fan of free culture so I would like the game to be a GPL-3.0 release. After the game is finished, all the components should be available on github and

And here's the concept video, once more, in all its glory:

A truly super Mario doorbell

Joseph "Rawr" Thai's Mario-themed doorbell makes a coin-chime every time its pressed, and increments an LCD counter showing how many coins have been racked up by visitors to the house. Every ten presses, the doorbell plays a 1UP sound, and after 100 presses, it plays a mushroom upgrade chime.

Rawr's got detailed plans for building your own Mario doorbell.

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8-bit The Shining

I'm a bit burned out on 8-bit everything but I do love The Shining and this is a fun 3 minutes. CineFix: "The Shining - 8 Bit Cinema"

Consoul, a story of 8-bit life and death

"Videographic shamanism" from Lasse A. Gjertsen.

It is a story about a persons life and death told in 8-bits video game graphics. I made it in about half a year together with my friend Trygve Knudsen, who made the 3D-sequences. I made all the 8-bit-shit :) We worked on and off with it from February 2008 and completed it in January 2009. It has been screened at a bunch of film festivals all over the planet, and is originally made for 35mm film with surround sound (kicks in during the 3D-sequences).

[Video Link] [Thanks, Yngvar!]

Get ready, lovers of 8-bit everything: The Hit Squad is coming

(Video link) Billed as the world's first 8-bit movie (and a quick Google search might just support that), The Hit Squad looks like the indie version of Wreck-It-Ralph, except instead of video game characters, it's about an '80s band trying to save their recording studio from evil types. Writer and director Chris Blundell, with his fellow filmmakers, raised $10,000 through crowdsourcing to make the movie, which is now available for pre-order on the official site. In case you need further convincing, Blundell promises "an 8-bit comedy movie about sex, skullduggery, and synthesised music. It's outrageous, heartwarming, and pixelly." Who doesn't love pixels? Outrageous pixels? Squares, man. That's who. (via The Hit Squad)

8-bit sunglasses

Dmitry Samal offers a range of pixelated sunglasses (top left), priced $150 or so. Triple Optic has a similar design (top right), which are almost as cool ... and just $10.

8-bit Zardoz

As I somehow missed this fantastic intro to a nonexistent 8-bit Zardoz game last year, perhaps you did, too! Animator Nick Criscuolo writes: "I realize the audio isn't entirely 8bit, more like 8/16 bit. Maybe more like Amiga game music than Atari or Nintendo. I just couldn't imagine it without the Zardoz voice." [VIDEO LINK. Submitted by jeans]