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A truly super Mario doorbell

Joseph "Rawr" Thai's Mario-themed doorbell makes a coin-chime every time its pressed, and increments an LCD counter showing how many coins have been racked up by visitors to the house. Every ten presses, the doorbell plays a 1UP sound, and after 100 presses, it plays a mushroom upgrade chime.

Rawr's got detailed plans for building your own Mario doorbell.

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8-bit The Shining

I'm a bit burned out on 8-bit everything but I do love The Shining and this is a fun 3 minutes. CineFix: "The Shining - 8 Bit Cinema"

Consoul, a story of 8-bit life and death

"Videographic shamanism" from Lasse A. Gjertsen.

It is a story about a persons life and death told in 8-bits video game graphics. I made it in about half a year together with my friend Trygve Knudsen, who made the 3D-sequences. I made all the 8-bit-shit :) We worked on and off with it from February 2008 and completed it in January 2009. It has been screened at a bunch of film festivals all over the planet, and is originally made for 35mm film with surround sound (kicks in during the 3D-sequences).

[Video Link] [Thanks, Yngvar!]

Get ready, lovers of 8-bit everything: The Hit Squad is coming

(Video link) Billed as the world's first 8-bit movie (and a quick Google search might just support that), The Hit Squad looks like the indie version of Wreck-It-Ralph, except instead of video game characters, it's about an '80s band trying to save their recording studio from evil types. Writer and director Chris Blundell, with his fellow filmmakers, raised $10,000 through crowdsourcing to make the movie, which is now available for pre-order on the official site. In case you need further convincing, Blundell promises "an 8-bit comedy movie about sex, skullduggery, and synthesised music. It's outrageous, heartwarming, and pixelly." Who doesn't love pixels? Outrageous pixels? Squares, man. That's who. (via The Hit Squad)

8-bit sunglasses

Dmitry Samal offers a range of pixelated sunglasses (top left), priced $150 or so. Triple Optic has a similar design (top right), which are almost as cool ... and just $10.

8-bit Zardoz

As I somehow missed this fantastic intro to a nonexistent 8-bit Zardoz game last year, perhaps you did, too! Animator Nick Criscuolo writes: "I realize the audio isn't entirely 8bit, more like 8/16 bit. Maybe more like Amiga game music than Atari or Nintendo. I just couldn't imagine it without the Zardoz voice." [VIDEO LINK. Submitted by jeans]