Comic book introduction to Arduino

Jody Culkin's made a great, CC-licensed comic-book introduction to the Arduino platform and to electronics projects in general.

Introduction to Arduino, PDF link

TOM THE DANCING BUG: George Lucas Revises the Decade Since 9/11!

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TOM THE DANCING BUG: Billy Dare, in "Captain CEO's Fate!"

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Feynman: comic biography of an iconoclastic physicist

Jim Ottaviani and Leland Myrick’s Feynman is an affectionate and inspiring comic biography of the legendary iconoclastic physicist Richard Feynman. I’ve reviewed Ottaviani before (I really liked T-Minus, a history of the Apollo program, as well as his Dignifying Science: Stories About Women Scientists) and I expected great things from Feynman.

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TOM THE DANCING BUG: Super-Fun-Pak Comix! Make Money in your Spare Time!!

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Great vintage science fiction art up for auction - Frazetta, Wally Wood, Virgil Finlay

Heritage Auctions is auctioning off the Jerry Weist Collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy Art and Books on September 11 in Beverly Hills. Some amazing pieces of art and artifacts are being offered.


This 1966 Frank Frazetta painting from a Ray Bradbury paperback book cover is estimated at $40,000-$60,000. I have a feeling it will go for much more than that, even though it doesn't feature one of Frazetta's trademark curvaceous woman brandishing a spear or zap gun.

Screen Shot 2011-08-22 At 10.27.38 Am

Only 200 copies of Ray Bradbury's novel Fahrenheit 451 were printed with an asbestos cover. What lucky future mesothelioma victim is going to get this copy, signed by the author? Opening bid is $3000.

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Girl Genius steampunk badges: zeppelins, trilobites and Tesla Rangers

So far, the standout retail moment at this year's World Science Fiction Convention in Reno are the very reasonably priced "Girl Genius" badges from Kaja and Phil Foglio, inspired by the Hugo-Award-winning webcomic of the same name. Worked with great trilobite and zeppelin motifs, the badges were apparently manufactured by the same supplier who does the collectible pins for the Disney parks, and have a good, solid heft. I'm also VERY fond of the old-timey sheriff's badge (cogtoothed, not starred) emblazoned with TESLA RANGERS and enlivened with little electrikal curlicues.

The New Airship Entertainment Online Store

History of War Comics event at Imperial War Museum, London, this Friday and Saturday

Alex sez, "At the Imperial War Museum, London, a two day event is taking place to celebrate and investigate the history, popularity and cultural impact of war comics. On Friday 19th and Saturday 20th August, academics, critics, experts and comic book creators are converging at the museum to talk about their work. Guests include Roger Sabin, Garth Ennis, Pat Mills, David Collier, Mikkel Sommer, Ariel Kahn and Paul Gravett. On Friday 19th there is an all day academic conference about war comics, tickets £30 / £15 concessions & students, which includes Pat Mills' talk about Charley's War, also available as a separate ticket for £6.

"On Saturday 20th, there are talks and workshops by Collier and Ennis plus panels on small press and international war comics featuring World War II veteran Eileen Cassavetti (published by her daughter Francesca Cassavetti), Sean Duffield, David Blandy and more. Tickets for Saturday's talks and panels are £6 each and the day is capped by a free film screening of the documentary The Comic Books go to War plus Blandy's short film Child of the Atom. This is a major London cultural institution taking an interest in a medium that is often dismissed for its supposed inability to convey depth and historical event and features rare appearance in the UK by the international guests."

Tickets (scroll down)

“Panel Borders” & “Reality Check” (Event details)

Podcast about event from ResonanceFM

(Thanks, Alex!)

Superhero aprons to order

Bethany Sew-and-Sew makes delightful superhero aprons to order for men and women. Perfect for livening up your dinner prep with a round of shy Bat-Chef and stern Super-Girl saucier. There's also Mario versions, as well as Sailor Moon, Harry Potter, the Incredibles and so on.

Character Aprons!!! (via Neatorama)

Paul Krugman: save the economy by staging an alien invasion hoax

Paul Krugman has an unorthodox suggestion for saving the economy: stage a fake alien invasion like the one the superhero Ozymandias pulls in Watchmen:
Think about World War II -- that was actually negative social product spending and yet it brought us out... If we discovered that space aliens were planning to attack and we needed a massive build-up to counter the space alien threat, and inflation and budget deficits took secondary place to that, this slump would be over in 18 months. And then if we discovered, "whoops, we made a mistake," we'd [still] be better... There was a Twilight Zone episode like this, in which scientists fake an alien threat in order to achieve world peace. Well, this time we need it to get some fiscal stimulus.
Economist Paul Krugman Endorses 'Watchmen' Alien Invasion Plan for Fiscal Recovery (Thanks, Laura!)

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Hey, Kids! The World You're On... has CORPORATIONS!

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A charming comic about an ugly animal

Why you gotta hate on the hagfish?

Marvel to comics retailers: we'll give you limited edition singles if you destroy our competitors' products

Marvel Comics has offered comics retailers access to a limited-edition variant cover run of "Fear Itself #6," but only if the comic-shops destroy their No. 1 issue of DC Comics' Flashpoint and send 50 covers to Marvel:
Make no mistake, this is perfectly legal. The comic-shop proprietors would be destroying their own property, and it is their right so to do. However, this seems little different than someone buying books to burn them.

They would destroy a work of literature with the express intention of preventing another person from reading it. Anyone who does this is engaging in censorship, and Marvel Comics is agent provocateur.

This is not the first time Marvel Comics has tried this, and, according to them, previous efforts have netted tens of thousands of covers.

Marvel Bribes Retailers to Destroy DC Comics

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Is "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" a TRUE STORY? (Yes, and you're living it.)

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Soldering is Easy: CC licensed HOWTO solder comic

"Soldering is Easy" is a great comic-book primer on soldering; I field tested it this week at the Vancouver Hackspace's table at SIGGRAPH 2011 and managed to solder up a perfectly passable blinking lights kit with only minor burns for my trouble (a major feat, given a) my general clum, and b) my specific jetlag). It's CC licensed, natch.

Soldering is Easy