Boing Boing redirects to Bing


Within hours of Google announcing Sundar Pichai as CEO and reconfiguring itself into Alphabet (AKA, the proliferation of amusing abc.[TLD] domains begins. redirects to competing search engine Bing.

John Gruber notes that Google is not the proprietor of or the Twitter handle @alphabet.

Perhaps it is all a sign of a too-hurried decision, of hands forced.

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Google shakes its structure up with Alphabet, and Sundar Pichai becomes Google CEO

REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann

REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann


On the Official Google Blog, CEO Larry Page said Monday that Google is creating a new holding company that will be called Alphabet.

The big structural change allows the sprawling tech giant to manage its core businesses separately from the more speculative ones -- case in point, Google Plus, a social network which by all accounts failed miserably, and wasn't great for their brand.

Buried lede: Google, the core search business that started it all, will now have a new CEO: Sundar Pichai.

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An epidemiology alphabet

The only alphabet guaranteed to make you want to wash your hands. Made by one, Jennifer Gardy.

In related news, this video taught me that the parasite giardia is sometimes called "beaver fever". Why? Because one of its major reservoirs — species that can comfortably host a parasite and pass it on to others — is, yes, the beaver.

Now here's the part you probably don't want to hear. Giardia is transmitted via what's known as the "fecal-oral route".

Now, nobody intentionally goes out and eats beaver shit. (One hopes. But this is the internet.) But beavers do shit in the woods. Near woodland streams. Which means that unwary hikers and backpackers can end up ingesting giardia when they drink from what appears to be crystal-clear waters.

Via the Worms and Germs blog