No, a magical healing bath will not bring Angelina Jolie back from the dead for Wanted 2

Remember how Angelina Jolie's character, Fox, was shot in the head at the end of 2008's not-exactly-supernatural Wanted? Apparently, the (silly) idea had been floating around to bring her back from the dead for the sequel. But now, screenwriter Derek Haas has confirmed that in fact Fox will not suddenly be alive again for the sequel. This, I think, is a pretty smart move, considering how she was a) shot in the head on-screen, and b) Jolie has said she's not interested in coming back, anyway. Rather than try to resurrect a dead character with a different actress, they will instead be revisiting James McAvoy's character, Wesley, four years after the events of the first movie and introducing the new young woman he'll be recruiting -- when he's stepped into Fox's role. Progress! (via Screen Rant) Read the rest