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Parrot says 'WTF' (video)

[Video Link, thanks Dean Putney ]

White Rabbit

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Peaceful Panda Planet

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Rabbit Rainbow

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Bee diarrhea conference underway

An amusing headline, but a serious problem for beleaguered beekeepers in England: "According to committee member David McLarin, nosema is becoming more prevalent in the South West and that is not good news as bees with the problem hardly produce any honey." [Exeter Express via Fortean Times] Rob 5

Python beats and eats crocodile


A python bested a crocodile in an epic battle at Lake Moondarra in Queensland, Australia. After the victory, the snake celebrated by eating his foe. More foodie photos by onlooker Marvin Muller at The Age.

Video: Beak-cam of rescued pelican relearning to fly

A pelican knocked around by a storm near Tanzinia's Mahale Mountains was rescued and taught to fly again. Here's beautiful "beak-cam" footage of the soaring bird. (No, GoPro didn't pay us to post this clip.) (Thanks, Bob Pescovitz!)

Surfing crocodile

Enjoying the crest of a wave, this crocodile shut down Cable Beach near Broome, Western Australia, one of the country's most popular tourist hotspots. The animal has been slated for removal to the nearby Malcolm Douglas Wilderness Park. [Perth Now via Abroath]

Kronos Quartet meets the Sea Pig

The latest episode of Michael Hearst's Songs for Unusual Creatures series features the Sea Pig and our friends in The Kronos Quartet! For more of Michael's quirky brand of animal education, check out his book Unusual Creatures.

Crybaby's Swim Coach: Chirping desert frog vs. vocalizing seal in YouTube smackdown

YouTuber ktjaynexd combined "Crybaby Goes For A Swim" with footage of the desert rain frog "because I've been watching them over and over."

The frog is now the seal's brutal, demanding swim coach.

(Thanks, Theremina!)

Animals from 60 different species are best pals at this Arkansas critter refuge (photos)

Via Bored Panda, photographs from Rocky Ridge Refuge in Arkansas, a facility that cares for abused and abandoned animals from some 60 domestic and wild species. [Facebook, website].

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Why are so many snowy owls showing up in places so far south from the Arctic?

Image: Norman Smith releasing a snowy owl in Duxbury, Mass., that had recently been captured at Logan airport in Boston. Photographed by Gretchen Ertl for The New York Times.

John Schwartz at the New York Times has a wonderful story up about a strange trend involving snowy owls: They seem to be showing up a whole lot in places very far from their normal habitat within the Arctic Circle. Places like Washington, DC; Boston; Virginia, and the like. John:

“This year’s been bizarre,” said Dan Haas, a birder in Maryland. “The numbers have been unprecedented. Historic.”

No one is sure why so many snowies are showing up in so many places — whether it can be attributed to more food in their Arctic habitats than usual, or climate change at the top of the world. “Think about the canary in the coal mine,” said Henry Tepper, the president of Mass Audubon, “you think about the snowy owl in the Arctic.”

Go read the whole piece. Great photos, too.

Animal Planet's "nature" shows: whistleblowers detail crimes, animal cruelty, fakery

Mike from Mother Jones writes, "Mother Jones' James West looks into the dark side of the network's turn toward wildlife reality TV, and uncovers some disturbing revelations about a hit show. It boils down to this, West writes: 'The raccoon incident is just one of numerous instances on 'Call of the Wildman' sets of alleged animal mistreatment and possible infringements of state and federal law, the result of what sources describe as cavalier and neglectful production practices. A seven-month Mother Jones investigation -- which drew on internal documents, interviews with eight people involved with the show's production, and government records -- reveals evidence of a culture that tolerated legally and ethically dubious activities, including: using an animal that had been drugged with sedatives in violation of federal rules; directing trappers to procure wild animals, which were then 'caught' again as part of a script; and wrongly filling out legal documents detailing the crew's wildlife activities for Kentucky officials.'"

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Friendly seals off the coast of England

"We've been visiting here for the last six years to say hello to the seal pups and we've never had this much interaction before," writes Jason Neilus, of a visit to the Farne Islands. "They were everywhere and all over us!!!! After a nightmare drive there with the worst traffic coupled with the imminent arrival of the St. Jude storm we didn't think this trip was going to be worth the effort but once again the seals made every second worthwhile." [Video Link via Arboath]