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Baby meets her family cat for the first time, completely flips out with happiness

If you can manage to avoid smiling while you watch this video, you must be made of far stronger stuff than I am.

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10 happy hamster videos


Bookmark this page for your next bad acid trip, or perhaps an evening when you've bitten off more pot cookie than you could handle, or maybe the day after Donald Trump becomes president.

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Hamas claims Israel is using dolphins as spies


According to an article in the Palestinian daily al-Quds, Israel has "recruited a watery pet, the dolphin, known for his friendship with humans, to use for operations to kill Qassam Brigade Naval Commandos."

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Watch a seal narrowly escape a great white shark's jaws of death

...for the moment anyway.

Failed predation attempt off Monomoy, Cape Cod (8/17/15)- filmed by Dr. Greg Skomal of the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries working with Atlantic White Shark Conservancy.


Dog thinks it's an ambulance

Yamato Suzuki's adorable dog is yelping such a perfect imitation of the sound made by a passing ambulance.

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How rats can swim up your toilet to terrorize you

Rats can tread water for up to three days, and hold their breath under water for three minutes.

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Photo of bear poking head through cat door


Doug Harder who resides near Schweitzer Mountain, Idaho photographed this handsome bear attempting to come into his condo via the cat door last week.

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Man fights off bear attack near Yosemite, then drives himself to hospital

California Black Bear (not the actual bear that attacked the man in this story)

California Black Bear (not the actual bear that attacked the man in this story)

A 67-year-old California man fought off a bear that attacked him on his front porch, scavenging for food in his trash. The man and the bear both live near Yosemite National Park. Both bear and human survived, though the man was seriously injured with many cuts and trauma wounds from the fight, according to Lt. Chris Stoots of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

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Tortoises opening doors

The more I think about this, the more terrifying it gets. Here are more videos of tortoises opening doors.

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Small dog loves cheese

Wait for the grin at the end if you doubt our headline.

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Animal sounds yours for the listening

howl Cornell Lab of Ornithology may have digitized nearly 150,000 digital audio recordings [via], amounting to 7,513 hours and 10 terabytes of data, but do they have the sound of this mouse that thinks it is a wolf? I think not.

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Trophy hunting is "hunting" the way that Big Thunder Mountain is a "train ride"

You may already know that killing a lion is the most cowardly thing you can do, but The Searcher's essay on lion hunting, with accompanying illustration, makes the point with admirable force and eloquence.

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Cecil the Lion to be immortalized as a Beanie Baby

Ty Inc BB Cecil


Beanie Baby manufacturer Ty Inc. today announced a “Cecil the Lion” Beanie Baby, created in memory of the lion in Zimbabwe who was killed by a now widely reviled American dentist and trophy hunter.

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Proposed update for Mac OS beach ball of death


Nobody likes the beach ball of death. Maybe something cuter would help. Here's alternate option if that does not strike Tim Cook's fancy:

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Disabled chicken will receive a 3D-printed prosthetic leg



Cecily is a hen who was born with a bum leg due to a damaged tendon. The options were to put her down or make her a new leg. Her owner, Andrea Martin, who rescues chickens in Clinton, MA, opted to pay $2,500 to have the hen's leg replaced with a new 3D-printed version.

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Turkey terrorizing college campus

A "very aggressive" turkey has apparently been terrorizing people on the University of Michigan's North Campus.

"Do not try to approach the turkey," deputy police chief Melissa Overton said. "We've gotten calls from people who have been trapped and unable to move because he's cornered them."

"He hasn't hurt anybody, but he's a very aggressive bird... He's also created a traffic hazard because apparently he likes to lay down in the middle of the road and not move. It can be very difficult for the buses to get around him."



The most epic Pomeranian puppy sneeze ever has been captured on video

Roux the Pomeranian and his epic sneeze.”

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