Heartbreaking cinematic dog monologue

This scene always makes me cry. [via d0gbl0g.tumblr.com]

Julieta's at the wheel, a photo from the Boing Boing Flickr Pool


"Julieta," a photo by Boing Boing reader Marcello Horta, shared in our Flickr Pool.



[Shoop: XJ]

'The Cat Says The Lid Stays Closed,' from Jonathan Mann's 'Animals' album

[Video Link] "The Cat Says The Lid Stays Closed," an animated ditty from the Album "Animals" by Jonathan "Song A Day" Mann. Give him some dough if you like his work.

How to massage and feed strawberries to your opossum

[Video Link] This is an old internet gem, but it's still fabulous. More possum care tips: mepearl.com. Below, a delightful classic we've shared before, well worth watching: Possum Eating Strawberries.

Deer fell from sky onto car

AP140529021626 620x310

A deer that seemingly fell from the sky smashed a woman's minivan as she drove along a Chicago highway; turns out, it actually leapt from an overpass, according to the Associated Press.

Your daily dose of baby goats


Derek Powazek has a lovely photo-essay on his blog about meeting baby goats in Lompoc, California. "The Kids are Alright." [Photo: Derek Powazek]

Flying rhinoceros


In South Africa, Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife used a Vietnam War-era Huey helicopter to relocate a rhino threatened by poachers, a process incredibly documented by Emma Gatland and featured on National Geographic.

Hot chicks (Boing Boing Flickr Pool)


"Cute Chick Faces," "Tyler Giving the Chicks a Pep Talk," and "Chicks Exploring the Grass," photographs shared by reader Nicholas Longtin of Minneapolis, in our Boing Boing Flickr Pool. You can share your shots there, too!



Animals growing up: 'before and after' photos


Jason's post about his Great Pyrenees pup Nemo growing up reminded me of this wonderful image gallery of side-by-side photos of pets as babies, next to photos of those same pets in the same position all grown up.

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Boing Boing reader Benjamin G. Levy shares this photo in our Flickr Pool. "Hannah relaxes with her bear friend."

Wet Dogs


Sophie Gamand's “Wet Dog” is a series of portraits of dogs photographed during their least favorite activity: bath time. (2013)

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China trains monkey soldiers

140508024945 china pla monkeys horizontal gallery

China's air force has trained macaques to fight off birds nesting at an air base. The risk is that birds could interfere with the planes' engines. According to a CNN translation of a post on the People's Liberation Army Air Force site, "The monkeys are loyal bodyguards who defend the safety of our comrades."

Pinnipède: animation about elephant seals

Victor Caire's "Pinnipède," a delightful homage to elephant seals, is the director's first 3D animated film.