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Discovery of worm neuron that senses Earth's magnetic field


Worms have a specific antenna-shaped neuron that senses the Earth's magnetic field, enabling the transparent nematode to know up from down when it's in the ground.

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A robot, a dog, and a Pop Tart.

Good luck not laughing when you watch this one.

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Dog plays dead very effectively

Bang! Someone give that German Shepherd an Oscar, or at least a doggie treat.

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Dog goes bonkers when food bin is opened, manages to contain herself adorably

“My dog gets super excited at the food bin being opened, yet she's very well disciplined.”

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Startled Cat is startled: A photo shared in our Boing Boing Flickr Pool.

Image: Eric Sonstroem.

Image: Eric Sonstroem.

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Roscoe the Goldendoodle rides off on his ATV like he's not even a dog (but he is)

You can't fool us, Roscoe you rascal you.

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Princess Penelope Pricklepants the pretty little pygmy hedgehog


Portraits of the lovely Princess Penelope Pricklepants, shared in the Boing Boing Flickr Pool by Boing Boing reader Steven Bach.

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Those cute Slow Loris viral videos? They fuel a pet trade that abuses animals.

The truth behind the slow loris pet trade isn't pretty, according to this campaign to “expose the truth behind the slow loris pet trade,” at the excellent url [International Animal Rescue/IAR]



Koala baby won't let go of mom while she undergoes surgery. Both survived being hit by a car.


A heart-melting story and series of photographs out of the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. A 6-month-old koala joey named Phantom keeps clinging to his mother Lizzy while veterinary surgeons operate on her.

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Great Pyrenees dog elected mayor of Minnesota town


Boing Boing reader Cary (crenquis on our BBS) informs us that the world finally makes some sense: a Great Pyrenees has been elected mayor of a Minnesota town.

This week in Minnesota, a 7 year old Great Pyrenees named Duke was crowned the new honorary Mayor of Cormorant. The dog won the town’s recent election ‘by a landslide’, taking all but 3 of the votes.

(Via Can Dogs Eat)

Watch this poor pug try to jump over a log and instead faceplant epically


The poor little fellow!

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Incredible human-like animal portraits


12_Animal_Portraits__vincent_Lagrange_yatzerAnyone who has tried to take a good shot of their pet will understand how amazing these animal portraits are by Belgian photographer Vincent Legrange. With expressions that mimic human worry, contemplation, surprise, and the whole gamut of other human emotions, Legrange photographs both wild and domestic animals "in a sombre way."  You can see all of his animal portraits, which are part of an ongoing series called Human Animal, here at his site.


Huge oarfish found off Catalina Island in SoCal


A snorkeler dragged in this 18-foot dead oarfish he found just off Catalina Island near Los Angeles on Sunday. Oarfish are rarely seen this large and usually found in deep open ocean waters.

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Seal slept in driveway, car wash

A seal has taken to wandering a New Zealand suburb, then crashing just wherever. Today it was found sleeping at a local car wash by employees turning up for the morning shift—and it wasn't the creature's first unusual stop-off point.

car wash 3

Laura Walters and Paul Eastern report that the seal was, for the second day, herded into a cage and released on a nearby beach. 1432620815844

It woke up around midday, and waved a flipper at the crowd of about 50 people who were watching. The increased activity prompted Doc staff to move people further away from the lost mammal.Uwash owner Kirit Makan said the seal was the most unusual customer he had encountered at his carwash. … DOC ranger Stefan Sebregts said the seal was the same male that was found wandering on a Papakura street on Monday.

It was likely he came ashore because he was sick of the stormy weather and needed a rest, Sebregts said.

Yesterday, the Papakura seal's first adventure ended in a the occupation of a local's driveway, after a day spent alarming and enchanting passers-by. The New Zealand Herald's Anna Leask reports on efforts to herd the seal back to safety.

When Danny Yong woke up this morning and found his house surrounded by police and firefighters - he naturally panicked.

"I thought I'd got myself into trouble somehow. Then my flatmates went outside and saw a seal in the driveway," he said.

Unbeknown to Mr Yong, the now-named Papakura Seal had settled into his Coles Cres driveway and was in no hurry to move.

Animal experts constructed a special enclosure to manage the seal, then coaxed it into the nearby estuary.

Here's a photo taken by Katrina Ward of the seal totally just hanging out at the park.


In this anonymously-posted photo, the seal is seen surprising motorists. seal_620x311

@KiwiSlytherin spotted the seal taking a nap on a riverbank near a local college.

There is already a twitter parody account, naturally.

"Hopefully will just jump back in and swim home," one emergency services source told reporters.

Hamster eaten to prove "how dear life is" to children


A teacher in rural South Korea is under investigation after he reportedly killed a live rodent in front of children and then ate it.

After observing the youngsters hurting hamsters, the man, 44, did so in order to teach them “how dear life is,” according to a report in the Korea Times.

He is identified only as "Yu" in media reports.

After the incident, which took place at a boarding school in Jeongeup on May 11, Yu also allegedly used "abusive language," but left the facility when other teachers learned of his actions. Parents claim that their children were asked not to discuss what happened.

Yu, charged with "child abuse," told Yonhap News Agency that he was bitten by a rat as a youngster and fears them, and has apologized for eating the hamster: "I couldn't control the situation and couldn't stand it. While watching the hamsters die from teasing, I thought I should teach the children it was wrong to make light of life."

Watch a jaguar play underwater


Here's the majestic feline—in its not-quite-so-natural habitat.

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