Unicorn farts: the smell of April Fool's day

Lizzy writes from Austin's magnificent toy emporium Toy Joy:

Here at Toy Joy, April Fools Day smells like Unicorns! Specifically, Unicorn Farts! Not only is April 1 celebrated globally as a holiday of mischief, it also happens to be the best day for harvesting the rarest of poots: Unicorn Farts! Currently offered both in store at Toy Joy and at ToyJoy.com for the low price of $2.95, this enchanted product is sure to bring a smile to your prince or princess.

* 100% Organic Concentrated Unicorn Farts * Unique Addition to Most Fart Collections! * Important Ingredient for Magic Spells. * Handy Household Fragrance. * Delicious on Salads!

We anticipate a high demand for these rarest of odors, and recommend stocking up on this magical product. Unicorn Farts won't be around forever!

Please feel free to contact the wizarding team at Toy Joy for additional information on this product, or the harvesting process. Send all emails to questions@toyjoy.com.

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April Fools now big business

"The April Fool is dead," writes Alastair Macdonald. "Or at least the gentle jester of the common folk has metastised into a corporate colossus controlled by global marketing executives, bestriding the Internet to force familiar brands ever deeper into the collective consciousness." Read the rest

What happens when physicists celebrate April Fool's Day

It's a little late in the week, but I think you should really read this paper published on arXiv—a open-access website where physicists and mathematicians can post their research before it's gone through peer review. The title: Gods as topological invariants. The conclusion: "Recent astronomical observations can not reject theism, but data are slightly in favor of atheism." (Via Samuel Arbesman) Read the rest

Pink slime, meet "green slime"

Grist's article on local, artisan connective tissue and beef paste is possibly my favorite April Fools story of 2012. Read the rest