Watch this guy turn a tree stump into a cool animal carving


Lueb Popoff is a tree carver from Boulder, Colorado. In this video he takes a chainsaw to a tree stump and turns it into a wood sculpture with 3 raccoons and a fox. Read the rest

Watch a woman get 11 tattoos representing American tattoo history

Tattoo artist Clae Welch gives Casey Lubin eleven tattoos, in the styles of representative American tattoo artists from each decade in the last century. (WatchCut Video)

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Blankets: New edition of Craig Thompson's graphic masterpiece

Craig Thompson's second graphic novel, the 582-page mammoth Blankets, swept the field's awards, taking three Harveys, two Eisners, and two Ignatzes. More than a decade later, and buoyed by his later successes (such as 2011's seminal Habibi), Drawn and Quarterly has produced a beautiful new edition.

Porcelain figurines transformed into creepy-cute insects


Judith (AKA Miss Mantis) remakes kitschy-sweet porcelain figurines, transforming them with polymer clay, flocking and paint into statuettes of anthropomorphic insects going about their weird, daily business:. Some favorites: Bee Lady "Mìfēng", Fancy Dancing Mantis Gentleman, Bee Lady "Alice", Little Praying Mantis Boy, and Scandalous Mantis Dancer. Read the rest

Bizarre mechanical techno music machine driven by a DJ turntable


Graham Dunning made this fantastic techno music-making contraption in which a DJ turntable triggers a variety of mechanical percussive sounds that are fed through effects boxes. Incredible!

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Friday eve in SF: "100 Years of Robot Art and Science in the Bay Area"


Tomorrow evening (11/20), San Francisco's de Young Museum will celebrate "100 Years of Robot Art and Science in the Bay Area" with an event organized by UC Berkeley professor Ken Goldberg and Alexander Rose, executive director of the Long Now Foundation. The program includes a "Long Conversation," sort of a relay race discussion that I'll be participating in along with ten interesting people whose work is at the intersection of art and technology! Bonus: My friend Kal Spelletich will also bring two of his "praying robots" seen above! Best of all, it's free and starts early (6:30pm)!

Participants include:

Josette Melchor (Grey Area Foundation for the Arts)

Dorothy R. Santos (writer, curator)

Tim Roseborough (artist, musician, former Kimball Artist-in-Residence)

John Markoff (author of Machines of Loving Grace)

Karen Marcelo (dorkbotSF)

David Pescovitz (Boing Boing and Institute for the Future)

Catharine Clark (Catharine Clark Gallery)

Alexander Rose (director, Long Now Foundation)

Pieter Abbeel (professor, Computer Sciences, UC Berkeley)

Terry Winograd (Computer Science department, Stanford Univeristy)

Kal Spelletich (Seemen)

With special VJ Jenny Odell

Ticket Information

Complimentary tickets for the long conversation are distributed beginning at 5:30 pm at the Koret Auditorium entrance. Seating is limited. Tickets are first come, first served.

Programming and general admission to the permanent collection galleries are free of charge during Friday Nights at the de Young. A discounted $15 ticket is required to visit the special exhibition galleries.

Long Conversation (de Young)

“100 Years of Robot Art and Science in the Bay Area” Long Conversation November 20th 02015 (The Long Now Foundation) Read the rest

Art is a technology

animation (4)

In a characteristically thought-provoking longread on Ribbonfarm (previously) Haley Thurston concludes her Better Art Vocabulary series by arguing that art is a technology, that it moves through technical innovation, and that innovation can be systematized and studied and improved. Read the rest

Gorgeous glass cabinets of curiosity


Danish artist Steffen Dam creates exquisite, minimalist "cabinets of curiosity" fashioned from glass and containing specimens of his own creation.

"My aim is to describe the world as I see it," Dam says. "One could also say to describe what’s not tangible and understandable with our everyday senses. My cylinders contain nothing that exists in the ocean, my specimens are plausible but not from this world, my plants are only to be found in my compost heap, and my flowers are still unnamed."

See more at his site: Steffen Dam (via Instagram/saatchi_gallery)

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Stephen Colbert: What Is Art? What Is Porn?


After many TV networks blurred out parts of Amedeo Modigliani's 1917 painting of a nude woman (Nu Couché) that sold for $170.4 million at Christie's New York on Monday, Stephen Colbert told viewers what you can and can't look at on network TV.

CNBC blurred parts of Modigliani's masterpiece, "Nu Couche." Read the rest

Typewriter with tentacles


Courtney Brown's sculpture "Self Organization" adds gorgeous brass tentacles to an Underwood Noiseless typewriter, for an effect that's fantastic, seeming to surface some latent, Naked Lunch-ish truth about the hard-carapaced writing machines of the past. (via Colossal) Read the rest

The GIF art of Jamaican visual artist Di-Andre Caprice Davis


Di-Andre Caprice Davis is an artist from Kingston, Jamaica who creates some really wonderful animated GIF art.

In my work, I combined a passion for digital aesthetic with furthering the exposure and understanding of how technology has affected our world. Although the images are highly personal representations of my dreams, they are abstract enough and open enough to allow individual interpretation. I have used animation techniques to show the power of artistic image manipulation; turning still images into hypnotic GIF art. I prefer to collage and compose several looping actions emphasizing the motions that mimic bodily rhythm. It is like an adventure in a second life exploring its outer limits with digital imaging tools.

[ via]

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Massive 19th century cat painting sold for $826,000


Austrian artist Carl Kahler's 1893 cat painting "My Wife's Lovers," thought to be the world's largest painting of cats, sold at a Sotheby's auction for $826,000. The cats in the painting belonged to San Francisco art collector Kate Johnson. Read the rest

14,000 drawings of the French Revolution posted online

french revolution CHOP

Guillotines and numbing satire figure strongly in an archive of images from the French Revolution, made available by Stanford University and the Bibliothèque nationale de France

About 14,000 high-resolution images are in the set, which is divided into Parliamentary Archives and Images of the French Revolution and neatly organized by event and category. [via Hyperallergic] Read the rest

Typewriter portraiture, the strange story of 1920s ASCII art


In 1919, a 16-year old LA Times office boy named Kenneth Taylor was given a back-page spread to show off his typewriter portraits of film stars; Taylor's work then spread to Photoplay, and a new medium was born. Read the rest

New paintings by Ferris Plock and Kelly Tunstall (San Francisco opening tonight!)

The dynamic hypercreative duo of Kelly Tunstall and Ferris Plock have a huge show of new paintings opening tonight (Friday 11/6) at San Francisco's 111 Minna Gallery. The reception starts at 5pm with DJs Dan the Automator, Maurice, and Bald Elvis. The exhibition, titled "Holding Pattern," includes their own individual paintings and several collaborations`. It will be on display through December 31. Don't miss it! Sneak preview below.

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Grown-ups re-imagine kids' monster drawings

Art by Gianluca Maruotti

These are some of the best examples of adult artists' re-imagining of kids' monster drawing. Behance has a large gallery of Monster Project art.

Art by AJ Jefferies Read the rest

Star Wars characters wonderfully painted by Kelly Tunstall and Ferris Plock


The dynamic painter duo of Kelly Tunstall and Ferris Plock created these fantastic interpretations of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader on commission! Kelly and Ferris have a new collaborative exhibit, titled "Holding Pattern," opening on Friday (11/6) at San Francisco's 111 Minna Gallery. Check Boing Boing later this week for a sneak peak at their new work!

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