ASCII weather page

Igor Chubin's shows the weather in non-proportional ASCII-art form. It's beautiful, clean and completely legible, unlike almost every modern weather service on the web. On my terminal (Windows, Chrome) the rendering of Lucida Sans Typewriter seems not quite perfect: a pixel too wide here and there. I think it's because of the unicode directional arrows for the wind, perhaps in combination with me browsing on Windows. Read the rest

Behold! An ASCII horse without end. This is straight-up the best thing put on the internet so far this decade. It's by Colleen Josephson and emerged from The Stupid Hackathon. Read the rest

ASCII art and its precursors

Alexis Madrigal explores the history of typewritten images, from their present nadir in YouTube comments to Illustrated Phonographic World's 1893 efforts to prove the value of the medium.
The Reporter's Journal agreed with the Phonetic Journal about "the foolishness of attempting to make sketches by means of typewriters." Furthermore, the London publication continued, "Some of our American contemporaries indulge largely in facsimiles of this class of work, and this has tended to foster the absurd custom." Stung by the white glove, Illustrated Phonographic World set out to prove that typewriter sketches were indeed worthy of respect. "We believe that any endeavor which will cultivate painstaking and accuracy on the part of operators should be encouraged," they wrote. "The endeavor to excel in artistic typewriting unquestionable does this. The pen maketh the exact man; so will the typewriter, which is only the modern pen."
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ASCII heart necklace

Becky Stern sez, "Many of you requested I make available a version of my <3 necklace, so here it is!"

New <3 Necklace, for sale this time (Thanks, Becky!) Previously:Office worker squid - Boing Boing Embroidered MRI slice - Boing Boing HOWTO knit a skeleton cardigan - Boing Boing Plush anatomical knee - Boing Boing Copper bandaid - Boing Boing Artist turns village into optical illusion - Boing Boing How to ply yarn (video) - Boing Boing Read the rest