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Podcast: "Teaching Computers Shows Us How Little We Understand About Ourselves"

In this week's podcast (MP3/Feed), I read aloud my latest Locus Magazine column, "Teaching Computers Shows Us How Little We Understand About Ourselves," which concerns itself with the ways that we're recklessly formalizing critical elements of human identity such as "names" and "families" for the convenience of corporations and their IT systems and business-models.

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On the stupidity of the Great Firewall of Cameron: podcast

In honor of the UK's Great Firewall of Cameron, the Prime Minister's autocratic decree that ISPs must censor their subscribers' connections by default, I've recorded my 2012 Guardian column There's no way to stop children viewing porn in Starbucks, which set out all the reasons that this is a stupid idea the last time it came up, in the Lords. I've put it in my podcast feed.

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Online sf convention with Peter Watts this Sunday

Tony Smith from the StarShipSofa podcast sez, "Just a final reminder... SofaCON is this Sunday and there's time to snag yourself a ticket to the online science fiction convention of 2013 . Guests include Peter Watts, Amy H Sturgis, Lois McMaster Bujold and Greg Frost." This is a livecast, interactive online event -- so anyone can play! Cory 1

Pop-Up Ideas: smart audio stories in small bites

More great news from the land of podcasting: Tim "Undercover Economist" Harford's radio show Pop-Up Ideas is back in production. A series of short, sweet, thought-provoking and moving stories that are like a cross between The Moth and a political manifesto. Here's (MP3) Gillian Tett explaining the credit-bubble bursting. Cory 1

Interview with Austin Grossman

Rick sez, "Austin Grossman goes recursive to talk about writing about writing video games during the Golden Age of the Rise of the Video Game in his novel You. From the challenges of writing much of the book in the second person to the challenges of writing about one medium in another. Video games, prose and technology in the economic crucible of the late 1990's." (MP3) Cory 1

Jeremy Hardy is really funny

The highlight of my podcast week is the Friday nights when the BBC Friday Night Comedy podcast includes an episode of The News Quiz (as it does this week: MP3), and the highlight of the News Quiz is always Jeremy Hardy, who makes me laugh so hard with his incredible deadpan delivery and quick wit that I'm often in danger of wetting myself.

I just bought a full seven seasons' worth of Hardy's radio show, Jeremy Hardy Speaks the Nation from AudioGo (which sells them without DRM as MP3s!), and spent a solid week in comedy heaven. If you like fast, funny, lefty comedy that acerbic, smart and unrelenting, this is just about your best entertainment buy.

Above, an episode of Robert Llewellyn's Carpool show, wherein he gives people a drive and interviews them with cameras all around his car.

Brian Eno doing A/V for Long Now Salon in SF

Mail Attachment

Long Now Foundation is building out a new Salon in San Francisco as a library/cafe/bar/event space for ruminating on "deep time." It's just been announced that Brian Eno is doing the sound design for the Long Now Salon and creating a permanent audiovisual artwork in the space. Long Now Salon

Problems of 1960s Adolescents

Stephanie writes, "I found this absurd 60s adolescent psychology record in a thrift store years ago and finally digitized it - the world needs to hear it. It's plagued by bad acting but peppered with amazing quotes about paisley-wearing longhairs, dating older boys, and mothers who force you to go to church." (here's the whole thing)

Get Mutated! Pinkwater reads "The Last Guru"

Daniel Pinkwater, the writer who made me the weirdo I am today, has a fantastic podcast wherein he reads his books in (all-too-short) weekly excerpts. This week, he wrapped up a read of Yobgorgle: Mystery Monster of Lake Ontario, and kicked off a read of the remarkable The Last Guru. Now's a great day to start listening, in other words. (MP3) Cory 1

Interview about kids, hacking and democracy with NPR's Here and Now

I recently recorded an interview with NPR's "Here and Now" about surveillance, kids, activism, and my novel Homeland. (MP3) Cory 1

Podcast: reasons to care about surveillance in the era of Prism

Here's a read-aloud of my recent Guardian column, "The NSA's Prism: why we should care," which sets out the reasons for caring about the recent revelations of bulk, warrantless, suspicionless, indiscriminate surveillance. It's mastered by John Taylor Williams, and you can hear it (and more) in my podcast feed. Cory 1

Sound design of Monsters University

SoundWorks Collection interviews Skywalker Sound sound designer Tom Myers about the Sound of Monsters Univeristy.

Recordings of people woken up to discuss dreams


Max Hawkins's "Call in the Night" is an "experimental radio show" presenting recordings of people who volunteered to be woken up by a phone call to discuss their dreams, worries, emotions, and experiences. It's rather compelling and beautiful. You can sign up to be called at

What is death?

What a treat! The BBC Radio 4 science show The Infinite Monkey Cage has started its new season, and the first episode is a corker, asking whether a strawberry is dead, and what is death, anyway? Podcast feed, MP3 Cory

Interview with Richard Matheson

Rick Kleffel sez, "We'll miss Richard Matheson... he introduced me to the sort of stories he wrote when I was arguably too young to read them. I found an old paperback of The Shores of Space on my parents' shelves and hid behind the couch to read the terrifying stories. I actually had the chance to speak with him in 2011 about his whole career. It was an fascinating and rather intense conversation. Here's the link for those who would like to remember him." (MP3) Cory