Fantastic Bollywood interpretation of Toni Basil's "Mickey!"

The song is called "Idhi Oka Nandanavanam" and it's a great way to start your Monday.

Might as well watch to "Jaan Pehechaan Ho," too! Read the rest

Superhero portraits in the style of Dutch masters


Parisian photographer Jackie Tadeoni Sacha Goldberger created this wonderful series of superheroes (and Snow White!) as subjects of Baroque Flemish portraits. Read the rest

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Video: How do pygmy seahorses end up on matching corals?

Pygmy seahorses come in many colors, and biologists wondered whether they seek out coral that matches perfectly, or changed color somehow to match the coral they find. Read the rest

Gin with distilled wood ants

Each bottle of Nordic Food Lab's Anty Gin contains formic acid distilled from approximately 62 wood ants. Read the rest

Awe-inspiring clouds chased and filmed


This is the best time-lapse cloud show I've seen, given power by Mike Olbinski's eye and meaning by Kerry Muzzey's The Secret History.

Technical details...everything was shot on Canon 5D3's, along with an array of Rokinon lenses. I got sick of lens-twisting (mostly of FORGETTING to lens twist) so I mainly used those manual lenses on this trip. Everything was processed using LR Timelapse, Lightroom, After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Read the rest

Watch a "History of Aliens in Film"

A wonderful montage of extraterrestrials at the movies. Hollywood has certainly done a good job preparing us for... the inevitable. Read the rest

Useful machine browses internet randomly


The Random User is an art installation posted to Vimeo by monobo. [via JWZ]

"A vintage intervened mouse that browse internet randomly, without control. A special user who does not attend UX strategies, CTAs, quality content ... This small desktop experiment explores the identity on the Internet theories and the "Google Analytics" world."

Previously: Eight-switch useless machine Fancy useless machine Most useless machine

Read the rest

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Government fireworks scare video is effective, has a catchy soundtrack

It's basically a Herschell Gordon Lewis movie with the boring parts removed.

Read the rest

Stephen Colbert hosts 'Only in Monroe' on Michigan cable access

Stephen Colbert has taken a guest hosting gig at Monroe, Michigan's local cable access during his time off. He's off to a good start, with local musician Marshall Mathers on hand to help review Monroe's upcoming community calendar. Read the rest

Greece deadline extended by one second

The Greek loan repayment deadline was extended, Reuters reports—by a leap-second. Pretty good troll, Reuters! What is a leap-second, anyway? Read the rest

Evolution of the robotic roach (now with a shell)


UC Berkeley researchers have now outfitted tiny RoACH robots with shell-like exoskeletons to protect the electromechanical innards from dust and water and help the bots slip easily through tight, cluttered spaces, just like real roaches. Videos below. Read the rest

CNN mistakes a Pride Parade flag covered in dildos for the ISIS flag

A CNN reporter filed an "exclusive" story about a person carrying an "ISIS flag" at yesterday's Pride Parade in London. Read the rest

Supreme Court upholds marriage equality!

In a 5-4 decision, the court found that bans on same-sex marriage were unconstitutional -- just in time for Pride Day! Read the rest

How refined is your color perception?


This unscientific but fun timed eye test asks viewers to guess which square is a slightly different shade than the others. Prepare for a minute or so of eye-melting challenge! Read the rest

Electron microscope video of a needle in a vinyl record


My friend Ben Krasnow, who is one of the most talented makers-of-amazing-things I've ever met, used his home-made sxanning electron microscope to make an extreme close-up video of a turntable needle running in the groove of an LP. The video is fascinating because he explains everything he has to do to make the animation. He had to cut a small square from the LP that would fit in the microscope chamber, coat everything with a thin layer of metal, and more.

Read the rest

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