Electron microscope video of a needle in a vinyl record


My friend Ben Krasnow, who is one of the most talented makers-of-amazing-things I've ever met, used his home-made sxanning electron microscope to make an extreme close-up video of a turntable needle running in the groove of an LP. The video is fascinating because he explains everything he has to do to make the animation. He had to cut a small square from the LP that would fit in the microscope chamber, coat everything with a thin layer of metal, and more.

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Dutch company plans to 3D print a bridge across Amsterdam canal

13 visual of park


MX3D, a Dutch company that creates robotic 3D printers, plans to 3D print an intricate steel bridge in Amsterdam. Using Autodesk software, the design will be artful and complex, and the bridge will be completed in only two months, by 2017. The company will be opening up a visitor center in September so that people can track their progress. MX3D is working with the city of Amsterdam to figure out exactly where the bridge will be built. Check out this video – it's just a small peek at how the 3D steel printer works, but man is it awesome! Read the rest

Porch drinking OK'd by Iowa Supreme Court


Good news, everybody! The Iowa Supreme Court has ruled that we may be drunk on our own porches. The verdict hinged on whether such spaces are always public.

If the front stairs of a family home were always considered a public place, it would create “absurd results” and make it a “crime to sit there calmly on a breezy summer day and sip a mojito” or even grill with “bourbon-infused barbecue sauce,” the court concluded.

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Collection of occult images was a last ditch blow against the Enlightenment [NSFW]

The Compendium rarissimum totius Artis Magicae sistematisatae per celeberrimos Artis hujus Magistros is an 18th century guide to the occult whose cover is inscribed "NOLI ME TANGERE" -- Do Not Touch. Read the rest

Mercedes tops list of most-cited cars in rap songs


Data science put to good use, finally. Once a top player, Lexus has fallen out of vogue, and Cadillac's #2 position has stagnated as Bentley rises.

The Game dominates the car endorsement game. The Compton artist wins the category hands down for seven of the major car makes, having logged more automobile mentions than any other rapper.

It's worth bearing in mind that some (or many) of the citations may involve paid endorsements. Who sang about Subarus? Read the rest

Watch: 40 watt “LASER SHOTGUN!!!!!”


The all-caps and the exclamation points are mandatory. Read the rest

Space Oddity meets Up-Goer Five

Alaska Robotics perform a very special cover of Space Oddity in constrained-vocabulary phrasing that restates the lyrics using only the 100 most common English words, in the style of Randall "XKCD" Munroe's Thing Explainer/Up-Goer Five. (via Vi Hart) Read the rest

The Garbage Pail Kids, 30 Years Later

Image: Bruton Stroube

If you're an '80s or '90s kid, you will remember the originals. Read the rest

Analog control panels in film


Dylan Schenker, Rhett Jones and Loney Abrams present a collection of the best, from Alien and Blade Runner to eXisTenZ. Read the rest

Watch what happens when all the Hollywood studios merge


All for one, and one for all. Read the rest

The end of the Silk Road for Ross Ulbricht: life in prison

Ross Ulbricht, founder of the black market network Silk Road was today sentenced to spend the rest of his life inside a federal penitentiary. Read the rest

Watch this origami robot fold itself up, walk, swim, and dissolve


MIT researchers demonstrated a tiny origami robot that folds itself into shape and then walks and swims around propelled by magnetic fields below its operating surface. Read the rest

Watch a running cheetah robot jump an obstacle


MIT researchers built the first four-legged robot that can see an object as it's running and leap over it autonomously. Read the rest

Reporters easily fooled into writing that chocolate helps you lose weight

John Bohannon conducted a deliberately worthless "study"—15 people eating a chocolate bar a day for three weeks—then set out to see who would publish the paper and who would report whatever he told them to about it. Read the rest

Chinese businessman builds $100m office in shape of Starship Enterprise


NetDragon Websoft’s Liu Dejian, 43, told the Wall Street Journal that the 853-foot-long structure cost 600 million yuan—almost $100 million. The Baidu board member "made it so" after receiving permission from CBS, which owns rights to the TV show.

“That was their first time dealing with issue like this and at first they thought that it was a joke,” said the company in an email.

“They realized somebody in China actually did want to work out a building modeled on the USS Enterprise only after we sent the relevant legal documents,” said the company. It didn’t disclose financial details.

“We have always held a negative attitude toward piracy,” said the company. CBS didn’t respond to requests for comment over the weekend.

Check it out on Google Maps.

Construction, in Fujian province, began in October 2010 and took until 2014. How to make the Starship Enterprise out of a paperclip. Impress your friends! It's easy when you know how. Read the rest

John Scalzi signs $3.4m, 13-book publishing deal

Jeez, how'd Tor get him so cheap? Read the rest

Beautiful handmade video game arcade cabinet

Swedish designer Love Hultén's Pixelkabinett 42 was "inspired by old industrial cabinets, vintage mixing consoles and early space travels."

The retro futuristic body stands on four unique rocket nozzle like feet. These can be removed or replaced. The cabinet is decorated by a glowing planetarium on the front and an engraved saturn speaker grill. The folding top keep dust away when not in use.

The Pixelkabinett 42 comes in a numbered limited edition of 50. These made-to-order cabinets can be customized in many ways to suit any customer needs.

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