English man spends 11 hours trying to make cup of tea with Wi-Fi kettle

The iKettle is advertised as “the world’s first Wi-Fi kettle.” Mark Rittman got one and said it took 11-hours to make a cup of tea.

From The Guardian:

A key problem seemed to be that Rittman’s kettle didn’t come with software that would easily allow integration with other devices in his home, including Amazon Echo, which, like Apple’s Siri, allows users to tell connected smart devices what to do. So Rittman was trying to build the integration functionality himself.

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Herp Derp

Derp. Herp derp. Read the rest

How a pissing wolf can help your memory

Our friend Joshua Foer, memory champion and author of the fantastic book "Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything," shows how he stores incredible amounts of useful (and useless) information in the memory palace in his head.

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Adorable robotic cube jumps to the top of a pile

Robots have a hard time making their way across uneven, unstable terrain. Read the rest

The worst traffic jam you will hopefully never experience

Beijing, China. If this fascinates you, so long as you are not sitting in it, I highly recommend Tom Vanderbilt's fantastic book "Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says About Us)."

Below, Tom's presentation at our Boing Boing: Ingenuity 2013 conference.

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The Garbage Pail Kids, 30 Years Later

If you're an '80s or '90s kid, you will remember the originals. Read the rest

Choppers overhead in LA Feb 21 2015

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Ancient speed-shooting archery technique revived by amazing LARPer whose videos will blow your mind

Watching live-action roleplayer Lars Andersen practice this unusual method of archery is utterly amazing.

Video: how raindrops release that fresh rain smell

MIT researchers used high-speed cameras to reveal raindrops' aerosol effect that releases petrichor, the earthy fresh smell of rain. Read the rest

NYPD ordered to disclose records of secret X-ray vans

After three years' worth of court battles, Propublica has won a court order forcing the NYPD to release details of its X-ray surveillance vans, whose radiation risk has never been independently studied or verified (much like the notorious pornoscanners, which were supposedly harmless, but which turned out to be sources of dangerous radiation). Read the rest

Make your own geometrical papercraft mask

Wintercroft's Etsy storefront is full of beautiful, downloadable plans for making geometrical animal- and horror-masks from recycled cardboard boxes. It's a great, simple way to make the perfect Hallowe'en costume. Read the rest

An arcade belt buckle that lights up

A quarter per play. “Made with genuine arcade parts.” Read the rest

Photos: A motherlode of vintage Halloween masks

This photo collection of vintage Halloween masks by Flickrer Brecht Bug is pretty overwhelming.

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CIA admits it improperly accessed Senate computers

"[S]ome CIA employees acted in a manner inconsistent with the common understanding reached between SSCI (Senate Select Committee on Intelligence) and the CIA in 2009," said CIA spokesman Dean Boyd. In other words, yes, the CIA did break into Sen. Feinstein's computers that her staff had been using to write a report of the CIA's torture program in secret overseas prisons.

Since it is highly unlikely that anyone in a position of power at the CIA will be held accountable, the incident will serve as a green light for the CIA to do this again and again with impunity.

CIA improperly accessed Senate computers, agency finds Read the rest

Gecko sex satellite "out of control"

The Russian space agency has lost control of a satellite containing geckos involved in sex orgy porn. Read the rest

After mass public shaming over crappy customer service, Comcast responds

"Comcast, after instructing its employees not to take 'No,' for an answer, is now throwing its representative under the bus because he refused to take 'No,' for an answer."

Video premiere: Luluc's "Small Window"

From Luluc, the Brooklyn-via-Australia duo of Zoë Randell and Steve Hassett comes "Small Window," a dreamy lullaby of exquisite indie folk from their album Passerby, produced by The National's Aaron Dessner. Read the rest

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