Budweiser renames its beer "America"


Fast Company looks into Budweiser's patriotic salute to the upcoming presidential election.

The alterations don’t stop with the beer’s name. Almost every bit of type on the Budweiser label has been scrubbed away by Easter Egg patriotism, with new text citing the Pledge of Allegiance, the Star Spangled Banner, and America the Beautiful—all rendered in newly developed hand lettering, inspired by Budweiser’s archives.

To name just a few of the updates: "King of Beers" has been changed to "E Pluribus Unum," "The World Renowned" changed to "Land of the Free," and "Anheuser-Busch, Inc." updated to read "Liberty & Justice For All."

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Feds say no to LSD Ale (which contains no hallucinogens)


Minneapolis-based Indeed Brewing company makes a seasonal beer called "Lavender, Sunflower Honey, Date Honey Ale." That's "LSD Ale" for short. It doesn't contain lysergic acid diethylamide, which is also sometime called LSD. But federal regulators have told Indeed Brewing that the illicit drug retains its sole right to use the acronym, so Indeed has to change its distinctive label.

Paste magazine says the ale has a "tingly kind of spice, like licking a 9-volt battery, but in a good way."

I guess the folks at Indeed Brewing don't have as much money and influence as fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent, which has been selling Opium since 1977. Read the rest

Spreadable Beer


A Scottish craft brewery has developed "spreadable beer," a marmalade flavored with oak-aged pale ale. To go with it, Innes&Gunn is also selling a marmalade-flavored pale ale.

Dougal Sharp, Innis & Gunn founder and master brewer, said: “Launching in this great city has provided us with an opportunity to do what we do best: push the boundaries of what’s possible with beer through innovation and experimentation.

"That’s why we’ve been hard at work brewing a marmalade IPA and even creating spreadable beer for adventurous foodies.

"We’re proud to be setting up shop in such an innovative and vibrant city, we can’t wait to share our passion for great beer with Dundonians.”

Scottish craft brewer launches 'world's first spreadable beer' (Thanks, Wendy!) Read the rest

Found debauchery: cavorting bros and a pyramid of beer on a found 1971 Super-8 reel


Pea Hicks writes, "Here's a nice circa 1971 Super 8 home movie I picked up at a garage sale recently. I scanned it with a Moviestuff Retroscan Universal film scanner, and added some of my own original music to it." Read the rest

Baseball fan in Canada arrested for spraying beer on a baby

Beer from thrown can sprayed on this baby and mom at Toronto Blue Jays game.

Police in Toronto, Canada arrested a man at a baseball game for hitting a baby with the spray of a beer can he threw from his seat in the stands. Read the rest

“I built my rabbit a cart and now he delivers me beer!”


Says the uploader of this superb video, “I built my rabbit a cart and now he delivers me beer! This event marks the release of an epic accomplishment.” Read the rest

Ornate Cthulhu stein


Munkstein's forthcoming, $70 Cthulhu mugs are billed as "official" which actually sounds kind of sinister, in that it implies that there's a nest of true Elder Gods cultists who are in a position to grant such a designation. Read the rest

Bud Light's weird and bad "Grunge" commercial from the 1990s


"Want some Bud Light, want some Bud Light, hey, yeahhhhhh!" Read the rest

Cthulhu pint glasses

Jeffery Woods is a glassmaker who sells his custom-etched/painted glassware on Etsy, including these Cthulhu-inpsired tentacle pint glasses, $65 for four. Read the rest

Monks looking at beer


r/monkslookingatbeer is already my second-favorite subreddit. Read the rest

Beer cap maps


This is a great way to save the caps of your favorite craft beers. You can pick from each U.S. state and various boozy countries; all are $39.99 from Beer Cap Maps.

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Chicago brewery renames their Donald Trump beer 'Chinga Tu Pelo' ('Fuck your hair')

We'll drink to that.

Beer to be named after Joe Paterno, late coach who enabled Jerry Sandusky sex abuse

Jerry Sandusky, L, and Joe Paterno, R.  [Reuters]
For fans of beer honoring a sex-abuse enabler, this one's for you.

Snoop Dogg sues Pabst


The rapper is hauling the beermaker into court following the sale of a subsidiary, claiming he's owed. Read the rest

8 beer label scandals that came to a head

PMBC-Prunus Lbl

From an Illinois brewery's "panty dropper" label to Bud Light's #UpForWhatever campaign, many beer labels have caused controversy and lawsuits over the years. In 2009 a woman in the Wiccan community was upset about the California label, "Witch's Wit," that depicted a witch being burned at the stake. The brewery discontinued the label.

In the same year, George Lucas sent a cease and desist order to a New England brewery that produced a stout with the label "Imperial Stout Trooper."

For Esquire's full list of 8 beer label controversies, click here. Read the rest

Festus Rotgut: Zombie Cowboy -- 6-pack comic book

Presented for your entertainment: a complete zombie comic story, told on beer bottle labels. By Jason Aaron and Walking Dead co-creator Tony Moore.

She just wanted beer

Lidia Zuradzka, 52, of Wheeling, Illinois, was charged with burglary after entering a stranger's home and taking a can of beer. Subsequently challenged by a resident, she reportedly responded "I want beer." Read the rest

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