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Bikecamper: bicycle with sleeping box

SAM 7781

Amsterdam artist Bas Srakel made the Bikecamper, a tricycle with an expandable coffin-like sleeping container meant "for homeless people, refugees and urban nomads."

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Bicycle hackers of 1948

LIFE Gangbusters bike


In 1948, a group of makers in Chicago's "National Bicycle Dealers’ Association" took to modding their bikes in very creative and downright weird ways. They are the progenitors of Cyclecide, San Francisco's crazy bike carnival and rodeo creators! Above, the "Gangbusters Bike" outfitted with "13 shotguns, two revolvers, six bayonets and a flare gun." At right, the "Uno-Wheel," which "if braked suddenly, has been known to spin its rider round and round inside the big main wheel." More photos at LIFE. "Hell on Wheels: Life With Mutant Bicycles"

Bicycle made (in part) from recycled car parts

Creative agency LOLA Madrid designed and built a prototype bicycle constructed entirely out of with some components made of scrap auto parts, from a transmission belt used as the "chain" to a seat post clamp from a door handle. Bicycled (via Think Faest!)

Crocheted bicycle

I spied this cozy crocheted cruiser on Balboa Street just outside Shanghai Dumpling King in San Francisco. Bundle up, winter's coming!

3D printed nylon bicycle that's "as strong as steel"

This 3D printed bicycle, exhibited at this week's London Design Festival, is claimed to be as strong as steel. It was printed from layers of fused nylon, using a technique more commonly deployed in satellite manufacture.
Launched this year by a team of development engineers, the bike is made up of successive layers of fused nylon powder that are each just one-tenth of a millimeter thick. Designed by Andy Hawkins and Chris Turner at the Aerospace Innovation Centre in Bristol, UK, the bike is constructed from a manufacturing process known as additive layer manufacturing (ALM), which is also used in the manufacturing of satellites.
Nylon Bike Made Using Satellite Technology is as Strong as Steel! (Thanks,Terry!)