2016's best pooping-related gift guide

In a holiday season dominated by generalist gift guides (our own among the best) I wanted to add something different to the mix: a deep-dive roundup of a particular class of product. So I asked myself: of all the stuff I've gotten hold of this year, what tech trend actually improved my life? To borrow the infamous minimalist adage: what brought me joy in this most maximally unpleasant of years?

The answer is, of course, the explosion of lavatorial products related to making bodily functions more fun than ever. It is with this in mind that I proudly present The Art of Shitting, your ultimate last-minute gift guide.

Everything, but for a few rather obvious picks, I have put to personal use--not just the revelatory and utterly mandatory Squatty Potty (previously) that you must buy right now if you have not already done so. Exceptions: I bought the Luggable Loo by accident in a hurry thinking it was a 10 gallon bucket. I have used it to tie-dye clothes, but not (yet) for its ostensible purpose. Nor have I bought an $800 toilet brush. Nor have I bought a $17,000 Merovingian poop throne.

The page is pure HTML/CSS too, running on UpDog, the best of the free static-page services I tried. See, you can make classy websites without javascript!

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Police investigate man who delivered 'revenge fart' after woman said no to sex

A gentleman in Laholm, Sweden allegedly delivered a "revenge fart" in a woman's flat after she refused to have sex with him. So she called police who were obligated to investigate for any criminal activity. Apparently though, revenge farting is not a crime. From 60ABC:

The man and the woman, whose names were not released to the public, had talked of having sex in a different occasion, but they are not in a relationship. According to the woman, the man visited her in her house with the desire to have sex with her. When she refused to indulge him, he simply farted and left.

“It smelled very bad in my flat,” the woman said in her police report.

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You can cry in space, but it's not recommended

Robert Frost trains astronauts for NASA. At Quora, he answered an interesting question about what happens when astronauts cry. It's certainly happened, Frost says. But it's pretty uncomfortable. Without the aid of gravity to send tears streaming down your face, they just ball up around your eyes Read the rest

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Super-Fun-Pak, with Tim Tripp, Time Traveller, and MORE!

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