Artist paints her body into Superman over 15 hours and the results are incredible

Artist, designer, and model Kay Pike transformed herself into Superman using body paint.

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WATCH: Black light body painting timelapse

John Poppleton demonstrates how he creates eye-popping body-painted landscapes using fluorescent paint and UV light. Below are a couple of examples: Read the rest

Stunning body paint portraits shared by a reader in the Boing Boing Flickr pool

Boing Boing reader Drew Pion shot these wonderful images.

There's a painted woman in this moth

Paul Roustan is an incredible body-painter who produces brilliant optical illusions. In this video, he shows how he's painted a model to blend seamlessly into this image of a pandora sphinx moth; when she emerges from the still, it's a pure mind-blower. This (NSFW) gallery of his work shows off his incredible versatility and virtuosity.

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