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Bollywood Steampunk

"Bollywood Steampunk" -- created by DeviantArt's MakeupSiren and photographed by Andrew Williams . There's loads more, all great.

Bollywood Steampunk : Salkcity Photo Shoot (via Pipedream Dragon)

Bollywood song: "Aaj Ki Jhunli Raat Ma" (1969)

A jumping Bollywood track titled "Aaj Ki Jhunli Raat Ma" from the O.P. Ralhan film Talash (1969). More info from DJ/radio host Carl Hamm at DJ Carlito's blog.

Bollywood Easter: Images of Christ in '70s poster art from India

My brother Carl Hamm (Twitter), who is a club and radio DJ and a collector of obscure but excellent global stuff, shares the images in this post and says:

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Bollywood Steel Guitar

Just from the title alone -- Bollywood Steel Guitar -- we knew that this installment in the always-amazing Sublime Frequencies series of unusual and under-documented "world music" recordings was gonna be the bomb! Indeed it is. And now on vinyl! The 'exotic' and infectious verve of vintage Bollywood film soundtrack music, performed with electric steel guitar as lead instrument for extra awesomeness, is hard to beat! The steel guitar, bringing with it the groovy twang of Western Swing and Hawaiian fret-sliding flavor, as well as a measure of classical Indian music, easily effects an emotive echo of the human voice that ordinarily fronts Bollywood themes.

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Jan Pehechan-Ho: the badass original dance routine

You might be familiar with "Jan Pehechan-Ho," Mohammed Rafi's Bollywood anthem, from the opening credits of Ghost World, but have you seen the fabulous accompanying dance number from the original film Gumnaam?