Fantastic Bollywood interpretation of Toni Basil's "Mickey!"

The song is called "Idhi Oka Nandanavanam" and it's a great way to start your Monday.

Might as well watch to "Jaan Pehechaan Ho," too! Read the rest

Bollywood Steampunk

"Bollywood Steampunk" -- created by DeviantArt's MakeupSiren and photographed by Andrew Williams . There's loads more, all great.

Bollywood Steampunk : Salkcity Photo Shoot (via Pipedream Dragon) Read the rest

Bollywood song: "Aaj Ki Jhunli Raat Ma" (1969)

A jumping Bollywood track titled "Aaj Ki Jhunli Raat Ma" from the O.P. Ralhan film Talash (1969). More info from DJ/radio host Carl Hamm at DJ Carlito's blog. Read the rest

Bollywood Easter: Images of Christ in '70s poster art from India

My brother Carl Hamm (Twitter), who is a club and radio DJ and a collector of obscure but excellent global stuff, shares the images in this post and says:

Read the rest

Bollywood Steel Guitar

Just from the title alone -- Bollywood Steel Guitar -- we knew that this installment in the always-amazing Sublime Frequencies series of unusual and under-documented "world music" recordings was gonna be the bomb! Indeed it is. And now on vinyl!

Jan Pehechan-Ho: the badass original dance routine

You might be familiar with "Jan Pehechan-Ho," Mohammed Rafi's Bollywood anthem, from the opening credits of Ghost World, but have you seen the fabulous accompanying dance number from the original film Gumnaam? Read the rest