Bookcase/steamer trunk

I generally have little use for couture in all its incarnations, but Vuitton's combination steamer trunk and portable* library skewers me like an arrow. Nice old steamer trunks aren't cheap, but I'm still guessing you could find one, retrofit it and reproduce the effect without the stupid Vuitton wallpaper that covers the exterior and have something even better.

Louis Vuitton’s bookcase trunk

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Sofa whose cracks organize things instead of swallowing them

Lost in Sofa, by Japanese designer Daisuke Motogi, is a piece of furniture with deliberate gaps in the upholstery, intended to be used for storage of books and other items.

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Bookshelf made from books

Tom took a pile of books left over from a jumble sale and made a bookshelf out of them:

So many books are thrown away each year, and although recyclable, the emotional bond that is attached to books seem to make them more appropriate for re-use than recycling. The idea for a shelf made from books seems almost obvious, and the process from concept to completion was more of a refinement of function than of aesthetic intricacies. The shelf gained widespread media attention and was published in several magazines.

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Rubber bookshelves

Luke Hart created these rubber bookshelves for The Sculpture House. They have the delightful impracticality of all the everyday objects crafted from rubber that appear in old Warner Brothers cartoons, and the bright red coloring is an especially nice touch.

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